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This time of year we're knee-deep in cookies, cakes and holiday everything! However, in just one month we'll be all about "get yourself back to healthy". With that in mind, I want to introduce (or re-introduce) you to Katie and Megan, both functional nutritionists and founders of Prescribe Nutrition. Over the years they have helped so many Weelicious readers find their best selves, working together with them through their incredible nutrition program. 

Through their thoughtful advice, eat clean programs and much needed resets, Prescribe Nutrition can help you realize the best program for you based on your lifestyle. I'm a huge admirer of what they do and how they do it. These two ladies and their team love food and understand how to take advantage of its healing properties, helping you form a great relationship to what you eat without feeling deprived or overwhelmed. 

Instead of me going on and on about PN, I thought it would be better for you to hear directly from Katie and Megan, so the three of us did a little 'get to know you' Q & A below. If you're still curious about what PN is all about, head to their FAQ page here

Additionally, Katie visits us for Facebook Live so stay tuned for her appearance in early 2018. If you want to try PN's Prescribe 20 program (it's not a diet, think of it as a 20 day reinvention of yourself) and get $30 off the regular price, head over to the Prescribe Nutrition site and enter the code weelicious at checkout!

I have been a huge fan and admirer of what you guys do at Prescribe Nutrition for a long time, and so many people in the Weelicious community have benefited from your classes. Can you give Weelicious readers who may not be familiar with PN a 101 on what you do?

Well, thank you. And WE have been a huge fan of you for years. It’s been so wonderful getting to know the Weelicious community through our partnerships. What a win win. For those that don’t know Prescribe Nutrition as well, here’s a little more on who we are:

At Prescribe Nutrition we make it our mission to help people feel their best. Our goal is to teach people to listen to their bodies and uncover what works for them, because one diet does not fit all. Our programs are like no other as they offer an education behind the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of nutrition, giving each member tools to make legitimate and sustainable changes. We embrace that we are not the quick fix, but instead the pivotal first step in a lifestyle change. It is nutrition for real life.

Why is it so important to find personalized way of eating?

Because we believe that there really is no one diet to fit all, it’s important to empower individuals to find what works for them. It can seem overwhelming at first but once you start to really listen to your body - it tells you more than you can imagine. That way you work together - like a team (you and your body).

What are some of the biggest pitfalls people find themselves encountering when trying to change their health through nutrition?

In our experience we see a lot of individuals that have the all or nothing mentality. People think they have to do it all, perfect. And the reality is that’s just not attainable (or fun ;) for most. Finding balance in a healthy lifestyle allows us to look at things more successfully, as opposed to the idea that we ‘failed.’ It’s an evolution that takes some time!

One of the many things I love about PN is that you and your partners help people directly but, in addition, PN also has a very active and supportive user community. Was this something you encouraged from the start or did it just happen naturally?

Oh my gosh - you’re telling us! This was the most welcomed surprise when we kicked off, 5years ago now. We had no idea how much the community of users would interact and support one another. So, I guess I just answered your question! It came naturally and we could not be more honored to watch it all unfold. It’s one thing that other methods don’t give you, the access to others going through what you are in a way that feels organic, positive and resourceful. We love our participants!

I find that so many people still believe that eating and living healthy means that all the joy will be taken out of eating. Do you encounter that a lot?

We do see that. Absolutely. That healthy eating means steamed veggies & broiled chicken, right? But what’s even more fun is all the great resources that we have now with amazing (healthy) recipes that are proving that theory wrong. Once people start to taste real, whole, healthy food - they get excited and that’s where we come in… making it doable! And fun.

Good habits start early. Does PN ever work with children?

You bet we do! But we strongly believe that taking care of yourself - parents in this case - is the first and foremost. It’s kind of like putting your oxygen mask on first… when adults feel and see the results in themselves, they are more apt to implement healthier habits for their kids. Our participants tell us that it feels like the literally lights come back on - energy increases, sleep is better, patience and clarity feel more balanced! That’s why Prescribe Nutritions main focus is on adult nutrition. Then we have great resources like YOU for the kiddos.

If you have more questions for Katie, Megan and their team, please leave them a comment below, they are always so helpful and eager to support. 

Make sure to learn a little more about Prescribe 20 and use the code “weelicous” for a very special discount. You won’t regret it!

Photos by Laurel Street Kitchen 

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