One Family. One Meal.

When my girlfriend Staci asked me if I had a recipe that would be good to feed her 8 month old, her 3 and 5 year olds, AND her husband and herself, I was reminded of just how difficult it is to feed every member of the family and do it in as little time as possible....not to mention also make everyone happy. Staci is not the only one who needs help. I get emails everyday from frustrated parents asking for all-purpose recipes that are also fast and easy. We parents are tired of feeling like short order cooks, making a different meal for each member of the family. In an effort to put an end to that, here are some ideas that will work for everyone in the family.

We're working really hard here at weelicious to come up with even more "one family, one meal" ideas, so if you have something you love or there's just a dish that you want to know how to make, let us know!

** Below are a bunch of previously posted weelicious recipes with simple instructions for how to modify them to be served to all the members of your family. **

Tofu Scramble 2 Ways
Polenta Cutouts: Pour a bit of the polenta in a bowl and thin with water for baby
Baby Beef Stew: Double the recipe and before you puree the mixture, serve it to you and your kids
Fish Tacos: Puree the mixture and serve with Guacamol-wee
Avocado Shake
Red Beet Hummus
Veggie Casserole: Replace the cow's milk almond, soy or rice milk
Juicing: Babies love fresh juice!
Broccoli Soup
Purple Cauliflower Soup: Babies love soup, just make sure it's cool
Chicken Soup and Rice
Red Lentil Puree
Veggies & Sole: Double the recipe and before pureeing serve it to the family
Barley, Chicken & Broccoli Salad: Leave out the orange juice for baby
Chinese Chicken Wontons: Puree for baby before putting in the wontons
Butternut Squash & Apple Soup
Twiced Baked Potatoes: Substitute the milk with rice, soy or almond milk and puree
Split Pea Soup
Celery Root Soup
Brazilian Turkey Polenta: Just puree for baby and serve
Quinoa Mexicana Salad: Mash it up for babies, leaving the cherry tomatoes out
Sweet Potato Pudding
Breakfast Grains: Puree or mash for babies with few teeth
Fish in Parchment: You can make this with fish or chicken and puree for babies
Shepherd's Pie: Replace the milk with almond, rice or soy milk and pure for babies
Sweet Potato, Apple & Cheddar Purses: Set aside some puree for baby before making the purses
Chicken Noodle Soup: Just puree and serve to baby
Millet Cakes: Leave out the egg and before forming into patties, set aside some of the mixture to be pureed for baby
Lemon Herb Chicken Bites: Puree and serve to baby
Vanilla Bean Couscous: Substitute almond, rice or soy milk for the cow's milk
Mexican Beans & Rice: Leave out the tomatoes and puree for baby

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Hi, I’m Catherine. Mama of three. A Kentucky girl living in California. Here’s what I know: all kids can be great eaters and mealtime must be easy. My passion is creating simple, healthy recipes that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

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  • Gaby

    I love all of these for myself- but my barely turned 3 year old won't eat meat, beans, and a whole slue of other things. We make him take a bite of everything- but that's about all we can get out of him. Plus...he needs to gain some weight. I'm gonna start researching some healthy ways to beef him up (rather than just giving him bacon all the time lol). P.s. I like your new website! Doing some perusing!

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  • Alanna

    Our favourite one pot meal is a minestrone soup made with quinoa instead of pasta; our baby girl doesn't tolerate wheat well. Parents enjoy it with a good slice of crusty bread and I throw baby's portion in the blender until its the right consistency. She loves it and I'm thrilled that it just a few bites she is getting protein and all sorts of veggies.

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