Wean Green Cubes

One of my greatest joys as a mother has been making my children homemade baby food. From the very first puree I made, it became a passion of mine to share the sweet, natural flavors of fresh foods with my little babies. I wish I knew about Wean Green Cubes back when I was preparing their first foods. Made of durable glass with a silicone-sealed lid, these 4 ounce containers are BPA, PVC, phthalate and plasticizer free, which these days are the most important qualities I look for when buying food safe containers. You can freeze food in these, travel with them, even serve food right out of them, so they are truly multi-purpose. Even though no one in my house is eating baby food anymore, I still use my Wean Green Cubes for everything from peas to spices to general storage when I just don't want to part with that last portion of food that might otherwise get thrown away if I didn't have a small container to put it in. Whether you're looking for an awesome baby shower gift or just want to liberate yourself from plastic, these are a fantastic choice!

I'm such a big fan, Wean Green is extending a special offer to weelicious users_ 15% discount AND free shipping when you order on their website, www.weangreen.com! Just enter the discount code "weelicious" between now and the last day of Feb. 2011 to get a great deal.

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