Safer Skin Care for You and Your Kids

Over the past 10 years of having kids and seeing my work load increase a terrible thing has happened: I have less time to take care of myself. I used to love trying a variety of skin care products and makeup, putting them on and feeling good about taking care of myself. Sadly my days of making it to the store to test them out are long gone, instead I find myself using the last bits of whatever I have on hand which is pretty sad within itself. Even worse, I started to realize that many of the ingredients I was putting on my skin (which end up in my bloodstream) may not be as good for me as the care I take with the food I choose to eat. Last year I made a commitment to myself to use safer skin care products when I tried a variety of skin and beauty products from Beautycounter

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Some years ago I sat on the Board of Healthy Child, Healthy World with Gregg Renfrew. As we talked offline at meetings she told me about a line of beauty products she was creating under the name Beautycounter that would be made with safer ingredients than many lines on the market. Once they were up and running I bought a bottle of their plumping jasmine oil and was immediately hooked. Not only did it smell amazing, but my dry skin immediately soaked it up and felt hydrated even in the Southern California sun. This was Step One of me being hooked. 

So much of my time is focused entirely on my kids and work, leaving little time to focus on myself. I know this is common for most women, but over the past few months I’ve become determined to increase my self care. One of the major steps has been really looking at the skin care products I use on myself, Kenya, Chloe and Gemma.  

When I took a closer look at the ingredients I was using on our skin I was shocked to see a myriad of ingredients that Beautycounter is committed to keep out of their products. Beautycounter’s Never List is made up of over 1500 questionable or harmful chemicals that you will never see in their products. The list is made up of over 1400 chemical banned or restricted by the European Union in the area of personal care products, plus chemicals Beautycounter found to be concerning. Beautycounter isn’t “organic” or “all natural," but they are very aware of the ingredients they’re using to make their products, and they are committed to using safer ingredients and practices.

Not only do I love the way the products feel on my skin, I love that there aren’t any funky smells and ingredients that make me feel like I’m sacrificing vanity for safety. I feel hydrated from morning to night and even a girl like myself who isn’t much of a make up fashitonista has been trying to take it up a notch with easy to apply concealer, mascara, lipstick and more. I’ve been using the entire line of products for months now and want to turn you on to my favorites. 

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Sheer Lipstick: Petal, Rose, Scarlet

Morning Routine

Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer     No. 2 Plumping Facial Oil     Tint Skin Foundation 

Kids and Baby

Kids Bath Collection and Baby Bundle

Sun Protection

Lip Balm, Stick Sunscreen (Face), Stick Sunscreen (Body)

Customer Favorites

Cleansing Balm, Charcoal Cleansing Bar, Protect All Over Sunscreen 

I decided to become a Beautycounter consultant after using their products and believing in their mission to bring safer products to anyone in the U.S. My wish is they will be able to continue to keep harmful chemicals away from our families and offer cleaner products to anyone wanting to try them. Although I’m not paid, I do receive compensation for products purchased through this page which supports my blog’s growth.

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  • April

    What sunscreen do you use for your kiddos?

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    • Weelicious

      The one pictured up in this post!

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  • Jessica Pflumm

    Thanks for sharing your favorites! I hope they come out with an everyday lotion for kids. We use their bath and sunscreen for kids too.

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    • Weelicious

      Me too!

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  • Sho

    Best lip balm for 5 yr old kid, pls

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    • Weelicious

      We use the one pictured here in this post! :)

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