I can't tell you how many times I've walked through the refrigerator section of Whole Foods supermarket looking for new, fun (and not expensive) products for our family to try. I must have walked by the Mochi a thousand times and not paid it any attention but the other day something caught my eye. One of the stockers was arranging different varieties on the shelf and I asked him if he had ever tried it. He should be hired as the publicist for their company, Grainaissance, because his passion for mochi made me want to try some right then and there.

Mochi is a rice snack made from whole grain brown rice. Since it's gluten, dairy and wheat free, it's perfect for kids with certain allergies. It also comes in endless flavors such as Raisin-Cinnamon, Sesame-Garlic, Super Seed, Chocolate Brownie, Cashew-Date, Original, Wheatgrass with Mugwort, and Pizza, so there's something for everyone.Kenya and I just baked some up yesterday and had so much fun doing it. I cut the big square of mochi into 1 inch pieces and Kenya placed them all on a cookie sheet. We turned on the oven light and watched the little morsels puff up into tasty little bites. After they cooled, we dipped them in almond butter and had a delicious dessert. Whether you bake them for dinner, sauté them for lunch or even pop them into a waffle iron for breakfast, they make a yummy treat!

* Mochi can be a choking hazard. Make sure to cut the mochi into bite size pieces before giving to children, preferably 2 1/2 years or older.

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