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Right after I had baby Gemma in August, I realized I was going to have to start meal planning not only dinner, but breakfast and lunch too. In order to get everyone dressed, lunches packed and make a nutritious breakfast I was going to need my ship to run as tight as possible. 

Instead of putting all of the work and planning on my shoulders I reached out to the kids to come up with their own choices for the month. They would each get two days a week to pick the breakfast of their choice and I would get one day. The only caveat was that breakfast needed to include a fruit, carbohydrate and most importantly a protein, to help maximize how their bodies use and keep them full and satisfied until they eat their mid morning snack I packed at school. 

They came up with recipes and ideas like Waffle French Toast, Happy Eggs, Pink Milk, DIY Oatmeal Buffet and Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins and were darn excited about the ownership of their day. What I love most about these recipes besides the ease in preparing them is that they all include my secret protein ingredient, milk! Packed with 9 essential nutrients in each glass, milk is a good source of high-quality protein and vitamin A, an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D and incredibly easy to incorporate into tons of recipes or even serve on its own. At all times I have whole, skim and buttermilk in our fridge for cooking or drinking on its own. 

A Day in the Life of Feeding My Kids from weelicious.comPin

When the kids are home on the weekends we will often make a big lunch making quick recipes like Avocado Toast, Veggie Filled Frittata and Spiced Carrot Cauliflower Soup. Served with a glass of Creamy Vanilla Milk it’s got all the protein we need to keep movin’ through the day. 

It’s funny to think about a day in the life of the food we eat and not think of all of the recipes we eat and look forward to in order to keep going. It can be challenging to get all of the nutrients kids need into their bodies, so it’s important to look at a day from start to finish so you know they have consumed as many of the vitamins and minerals they need as possible. Especially with my son being a vegetarian now, protein is always on the top of my mind.

A Day in the Life of Feeding My Kids from weelicious.comPin

We rarely have issues finding fruits, vegetables and carbohydrates to eat at dinnertime, but on those nights when I don’t have time to roast a chicken or make one of their favorites like Mexican Muffins I can offer a cold glass of milk and know they’re in good shape.

A Day in the Life of Feeding My Kids from weelicious.comPin

Don’t forget about dessert! I’m a firm believer that a little something sweet can put smiles on the most tired faces. Nothing fancy, but a little sweet treat (as my kids call them) like Microwave Mug Double Chocolate BrownieCinnamon Streusel Coffee Cake or Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake with a tall glass of milk and you’ll have smiles on everyone’s faces from ear to ear!

About the Author

Catherine is a mama of three. A Kentucky girl living in California. Here’s what I know: all kids can be great eaters and mealtime must be easy. I create simple, healthy recipes the whole family will love.


  1. We have milk in our coffee, cereal (hot and cold), smoothies or alone, very refreshing and healthy

  2. I call my son “The Milk Man”. Hes has been obsessed with milk since he was a tiny little guy 🙂

    We go through a gallon a week….two if we have skim and chocolate in the house 🙂 My daughter and son have frequent milk mustaches.

  3. This is wonderful! My kids love making chocolate milk and having milk with their cereals.

  4. We use milk throughout the day! It is a major part of my family’s meals. My son drinks milk in the morning and at night, my husband uses it with his cereal, and we incorporate it into our smoothies and oatmeal!

  5. My 2 year old is obsessed with milk. He must lays in bed hold on to me and drink his bottle or there are hysterics

  6. I make fun fruit smoothies with milk, or use it when making oatmeal. My kids can’t get enough milk!

  7. Milk from the farmers market is my big splurge- 3 half gallons for $15 every week. Some people might think I’m nuts, but those people have never had milk from the farmers market. Um, perfection! (Clear Spring Creamery)

  8. Whenever anyone needs a quick snack they might have whole grain cereal with milk or maybe toast and milk we love milk as a filling drink to go with our snacks!

  9. Milk is such an important part of growing especially for kids. It helps bones and teeth grow properly and kids get stronger. We love milk and milk products like yogurt in our house.

  10. my kids LOVE milk! i always make them eat a few bites of everything on their plate though before serving it so they don’t fill up on just milk.

  11. Milk is the best! Always giving to my kids in the morning as their protein to get them thru to snack time.

  12. We either use milk in recipes or in cereal, or we just drink it alongside of our meal or snack. Sometimes we even drink it alongside unhealthy meals, like we love it with pizza.

  13. My daughter doesn’t like plain milk, but will drink her weight in chocolate milk. I will let her have chocolate milk with her breakfast and dinner to ensure more protein and calcium in her diet.

  14. We are dairy intolerant, but I would love to win and gift a month of milk to a local family struggling to make ends meet with food stamps and food bank!

  15. We love milk! Sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest! By the way, awesome post love the ideas.

  16. My kids have milk with their cereal, in their oatmeal, and drink it with dinner. I actually have to limit how much they drink most days so they actually eat some food!

  17. We always have milk with breakfast. I also cook and bake with it whenever possible.

  18. When don’t the little ones want milk? It’s a staple in our house as is the chocolate (breakfast essentials) that is a popular request.

  19. We love to put milk in our oatmeal, or just drink it by itself with dinner! Would love to win!

  20. Just had buttermilk pancakes, nothing makes fluffier pancakes than buttermilk. My son also doesn’t like breakfast so a milk and fruit smoothie can fit the bill.

  21. Pink milk, oatmeal, smothies, honemade icepops,. I also add a little bit when i make soup.

  22. In addition to drinking milk at our home, we use it in cereal at breakfast, smoothies for snacks, in puddings and milk shakes for desserts and for meals, add it is various pasta sauces, cream based soups and meat loaf.

  23. We drink lots of milk with every meal! We cook with it too. Thanks for your great recipes.

  24. Oat meal cooked with fresh diced apples and milk…! Yes , We all love milk:)

  25. Thanks for the great recipes and giveaway! My daughter loves milk!

  26. Luckily, everyone loves milk so it’s the drink of choice for every meal.


  28. We love milk and when my grandsons are here they always ask for it in cereal and to enjoy with cookies!

  29. My kids all love milk. We add it to oatmeal, farina, granola, pretty much everything in the morning.

  30. We start off with oatmeal with lots of milk, butter, and maple syrup. My 4 year old gets an organic milk box in his lunch, and my 1 year old drinks organic milk in a bottle throughout the day. Then, if we need a bit of a treat in the afternoon, ripe bananas, unsweetened cocoa powder, peanut butter and whole milk in the blender – happy mom happy kids.

  31. Oat bran with whole milk, smoothies, warm tea based on milk, french toast, cereal.

  32. hi, i use milk in smoothies, puddings, soups,potatoes & just about anything else i can slip milk into, not that we have to be forced to drink milk, lol. thanks for a great giveaway!

  33. We drink milk alongside an afternoon snack or make smoothies with milk as a pick me up.

  34. I’m lucky that my kids like drinking milk just as is, though of course it also goes into smoothies, baked goods, soups, and any number of other things we make

  35. As a child (and adult) I’ve struggled to drink Milk, so when it was time to get my daughter to drink the ‘super beverage’ I was determined to not make this a part of her meals but life! With 8 grams of protein, we give her strawberry milk with confidence knowing she has started her day with a strong nutritional foundation.

  36. My son is a very picky eater since he was a baby but he loves Milk. I feel like it’s the healthy drink I can count on for him every day twice a day.

  37. Amazing giveaway! We are expecting our second child, so meal planning is becoming a reality to us as well. Your site is a go to for feeding my 14 month old!

  38. Smoothies, cereal, sauces, etc… my son actually enjoys to put milk and a little OJ together for his own “special” drink.

  39. What a wonderful giveaway. We’re a big fan of milk and we always make sure there’s some in the fridge. 🙂 Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  40. These are fantastic ideas! I meal plan for a month for my dinners and I need to start making breakfast a lot easier! Thank you for sharing! As a mom of 3 and a hubby that eats a ton of protein, we go thru a half gallon or more of organic milk everyday! I would love to win this awesome giveaway.. (Or a cow)!

  41. My kids like milk, but they don’t drink it as much now that they are older,

  42. Milk to drink in the morning, either in a cup or with cereal. And milk with dinner. Sometimes we even have cereal and milk for a snack before bedtime.

  43. I love keeping a gallon of organic milk on hand for my thirsty family. And Yes, I consider homemade milkshakes a yummy health food!

  44. the most drank and useful drink in my house and don’t forget to get some cans of evaporated milk too,

  45. I love milk and use it in recipes, smoothies, for drinking. Sometimes I go without certain things, but always make sure I have milk! Good for all ages!!!

  46. We all love milk. I use it in baking, in cereal, oatmeal, mac-n-cheese, and with cookies at snack time. My kids and I have a glass with every meal. Sometimes we even have a glass before going to bed. Milk is great!!!

  47. My house if full of people who all like a different kind of milk! But everyone loves the chocolate…

  48. We drink milk everyday in our house. We have it with cereal, oatmeal, smoothies, cookies and I love to bake using real whole milk. Thank you for the opportunity to enter!

  49. My 17 month old loves milk. We have to give it to him after he eats or else he’ll ignore the food!

  50. Love the recipe for pink milk! What a cute idea without having to make a full blown smoothie!

  51. We go through a lot of milk in this house with 2 kids! They drink milk with every meal and I use it to make them smoothies too. 🙂

  52. Love the idea of having my kids help pick our breakfast ideas. They tend to share their ideas for lunches, but I’ve never really asked them about breakfast, other than, “Would you like abc or xyz for breakfast?”

  53. Our household loves milk – especially my two year old! Thanks for your post!

  54. I always make healthy recipes for my kids specially the morning with milk to start our day with lots if energy

  55. My oldest son won’t drink anything except for milk and water. My youngest practically wakes up asking for milk every morning!

  56. We are a milk loving household! from the youngest to the teens. It does a body good:)

  57. ive got 4 kids and they go through a gallon of milk every other day and would love to win this prize.please let me win,it would help me and my kids a lot,esp.saving 10$-15$ a week that i could use on school clothes.its hard on a single parent raising 4 kids by myself and only making 8$an hour at my job of 5 years.thank you all for this opportunity,we love milk…….

  58. Milk is a huge part of our toddler’s life…and ours. Having a smoothie with milk, cocoa powder, cherries and spinach is a good way to keep us going.

  59. Just has our 4th baby and agree–big kids owning their breakfast choices is a big help. Our oldest is just getting big enough to help pour if the gallon isn’t full. Phew.

  60. One kid loves to drink milk straight, but the other 2 don’t like the taste, so I love baking with it so they still get the health benefits.

  61. My oldest has a hard time keeping weight on so we love all the protein and fat in whole milk. And I stir in some carnation complete for a filling really good for him snack before bed.

  62. This is fantastic! Thank you! Milk is $5 for a half gallon here where I live, so this would be a wonderful prize!

  63. We include milk by drinking it straight with breakfast and lunch, making homemade yogurt and cheese, and cooking and baking with it.,

  64. We do milk in smoothies almost daily for either breakfast after school snack.

  65. My daughter drinks milk with lunch and dinner, and most days with her snacks as well.

  66. Kids loved their “monster milk” this morning!! A little green tea latte mixed and and Frankenstein would be proud.

  67. Love the idea of meal ownership for the day! Thank you for all the always awesome ideas and recipes!

  68. Congratulations on your new baby girl! What an awesome name! My 2 sons (2 & 4) help me make your recipes all the time & they are getting better & better at pouring & mixing ingredients! Love your cook books! Keep em’ coming!

  69. My three girls love milk,. We go through several gallons a week and I actually end up limiting their intake sometimes, like if we are on our 4th gallon in 4 or 5 days, so expensive! They prefer to drink it straight at all meals and snacks.

  70. Hi,

    In general I enjoy your posts and meal options. This is your second email in a short time promoting drinking milk.

    I never give cow’s milk to my children. It is milk that is made by a cow to feed and fatten up a calf. I don’t think it is appropriate or healthy to give to a baby, a child or an adult. We will occasionally eat ice cream or yogurt made with milk, but I disagree with promoting it as a healthy option to be consumed often by humans.

    I think there are milk alternatives that are much better options. We use almond milk.

  71. I love Baby Gemma’s name. Beautiful.

    I really like that you give the kids ownership over meals and get them involved with meal planning. I wonder if 3 is too early to start that because we really need to get back to meal planning in our house.

  72. My kids just drink it no problems! My son goes through periods where he consumes a lot and we go through gallons a week! Love the recipe ideas here I struggle daily with what to serve my two.

  73. My kids love milk straight up with almost every meal. We use it to make homemade Greek yogurt, protein shakes, smoothies, all sorts of baked goods, Mac and cheese, tomato soup…the list is endless! Such a great (and easy!) source of protein.!

  74. I use milk in baked goods for breakfast and we are avid yogurt and cheese eaters. I love adding cheese to a veggie fritatta for dinner to supply extra protein and nutrients.

  75. We use milk in oatmeal, smoothies and hot chocolate….. and, based on your recommendation years ago, always a splash in scrambled eggs!!!

  76. My daughter drinks mostly plain whole milk. Occasionally, she will have a chocolate milk and we like to make from scratch mac-n-cheese sauce, pudding, and many other recipes that would take too ling to list them. Bottom line: we consume A LOT of milk!!!

  77. Our only drink choices at home are milk or water. I also add milk to smoothies, oatmeal, scrambled eggs and some desserts.

  78. we add milk to everything malt o meal which is my son’s fav not cream of wheats he wont eat so milk is a staple here

  79. This morning I made my family apple streusel French toast using milk. I also gave my baby breastmilk. 😉

  80. We drink a lot of milk. Just straight or with cereals or muffins in the AM.

  81. I drink as much milk as I can, and add it to cereal and pudding, in order to get my calcium. I’m looking forward to introducing it to my baby’s diet in the next few months.

  82. We add milk to the cereal and to smoothies. We also drink it at dinner time.

  83. Cereal is the main culprit that uses up most of the milk for breakfast. For lunch, there will be a turkey and chicken sandwich, chips & a glass of milk. For dinner, milk is used in the mac & cheese and egg wash dip for the chicken.

  84. In our 10 grain pancakes! Made with coconut oil instead of vegetable oil along with organic eggs. A touch of grass fed butter and maple syrup! A glass at lunch and used in our homemade chocolate chip oatmeal cookies for dessert!!

  85. We are HUGE milk drinkers! I also make sure to add a little in to smoothies and eggs. At dinner milk was the only choice when they were really little and now I almost always only buy milk/water for our every day drinking.

  86. My daughter loves her milk ice cold. We love making our own macaroni and cheese.

  87. Milk doesn’t stand a chance in our household. We use it in cereal, smoothies, protein shakes, cupcakes, oven-fried fish and the list go on and on!

  88. I use milk to make oatmeal and smoothies in the morning, and I also use it for baking bread and various other items throughout the day.

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