Weelicious Menus is here- 7 day FREE trial!

Weelicious Menus FREE 7-day trial

Over the years I've asked you on Facebook and other surveys what it is you want most from Weelicious -- what is the thing that would make your life easier in the kitchen?

Your answers have run the gamut from will you come to my house to cook with me (which actually sounded like a ton of fun) to please add nutritional information for each recipe (which we did!). However, hands down the number one request in every survey has been a Weelicious menu planning service. I totally understand why. Many are the nights that I look in the fridge and draw a blank, wishing the food delivery fairy would make a beautifully prepared meal that my entire family wanted to eat appear on the counter. It's on those nights that I desperately wish I had spent a bit of time the week before creating a simple menu plan.

Weelicious Menus FREE 7-day trial

In my dreams the plan would have great recipes for the entire week ahead, and come complete with a detailed, categorized grocery list so that everything at the supermarket was easy to find and so I could buy exactly what I needed and avoid food waste.

The menu plan would save me hours of having to go back and forth to the market (with two kids in tow) and eliminate the added stress of scrambling last minute to search for family friendly recipes I could prepare quickly -- before homework, bath time, bed and all the endless chores that go with the end of the day take over.

With all this in mind I spent the past six months working on a weekly menu plan that will hopefully meet all of your wants and needs. I quietly test launched it in December to get feedback and suggestions from readers and so I could refine it by implementing the things they felt were needed.

Weelicious Menus FREE 7-day trial

I'm over the moon to announce that Weelicious Menus is finally here! My hope is that it will eliminate all the guess work of what you should make for dinner each week, and provide you with healthy and delicious menus that feature meals for the whole family -- and which your kids actually want to eat. If you decide to be embark on the Weelicious Menus adventure you will be sent a weekly menu kit every Friday so that you can shop and prepare ahead of time.

Weelicious Menus FREE 7-day trial

Here's what's included_

* A printable PDF featuring your recipes for the entire week ahead.

* A grocery list detailing everything you will need to make each recipe. The list is broken down by food group so everything is easy for you to find at the market. It also lists the pantry staples you may already have at home.

* Nutritional information for each recipe.

* Tips for getting kids involved in the cooking process in order to make them better eaters.

* A weekly video to know what meals are coming up in the week ahead.

* Freezing information so you can make meals ahead of time.

* Vegetarian options for each recipe, if necessary.

* Make-ahead suggestions you can do to prep as much as possible for each recipe.

* And since I really hate doing dishes, I try to use as few pots and pans as possible when making meals!

Weelicious Menus FREE 7-day trial

The goal of Weelicious Menus is for you to only need to shop once a week and cut down on your prep and cooking time every day. I focus on nutritional balance, providing a vegetable, carbohydrate and protein for each meal so you will be able to make one meal for the entire family instead of feeling like a short order cook.

To start your 7 day free trial and learn more about Weelicious Menus, check out WeeliciousMenus.com! If you have more questions I'll be doing a live Facebook chat today at noon PST/3pm EST to answer any questions you might have.

I'm so excited to bring this service to you and hopefully make your lives in the kitchen a lot easier!

Weelicious Menus FREE 7-day trial


Weelicious Menus FREE 7-day trial

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Hi, I’m Catherine. Mama of three. A Kentucky girl living in California. Here’s what I know: all kids can be great eaters and mealtime must be easy. My passion is creating simple, healthy recipes that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

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  • Katie

    Go Catherine. So exciting!

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  • Becky

    This is a very welcome and much needed service, and I hope it does wonderfully. However, I have one issue with your marketing. Your tag line is \"Meal plans created for busy moms and loved by kids.\" In our house, Dad does almost all the cooking and shopping, and I know we're not alone. He would be turned off by this tag line, possibly to the point of not wanting to use the service. It's one reason we canceled our subscription to Parents magazine years ago -- it didn't speak to him despite its title by its constant reference to moms and exclusion of dads. You have a sophisticated operation; I'm sure you considered this line carefully and are well aware of its potential for turning off a portion of your target market. But I wanted to raise it regardless.

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  • Ginny

    Would LOVE to see a gluten free version!

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  • Neha Choudary

    I love this... can't wait to try it. Great idea and I'm sure it will save me a lot of time and aggravation!

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  • Jennifer Salazar

    Love this idea & would like to try it out. I'm sure this will save some time.

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  • Marie


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  • Andrea

    Would this weekly menu be appropriate for a one year old?

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    • Catherine McCord

      That really depends on your one year old, but yes, you could easily chop up or puree most of these dinners to feed to a baby :)

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  • Steph Boals

    Trying to sign up but server is not found?

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