Breakfast in a Flash! Egg in the Hole Video

How do you make an inexpensive, balanced and fast meal in minutes? Easy! All you need are some eggs, bread, a pat of butter (maybe a sprinkling of grated parmesan cheese if you're feeling crazy), and a glass or your favorite cookie cutter. The result is a breakfast that seems extra special even though it couldn't be simpler to make. Egg in the Hole is a family favorite no matter what your age and it's great any day of the week!

We used this to make this recipe_

Image by Maren Caruso

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Hi, I’m Catherine. Mama of three. A Kentucky girl living in California. Here’s what I know: all kids can be great eaters and mealtime must be easy. My passion is creating simple, healthy recipes that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

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  • Anna Marks

    I use to make these all the time... :) quick and easy.. :) :)

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  • Beth Conroy

    I love these. Most of all, i love seeing your daughters reactions. I have a daughter the same age. Currently she doesn't' like the egg in a hole but i'll keep trying. Perhaps with a cookie cut out, she will get more excited!

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  • Vanessa

    I love it! My son just loved your video and we're excited to try it tomorrow morning!! Your daughter is adorable!!

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  • Aida Mollenkamp

    The little heart cutout is soo cute!

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  • Lisa With Style And Grace

    you have the best videos! i haven't done the eggs in a hole, but love easy eggs over toast for breakfast or dinner!

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  • Jamie

    I love it! My Husband has been making something similar with just a whole from a glass, since we starting dating. He calls them \"Pirate Eye's!\"

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  • Kayla Edwards

    my daddy used to make this when i was younger when he'd get b back from deployments. he called it ducky in the pond

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