We’re getting ready to go back to school and that means finding new ways to make school lunch exciting, nutritious, and tasty. You’re not with your kids while they’re at school, so you want to do all you can to ensure they’ll be getting enough calories and nutrition to sustain them all day. 


One way to make lunch more fun is by using a bento box like the ones you see here from Bentology. The multiple compartments help keep food separated, and easily accessible. Kids can see everything they have available for lunch right away without having to tear through bags and bags, possibly missing something along the way. 


Watch this video for 4 Ways to Jazz Up School Lunch for inspiration. Bentology Giveaway from Weelicious.comPinBentology Giveaway from Weelicious.comPin


About the Author

Catherine is a mama of three. A Kentucky girl living in California. Here’s what I know: all kids can be great eaters and mealtime must be easy. I create simple, healthy recipes the whole family will love.


  1. My son loves hotdog on a bun. I cook the hotdog and put inside a thermal container. The bun, grated cheese, and ketchup are in separate packets so he can build his own!

  2. My little ones love to have sunflower or almond butter on a tortilla with banana roll ups! Always have these ingredients on hand. Love love love your recipes and your cookbooks!

  3. These look fantastic! My son is just starting kindergarten so we will be learning how to pack lunches soon enough!

  4. entering our first year of kindergarten and love reading about all the lunch “hacks”. This bento box would be perfect for making lunch prep easy! thank you!

  5. Hooray! Rolling bread flat to add a spread and then roll into a spiral. Cut into rounds! So much easier for my poor kid in braces. She can just pop it into her mouth! Thank you Weelicious!

  6. Oldest kid is starting preschool next month so I’m don’t know how many hacks I have – always looking for new ones. But my little one loves eating lunch out of little compartments. For some reason she eats more lunch and a more varied lunch when she eat out of compartments. Would love a bento lunchbox!

  7. I love these bento box lunch kits! Many of my grade 3 students use them and I think my own kids would love them too.

  8. I was just showing my kids some of your lunchbox pictures and they are orally into it. My son loves “combo” lunches or “snack” lunches. Variety is so fun for them!

  9. I love packing lunches. My biggest lunch hack is making sure to prep on the weekends. Yes, I use cute cutters and things like that, but because I prep on the weekend it doesn’t take me any longer to pack lunch in the mornings.

  10. My best lunch hack is making healthy muffins every Sunday and we usually have enough to pack for a few days. They can also be used as a snack for school since I have to send one of those as well.

  11. We love to give our 4 year old her meals in a bento box – it makes eating fun and helps encourage us to give her a variety of types of food to eat at one meal.

  12. I keep a digital list of school lunches that I’ve made in the past and have been favorites. Then when I am really stuck for inspiration, I can look back. I usually find some things we have’t had recently and that I have all the components for. I also try to plan lunch ideas for the whole week just like I do for dinners. It def reduces the last minute stress-scrambling feeling.

  13. Love all the ideas. We have just started meal planning and you make it so easy to add groups of food group ideas to mix and match for the lunch box. Thank you! Love your site (and all your pics on IG – esp of gemma drinking smoothies :))

  14. My little guy loves a variety of random things for lunch even when at home so we put together a “bento box plate” of things like cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, fresh mozzarella, edamame, steamed broccoli with olive oil drizzle, small pieces of smoked salmon, etc. Every lunch feels like an adventure where he gets to pick his bites!

  15. I have been wanting to get in on the bento boxes for lunch, seems so much easier! Would love to win!!

  16. My favorite lunch hack isn’t really a hack at all- I just make sure lunches are prepared the evening before, and we often use left overs from a previous dinner!

  17. My favorite school lunch “hack” is to get the kids involved! I take them grocery shopping with me and ask them what they would like to eat. They love choosing their own fruits and vegetables!

  18. Thanks for charging wonderful recipes. School lunch is surely a hit thanks to u. Please enter me in giveaway. Thanks

  19. Please enter me for this fun giveway! This bento lunchbox would be great for my little on. I would recreate your breakfast for lunch ideas. Thank you for all that you share with us Mamas!

  20. I would love to win this for my little one! I would prepare your recent beach inspired lunch. The sea water celery was a big hit! Thank you for all that you do and share with us.

  21. My favorite school lunch hack is a mini muffin tin. Mixing a protein, carb and vegetable into 1-2 bite muffins makes everything easy, tasty and fun. The only time a mini muffin comes home is if someone was full at lunch and then it is usually eaten on the car ride home.

  22. Making dishes on Sunday that will keep well throughout the week so that I can have easy lunch packing!

  23. Love the boxes and the many different ideas for lunch items. This makes ensuring that kiddos get plenty of different food experiences and great nutrition. Please keep them coming!

  24. My daughter is about to hit 14 months and with that, decided to no longer eat absolutely anything, but now refuses/throws on my feet/spits out and offers me her soggy food. I’m so nervous to start her at daycare parttime. I want her to Enjoy food again, although I know it’s most likely teething. Anything that can make my evenings less stressful when prepping her for the following day is all works to me

  25. Favorite lunch hack: peanut butter in the bottom of a mason jar with celery sticks stacked inside!

  26. I would love Bento Kit from Bentology. I have a set of twins that are 7 years old and picky eaters.

  27. My favorite hack is cutting an apple into slices but then putting the apple back together with elastics and putting it into a container. The apple does not turn brown and my daughter is able to enjoy her apples anytime during the day.

  28. Make and freeze nut butter or sunbutter & jam sandwiches! I make them ahead of time in a freezer baggies. Then I can take them one at a time from the freezer each morning . . . so it’s thawed and ready at lunchtime. A real time saver – and a healthier version of those Uncrustables. Sometimes I even use fun cookie cutters.

  29. Love these great ideas. I try to mix it up and try new things. My kids like “picnic lunch” so I include a little fruit, some veggies, cheese, crackers, etc.

  30. I keep a weekly calendar to help plan out my kids meals including their lunches! Helps me stay organized and less chaotic! Also helps me stay on top of my grocery shopping.

  31. I am a planner. I plan out the weeks lunches and then shop accordingly. That way I don’t make a 100 trips to the store all week.

  32. My daughter loved watching these lunch box videos. They are helping me to get her interested in new healthier foods! Thanks!

  33. I love the way you made the fruit look cute with the cookie cutters. My girls would love that. I love the bentology boxes.

  34. My favorite school lunch hack is pack the night before! I can never predict how long it will take, and I can always go to sleep a little later. I can’t get out the door later without being late. 🙂

  35. I love to wrap a banana in a tortilla coated with peanut butter and cut it as little sushi pieces! Weelicious idea of course!

  36. Try to make big batch recipes and freeze in individual containers or bags so can reheat day of lunch and put in thermal pack. Also try to prepare fruit and veggies sticks and put in bags along with dips in small containers for day of. Also try to make large batch of overnight oats, muffins, cookies and breakfast sandwiches and freeze of refrigerate according for day of. Don’t know if considered hacks but cuts down on the hectic mornings. Also a good batch of granola is always handy for snacks. What an awesome giveaway. I would love to try these! Thanks.

  37. I love the idea about cutting food into fun shapes, and that Bentology bag with the sharks is adorable!

  38. I love all your great recipes! I would love to win a bento kit for my kids to enjoy even more!

  39. My school lunch hack is to buy snacks, fruit & veggies in bulk & pack them in prepackaged containers for the week so we can grab & go in the morning.

  40. This would be fantastic for my Chloe Pearl! I have seen some beautiful bento boxes and I would love to create an fun, artistic, and healthy lunch for her.

  41. My lunch hack is to get as much done and packed as I can the night before so I am not so rushed in the mornings.

  42. Thank you for hosting this giveaway! I would love to win a Bentology box for my son. We’re new to school lunches. I’ve been collecting cute bento supplies from Japan for years to prepare. Lol. I love using tiny reusable soy sauce fishie containers to hold soy sauce.

  43. I would love to win, my little one is starting kindergarten and I just found out she is allergic to a lot of foods so I have to pack lunches for the first time and I don’t know where to start.

  44. I love sending my little one with tortillas and then I put veggies, cheese and some lunch meat in a container so he can build his own little wrap. He likes to make it himself lol.

  45. Eeekk we would love this! These lunch boxes would be a life saver for our busy school days. Thanks

  46. Peanut butter and jelly rollup with chia seeds! Her favorite jelly is an organic berry one that we get from our farmers market, it’s so good!

  47. Yay yay ! Another great giveaway from one of my favorite foodie’s. I enjoy watching your little one drink her smoothies everyday. It inspires me to feed my kids healthy and fresh.

  48. Love these tips as we get ready for the school year. Would love to win another bentology box!

  49. Lunch hack: instead of a coffee bar, we have a lunch counter! All the supplies are in one spot and easy to grab while packing.

  50. What a lovely contest! Thank you to @weelicious and @bentology for such generosity!❤️

  51. Bean an cheese quesadillas are an yummy alternative to sandwiches. I’ve been out of the lunch box loop from homeschooling but she’s back to school this year and a food allergy means packing a lunch for sure.

  52. My favorite hack is having strawberries and grapes pack in the lunch. Always a huge favorite!

  53. I’m currently separating my little guys’ lunches into separate snack bags, but would love to do it bento box style instead! What a great giveaway!

  54. I saw this hack on Tasty. You can use small frozen water bottles as ice packs and as the drink in your kid’s lunch. Thanks for the giveaway.

  55. My girls love their bento lunches and we’ve been wanting to try a Bentology box! Thanks for the chance!

  56. I’ve been so interested in bento boxes for the whole family! We’re trying to eat healthier and bento boxes make healthy eating fun and delicious! As a teacher, wife, and mother of a toddler, bento boxes would make lunch packing so much more exciting!

  57. Make your child’s vegetables in different shapes makes them more likely to eat them

  58. Make your child’s vegetables in different shapes makes them more likely to eat them

  59. These look amazing! I’m already feeling like I’m in a rut with lunch packing after 3 weeks, but I’m sure this would help! Thanks for the chance!

  60. These lunch boxes would be so perfect for my kiddos — especially my 2nd grader who eats lunch at school!

  61. I could lie and say that I would love to win one of these boxes for a child. But let’s be real I’m the one who wants the box! No shame in my bento game!

  62. Would be thrilled to win one of these as my daughter is about to begin junior kindergarten and will need to bring a daily lunch! Favorite lunch time hack…. I’m not a seasoned lunch packing mama but I’d have to say healthy muffins with veggies hidden inside… one way I’m sure to get more veggies into my picky eater!

  63. My favorite school lunch hack is cutting fruit and sandwiches into shapes to make it fun for the kids

  64. I am trying to incorporate more shapes in my son’s lunch to entice him to eat more and healthier options.

  65. I would love to win one of these bento kits! Your lunch ideas are genius, I always love the IG stories!

  66. I would love to win one of these bento kits! Your lunch ideas are genius, I always love the IG stories!

  67. These are so great! Great way to give kids a variety of food for lunch! The kitty cat one is adorable!

  68. I like to have staging areas ready so I mostly just have to grab and go. Like grapes already portioned out in containers, snacks, etc so I can make their sandwhich or whatever and be done in a flash.

  69. We are currently using individual containers but sometimes they don’t all fit in lunchbox. This bento would be perfect!

  70. We are currently using individual containers but sometimes they don’t all fit in lunchbox. This bento would be perfect!

  71. Favorite hack is definitely frozen yogurt to help keep things cool. Also, “deconstructing” favorite meals so our daughter can eat it in stages is her favorite thing! 🙂 These look like they could help with that.

  72. Thank you for this opportunity! I love Bento style lunch boxes for my kids and would love to share with others.

  73. Kids eat with their eyes – I try to arrange fruits and veggies in contrasting color groupings (think blueberries & kiwi in a section and peaches & strawberries in another) in brightly colored animal shaped bento box. I leave little “surprises” on special days (big test, field trip, etc) like mommy love notes, a sheet of stickers, or a neon “slap bracelet”.

  74. I am brand new to packing lunches! I don’t have any hacks myself yet but I like the shapes in the melon! I’ve frozen yogurt tubes and I want to try sending s smoothie in a frozen metal cup….
    we just started kindergarten this week with the Omiebox and I’m still learning what works!

  75. I wish I had good kids’ lunch hacks! My lunch hack for my husband is making things on the weekend that last well and are good to transport/reheat. I made your Hawaiian Chicken last week and our favorite is the Chicken Chile Verde. My daughter says she’ll take the lunch box with the waffles.

  76. What an amazing giveaway! I have never used them before, and they seem so much easier than what I’ve been doing. My new kindergartener would probably eat more if he saw it all in front of him!

  77. I love to find lunch inspiration on the weelicious insta acct – we’ve tried the mini cucumber turkey cheese stacks and tons of the “sushi” roll type sandwiches – they make lunch fun for me and my kiddos!!!

  78. My favorite lunch hack is when my kids want a sandwich since they only eat a half, I make a whole sandwich cut it in half and save the other half for them next day

  79. I love to send what my kids call “yogurt toppings-” yogurt, cinnamon, applesauce, oats, hemp hearts, and bee pollen. They stir it all together, or not.

  80. I would LOVE to win one of these bento style boxes for my son. Eating for him hasn’t always been easy, we are currently in Occupational Therapy for it and he’s making great progress. Thanks so much!

  81. My little ones aren’t big enough for school but would love these for when they go to help their dad fix fence or work cows. My only lunch hack is to make sure I have most of it prepped the night before so everyone makes it out the door with something nutritious in the morning. If it were up to my hubby, they would just take pop tarts for everything

  82. Entering the giveaway! I made veggie muffins which I have in hand in the freezer and then cut them into different patterns and slices so it always seems new but has a familiar taste. Great for littles!!

  83. I would love to win these for tbese for my new first grader! It’s her first year bringing lunches and in can’t wait to make it be an amazing experience for her!

  84. I think my son would really enjoy this for all of his foods he tries. Looks great. Thanks for the chance.

  85. Just entering the world of preparing lunches for school! I’m so excited, but I want to keep up the fun of it and these lucnhooxes would be so awesome. You also have such great idea ideas. Thank you!

  86. I like to pack a variety of different things to eat for my 3-year old, so this would be perfect to keep everything separated, but all in one container.

  87. I like to include a variety of foods for my 3-year old, so this would be perfect to keep everything separated.

  88. Favorite lunch hack is prepping snack bags and peeled fruit to quickly drop in the lunchbox easily before we head out!

  89. My favorite lunch hack for my kiddos is to use leftovers from dinner the night before! I would love a bento box for my big guy starting pre-school this year! (:

  90. Love these bento boxes! My son is entering his first year of school and honestly I don’t have any secrets to share as he’s a picky eater but anything I can disguise the veggies in is a win! Smoothies are my go to!

  91. I love these lunch boxes! We started doing super simple bento style last year and hands down the shape tip is what has gotten my daughter excited about lunch. Thanks for the giveaway and the great tips!

  92. I would love to win one for my son that will be starting school! It would be great to pack him lunch in one of these lunch boxes.

  93. Amazing for my little kids! I have two little boys whom would love to use them! Hope I win! Thanks for everything I always use ur instagram page weelicous you rock

  94. Amazing for my little kids! I have two little boys whom would love to use them! Hope I win! Thanks for everything I always use ur instagram page weelicous you rock

  95. Amazing for my little kids! I have two little boys whom would love to use them! Hope I win! Thanks for everything I always use ur instagram page weelicous you rock

  96. Amazing for my little kids! I have two little boys whom would love to use them! Hope I win! Thanks for everything I always use ur instagram page weelicous you rock

  97. Amazing for my little kids! I have two little boys whom would love to use them! Hope I win! Thanks for everything I always use ur instagram page weelicous you rock

  98. This would come in handy. I’ve got 4 kids going back to school and lunches are my least favorite thing to do. This would make it so much easier.

  99. My little one will be needing a lunch for school soon for the first time and this would be great for him!

  100. My little one will be needing a lunch for school soon for the first time and this would be great for him!

  101. My little one will be needing a lunch for school soon for the first time and this would be great for him!

  102. I would love to win this this! My girls won’t eat anything but a homemade lunch everyday for school 🙂 this would help out so much!

  103. I am just starting out making lunches but my favorite hack pre-make sandwiches and freeze them. Put peanutbutter on both sides of the bread and jelly in the middle so they do not get soggy.

  104. Loved your breakfast egg and and sand which tutorial, definitely doing that for all of our lunches! Thank you for the chance to win a cool lunchbox!

  105. We love making waffle sandwiches! They are a fun and nice twist to using standard bread or tortillas!

  106. I don’t know if it’s a hack but i like to putt the frozen yogurt tube and frozen grapes it helps to keep everything cooler

  107. Favorite hack is to cut up cheese/meats/veg for 2-3 lunches at once and then fill in with softer fruits or crackers morning of.

  108. When my daughter was sick of sandwiches at the end of last year, I started using small cookie cutters to make shapes.

  109. My daughter loves when everything is cut up into bite sizes. I guess it’s easier to process and eat 🙂

  110. I’ve been making family-sized (think picnic) bento for years. Silicone cupcake cups and small silicone loaf pans are perfect to separate. Also frozen grapes to add to water bottles is a big hit.

  111. I always try to keep my grandson motivated to eat his lunch with small easy pick up fruit sandwich rolls! He would love thus bento box!

  112. I don’t know if it’s a hack..but kids love it when its cute..shapes or something they put together. Also they love it when I put in a note (from lunchbox love or my own)!!

  113. I absolutely love all of your healthy, colorful and fun lunch box ideas! You are so inspiring! Thanks!

  114. Lunch hack: on Sunday, fill and assemble 5 days worth of snacks that can be easily grabbed the morning of. I’ll cut celery sticks and put in ziplocks in dedicated bins in fridge so morning time it’s just a matter of loading in lunchbox. Love all your tips!

  115. I would love to win one for my son. I love the idea of these. Thank you for all you ideas and recipes.

  116. My 2-year old is starting school in September. I would love for him ti try thus lunch box.

  117. My kids are into anything rolled up right now. Also, another favorite is Trader Joes lentils mixed with brueschetta, serve with pita chips to scoop. they think the lentils look like little eye balls!

  118. My favorite hack is to core an apple, slice and spread with peanut butter for an apple “sandwich.” It is easier to eat and the flesh does not turn brown before lunch.

  119. My kids LOVE your olive hummus and spinach muffins for their school lunch. I make a batch almost every week and use it through the school week!

  120. Thank you for doing this giveaway! My kods would love this for school. Quick question, do you put an icepack in the lunch box along with the bento?

  121. My favorite havk is to use silicon muffin cups in bento boxes for juicy snacks such as cut up watermelon. This way the juice doesn’t run into the rest of the food and it makes cleaning the container easier.

  122. I’d like to enter the giveaway because it will be perfect for my daughter and encourage her to eat a variety of food! 🙂

  123. Thank you for this! I love your lunch ideas and have wanted a bento style lunchbox for my daughter for a long time.

  124. This is what we need! I’m sick of smooshed uneaten foods coming home in their back pack! Pick me pick me! ❤️

  125. This is what we need! I’m sick of smooshed uneaten foods coming home in their back pack! Pick me pick me! ❤️

  126. I like to make the veggies and fruit shapes or at least just smaller pieces in the lunch box. #weeliciousgiveaways

  127. I like to make “lunchables” using condiment cups with lids. I put a meat in one, crackers and cheese in others. This gives me more control over what goes into his lunches.

  128. I use colorful silicone cupcake liners to portion and separate different lunchbox items. Keeps everything neater and my daughter loves it!

  129. My favorite hck is freezing applesauce pouches and yogurt tubes to help keep the rest of lunch cold! And by lunch, they are thawed enough to eat 🙂

  130. Love your ideas. And these school bags. My daughter would flip out over that kitty bag. My kiddos are getting for their lunch tomorrow some cherry tomatoes, roasted Garbanzo beans, mozzarella cubes, and grapes.

  131. My daughter starts kindergarten in two weeks and is looking forward to her bento-style lunchbox. I’d love to try another brand to see how they compare!

  132. my oldest girl (9) would LOVE LOVE LOVE the cat Bentology! One of her usernames on a nature website is ILoveCats! 🙂

  133. I prep things at the beginning of the week so we can grab and add to their lunchbox. Also I let them help choose what they get so they’re more likely to eat it. 🙂

  134. We have always used Yumbox and love the easy openness and leak proof. Would love to compare Bento!

  135. My favorite lunch hack is what I call “deconstructed lunch” –crackers, cheese, lunch meat slices, a small container of condiments–and let my son put it all together however he wants. He has fun puting a little bit of thought into what he’s eating. The Bento Kit would be perfect for this trick!

  136. I try to prep fruits & veggies for their lunchbox on the weekend & consult weelicious lunches for ideas when I’m stuck!

  137. I have 3 daughters in school.. they take their lunch every single day.. because school lunch is just yuck ! These would make my morning so much easier!! Thank you!

  138. I’ve been researching lunches boxes and bags for the last month and this post comes at he perfect time! Thanks for the tips and awesome giveaway:)

  139. Would LOVE one for my son’s lunches 🙂 – The other day I was making lunch for him and he told me: “Mom, I like it when you make “fun” food, so please make it as fun as you can” 🙂

  140. My daughter loves to graze on a variety of foods for lunch, so the bento concept works well for our family!

  141. I try to prep the night before. I just purchased your weelicious lunches book for even more inspiration. Thanks for the giveaway.

  142. My son has only been to preschool 3 times, but so far I am finding that new shapes and a variety of colors is keeping things interesting. This bento box would be a great addition to our new routine!

  143. My oldest is just starting kindergarten this year, so packing lunches is all new to me! I love the bento boxes and am planning on using one for my son. I like the idea of cutting fruit, or other foods, into fun shapes!

  144. Frozen peaches and frozen grapes. Helps keep things cool, but by lunch time they are unthawed and ready to eat

  145. No reak hacks, but I do like to include colorful items (eat a rainbow daily!), and try to include different textures for variety.

  146. I plan out lunches for the week on Sunday and pack the night before. Makes mornings so much easier. I try and cut/arrange any “less desirable” foods (veggies) into fun shapes, etc.

  147. I plan out lunches for the week on Sunday and pack the night before. Makes mornings so much easier. I try and cut/arrange any “less desirable” foods (veggies) into fun shapes, etc.

  148. This is my first year packing school lunches, so I don’t have any hacks yet! I would love one of these boxes for my little guy’s lunch though!

  149. I don’t have any lunch hacks yet… but would love this bento box to try for my daughter. I would be able to send a variety of options for her to eat to school.

  150. Thank you for this giveaway!!!
    My favorite hack is frozen yogurt tubes but honestly nothing beats a whole apple, they love apples and it requires no prep.

  151. I always make batches of food (like hearty muffins and soups) to freeze and then thaw the night before in the fridge so in the morning it’s all about assembling.

  152. I have a little one going into kindergarten, I can already see I bought him the wrong lunch bag 🙁 I should have got one of these.

  153. I try to cut up fresh veggies and fruit on sundays and keep them in mason jars in the fridge. Makes packing lunch so much easier!

  154. Started my soon to be one year old on bento style lunches and since he is becoming more interested in solid foods. Would love to start sending his lunches in a box from bentology.

  155. Prep, prep, prep, ahead of time. When I need to send spoons, I send the spoons we saved from going to get Fro Yo so that it’s no biggy if they get thrown out.

  156. My favorite lunch food hack is putting frozen blueberries in my kid’s plain yogurt (along with some granola and a squeeze of honey), but the frozen blueberries defrost by lunch and help keep the yogurt nice and cold!

  157. My favorite hack is to use silicone baking cups to make smaller compartments in a larger lunch box space 🙂 My kids love home made lunchables and I use one cup for the cheese shapes, one for the meat shapes, one for the crackers, one for fruit, one for veg, etc

  158. Our fave lunch box hack is low carb wheat wraps with hummus instead of mayo w/turkey and Swiss cheese. Leave them rolled like a burrito! Yummy!

  159. Our fave lunch box hack is low carb wheat wraps with hummus instead of mayo w/turkey and Swiss cheese. Leave them rolled like a burrito! Yummy!

  160. My favorite lunch hack is cutting veggies and cheese into fun shapes with crackers so my kid can make cracker sandwiches. He loves it! Thanks for a chance to win.

  161. my fave school lunch hack is pre-portioned snacks. Our pantry is full of them! Snack size ziplock bags with dried fruit, pretzels, veggie straws, you name it! And I think my munchkin’s face hack is when mommy is rushing to get out the door and let much is a peanut butter banana tortilla wraps. Fastest lunch in the west!!

  162. We love our Yumbox bento lunchbox, but it’s heavy for my youngest. I’d love to try a lighter weight bento.

  163. Love this giveaway!!! I love to make paleo types of lunch snacks…fills my kids up longer! Protein balls for example (cashew flour, honey & dates for the base and add whatever I have to mix it up like cacao or turmeric or other dried fruits)!

  164. My daughters favorite lunch items are seaweed snacks and pickles! They go with everything apparently! 🙂

  165. My favorite hack for my husband is a box of sardines in marinara! It’s so easy to toss in his lunch box and it is extremely healthy!

  166. I am sending a kindergartner off to school for the first time next month! I need my lunch packing game to be strong! Would love to win.

  167. I think the bento boxes would be so much fun for the kids and for me when packing lunches every day!

  168. My youngest is starting school this year and would love to find an easy to open lunch box with separate compartments because he does not like his food to touch.

  169. I love these ideas. I freeze my daughters water and juice boxes so it’s cold when she is ready to drink it.

  170. I would love a new lunch box for my son! He’s starting school in 2 weeks and this would help in separating his food and giving him more healthy options!

  171. I just bought your book on Amazon for school lunch ideas!! So excited to own it. My soon to be 1st grader has suddenly become extremely picky with lunches, which makes packing very challenging. I love, love your idea of letting the kids put post it’s on the recipes they like! I think this will help us a lot! We would so LOVE a Bentology or Planet Box to start the year.. thanks for your great ideas. ❤️

  172. This is my son’s first year (Kindergarten) so I’m looking for as many lunch box hacks as possible!

  173. I have such a picky eater and feel like meals are really the same stuff. My goal is to try at least one lunch idea a week and see if I can introduce her to so new things this year! Thanks!!

  174. We would love one of these for the upcoming school year!! Favorite hack is to spend some time on sundays prepping items for the upcoming week – baking muffins, meatballs, chopping veggies.

  175. What a great lunchbox. The tips you shared will help me pack my lunch in a more healthy manner. This is important to me because I am diabetic, and while it is easy to go through the drive-through, I know it is not the best choice for me. Thanks for the giveaway.

  176. I don’t have any luck hacks because I’m a first time momma with an 18 month old! So this is all new to me! But I love your blog, it’s made me so excited to send my kiddos off to school with their own packed lunch. Fingers crossed! 🙂

  177. Would love to enter giveaway! Not sure if this is a hack, but sometimes I will pack fried or white rice, sliced cucumbers or avocado, and a pack of seaweed (all separately) and he’ll make his own “sushi”!

  178. Catherine helps with so many creative lunch ideas. This box would help it organize it better !

  179. My kids are so picky but the one thing they eat is yogurt!! Hope to find new lunch ideas from you!

  180. My facorut hack is making big batches of whole wheat muffins with fruit and veggies hidden inside. Zucchini works really well! THrow then in the freezer and then pop them into lunchboxes with some cheese and fruit and you have a low prep meal

  181. Would love to win this lunchbox! I watched your Facebook live video and it was so informative! Thank you 🙂

  182. My daughter would be so thrilled to win this gift! She is so excited to start school and this would be the cherry on the top!

  183. Loooove bento boxes. My 4yr old & I are anxiously waiting to make her cool lunches when she heads into kinder!

  184. Cream cheese is a great choice for a non-PB&J spread! We later cream cheese and raspberries for a sweet treat, or cream cheese and cucumbers for a crisp, refreshing sandwich. I like using mini whole wheat bagels – the kids love them!

  185. I always double dinner recipes like pasta, soup, chicken, etc and have that be the main entree for the next days lunch!

  186. I’m only on day 2 of making school lunches so I don’t have many hacks. I did get some cute cupcake toppers to stick in my girl’s sandwich for an extra fun surprise!

  187. My hack is: Savory Muffins – Pizza, Ham & Cheese muffins and Hand Pies – Chicken & Broccoli or Chicken pot pie.

  188. I only have one year experience with school lunches, so my only hack so far is to pack dry foods and make sure my daughter practices with opening any container I send with her.

  189. This would be great for our new kindergartner. The best lunch hack we have found is small bamboo skewers!

  190. Rainbow carrots chopped up and prepped at the beginning of the week make it so easy to add veggies and color to lunches quickly. Thanks for the chance to win!

  191. I would absolutely love one of these bento boxes! Working full time and going back to school has kept me busy everyday. Using a bunch of different Tupperware containers can get messy and loose. The bento box would be a perfect solution to keeping my meals well balanced and easy to take with me!

  192. My lunch hack is to get them involved in what is packed – that way, more likely to enjoy their creations 🙂

  193. Would love to win this for my son. We use your recipes all the time. Thank you for all your wonderful lunch ideas.

  194. I love prepping in advance and freezing! My toddler has a hard time with veggies so I love freezing a bunch of mini spinach banana muffins and placing in his lunch box the morning of school. By the time its lunch, it’s thawed and ready to enjoy (and keepsnother items cool in the meantime!)

  195. Today was our first day of kinder! I used your cookbook to make a sweet and fun lunch. Now I just need a bento box! Thanks Catherine

  196. I make lunch the night before! I’m too tired and rushing around in the early morning. Not really a hack lol

  197. My son is getting so excited to have school lunch like a big boy. I love the ideas in the video about how to make food vibrant and fun.

  198. My lunch hack is that i use muffin silicone liners for chopped fruit or homemade trail mix. It makes it more fun for my daughter. She loves it. Even my young toddler loves it when I do that!

  199. Love this! I always have a stash of organic yogurt sticks in the freezer to add to the lunches (kids love them thawed and they help keep things cold). Always I let them help pick fruits/veggies to include with lunch.

  200. I try to include a note or joke with my daughter’s lunch. Sometimes I’ll even write ones to her friends. My mom did this for me and I think it was really special.

  201. I try to include a note or joke with my daughter’s lunch. Sometimes I’ll even write ones to her friends. My mom did this for me and I think it was really special.

  202. Love using bento boxes for my 8 and 10 year old. Some of their favorite snacks are yogurt raisins, nuts, grapes, strawberries and goldfish crackers. Still hoping to find the right Bento box for us, as much as we loved the planet box the corners dented easily and they are no longer usable. Thank you for all of your great ideas!

  203. My lunch time “hack” is using silicone muffin liners for cut up fruit or for a little homemade trail mix. It just adds fun and color to the lunch!

  204. We like to cut out sandwiches with imprint cookie cutters. It makes for tons of fun detail with almost no extra effort!

  205. My hack is cutting up a ton a veggies at one time and I store them in a veggie and dip container like you would use at parties. This way the kids get to pick which ones they want for lunch. I can quickly pull it out of the fridge for a quick snack or as the vegetable sides for lunch and dinner.

  206. My favorite way to get my kids to eat their lunch is to use cookie cutters for the sandwiches I make them. My son loves trains so I usually use that for him.

  207. I love your site !!! It has made my picky eaters good eaters ! Shared on Facebook #weeliciousgiveaway !!!
    My love all your recipes.

  208. I love these colors and prints! My kids are very picky about food not touching so these plastic inserts are great!

  209. My two ‘hacks’: prep at least the fruit + veg the night before (sometimes as I unpack lunches in the afternoon or while making dinner-so it’s done before we clean up the kitchen!)
    #2 put a rubber band around Lunchbot containers to prevent (not leakproof, but better than spilled snacks!)

  210. I would love to win one of the lunchboxes! I have three kids and it’s a bit too pricey to buy them. Fingers crossed!

  211. My boys favorite lunch is cute shaped sandwiches or pb and J and their favorite snack is cucumber with lime and salt

  212. My kids love my version of Lunchables. I love not having to make a sandwich and they love making their own in their lunch.

  213. My hack is to get lunchboxes out the night before and prepare all I can to avoid doing soo much in the morning!

  214. Love your site !!! Hope I am a winner my son is terrified of school meals lol ! Also shared of Facebook #weeliciousgiveaway

  215. I would absolutely LOVE this. Such a great informative video…have been looking for the best ones to buy they are all just so expensive.
    We love natural peanut butter on apple rings!

  216. You are the lunch packing master! So creative! I love the tip about color… I think adding lots of bright colors makes the meal so much more exciting.

  217. Thanks for the giveaway! I love mixing banana dog bites, with other fruit, a veggie and something crunchy! 🙂

  218. We love using bento boxes for homemade lunchables. We use a variety of crackers and meats. My daughter loves it.

  219. My favorite lunch hack is making my daughter homemade “lunchables”. Homemade crackers, good cheese and meat that i cut with a circle cutter. Then I add some fresh peppers or green beans on the side so it’s much better than the stuff you buy in the store.

  220. Just like doing breakfast for dinner, sometimes for my kids I do breakfast for lunch. My son loves mini pancakes, so I heat them, wrap them in foil and put into a Thermos. I usually send a boiled egg, fruit and maybe a granola bar to complete the “breakfast for lunch” theme. ☺️

  221. Our anaphylactic dairy kiddo is a constant bento kind of water! We scratch make everything, (crazy!), and we love fresh hummus and tortillas. He’s six, and is my number one flour tortilla-roller!

  222. Loved your FB live all about the different containers and water bottles and bags! Favorites with my girls are quesadillas with salsa and also veggies and hummus

  223. Bento boxes are great as kids have variety of foods to eat or choose to eat – that way there’s always something they like!!

  224. We always love using one lunch box that opens and closes, no lids or anything my child has to sorry about losing. Prepping the night before is key! Would love to win a bento lunch box!

  225. I love adding ice to my daughters water, she hates drinking it at room temp. Adding ice cubes keeps it cold until lunch!

  226. I’m not sure it’s a hack, but I try and make as much of lunch the night before as I can, it makes the mornings do much less stressful!

  227. We always prep the night before to make our morning’s easy. I always try to switch up what goes in my daughter’s lunchbox to keep her excited for lunch! I love having one lunch box that opens and closes with separate compartments to keep lunch time easy for her. I don’t want t her worrying about losing lids etc one box is awesome!

  228. Rolled up lunch meats and cheese, seaweed snacks, fruit, and veggies. If I give him a little bit of a lot of choices he’ll usually eat most of it.

  229. My daughter LOVES PB&B (banana, no jelly). Looking for creative ways to prevent banana, craisins, & other dried friut in tact. #needabento

  230. I would love to break away from the boring pb&j and turkey sandwiches. I love your ideas! These lunch boxes seem like fun for lunch.

  231. It is hard to choose just one lunch hack from the video that is my favorite! They all seem like great ways to get kids to eat a variety of healthy foods. The number 1 spot is a toss up between the fun shapes with bright colors and the variety of textures though! I can’t wait to implement these tips into our school lunches this year! A bentology set would be perfect to achieve all of these goals easily!

  232. Would love one of these lunch boxes–thank you! Our favorite lunch hack is making lunches with our kids…it gives us an opportunity to talk to our kids about their days AND it helps our kids learn new cooking skills!

  233. I would love one of these awesome lunch kits for my littles 🙂 Thank you for the info!

  234. I love all these tips! My son is just starting kindergarten so I knew nothing about school lunches. Thanks to you, I now know a lot!!

  235. I can safely say, my lunch-time hack would have to be, if it’s dip-able, have a dip for it. My daughter is a picky eater. But, if she has a dip that she loves, like honey or cream cheese, she will gobble it down! 😀 Let’s be honest, kids like to play with their food. What better way than dipping it into something they really like?! 😀

  236. I I like to make ahead things such as boiled eggs and go ahead and put them in separate containers. You can also freeze juice boxes and yogurt pouches ahead of time .

  237. we are keeping lunches very simple right now. I make all I can the night before to make mornings easier

  238. Love this. My boys like their planetboxes but sometimes they limit what you can pack. I like these have lids.

  239. My lunch hack is packing lunch the night before and doing minimal work (putting it into insulated lunch bag) in the morning.

  240. These are super cute! My 9 yr old loves bento style lunches and helping make them. This would be perfect for her.

  241. My kids love eating different shaped food from cookie cutters. It makes eating fruits and veggies more fun! What cute and functional boxes!

  242. I make batches of muffins and freeze them, then throw one in my son’s lunch box–it keeps things cold and thaws by lunchtime. Frozen grapes are good for that, too!

  243. We have snack stations in the pantry and bins in the fridge so we can just pick and pack. Super easy on busy mornings!

  244. freeze yogurt the night before then use it as a ice-pack in lunch next morning. Its perfect to eat by lunch time and keeps the lunch cold..:)

  245. My boys love bento style lunches!! These would come in so handy for school lunches and preschool lunches this year!

  246. These boxes are amazing! I will never go back to another style of school lunches. They really do help children eat better!

  247. Always looking for lunch box options and lunch ideas! We have tried several of your ideas and they are alwaya a hit. 🙂

  248. I’d love one of those for my toddler she’s always had organic healthy homemade food at home and now sending her to daycare 🙁 they are nice but they feed them salty unhealthy foods. Thx xo

  249. Awesome giveaway! My oldest is starting kindergarten this year and thus begins many years of packing school lunches!!

  250. I make a lunch schedule – Mondays are one lunch, Tuesdays a different lunch, etc. I think it helps me simplify things and makes grocery shopping super easy! I always switch up the fruits I send based on what is in season!

  251. My favorite lunch hack is to send a variety of foods including ones I know they are likely to pass up and ones I know they will devour. It’s fun to see when they chose the healthier options (or ones they usually don’t reach for). Also, later when they are hungry I offer the “leftovers” from their lunch box to hold them over until their next meal.

  252. I love getting my kids involved in prepping their lunches! We do some the night before and finish it up in the morning. They love helping!

  253. These are adorable! My youngest is starting Kinder and she’d love this! My son will be a 4th grader and I’ve finally talked him into bringing lunch, NOT buying it. I would love to try this for him!

  254. I love these lunch boxes! I’m currently using tin foil to wrap sandwiches and zip bags for snacks; these are so fun! I love that they keep everything separated, which is a huge plus for my rather particular 4 year old son…these lunch boxes will be perfect for his school lunches!

  255. So excited to start packing daily lunches for my daughter!! I love bento style lunches because of all the different options I can give her!!

  256. I love the inspiration espically with the box. This is so helpful as I have a preschooler starting this year. Thank you for always sharing great tips and tricks!

  257. Leftover quesadillas from a previous night’s supper- perfect size for a lunch/bento box and still tasty served cold!

  258. Love these! I have an almost lunch packer (maybe halfway through the year) and am wondering about school lunches as I’d like to pack. I will bookmark this!!

  259. I got one of these for my son and sent his first lunch in it today! We’ll see what he thought 🙂

  260. Compartmentalizing the food is a must! I like to send the yogurt tubes frozen so they are still cold at lunchtime. Otherwise, fun shapes and different dips for fruits/veggies are helpful!

  261. Kentucky girl here too! I’ve been wanting to try the bento! We use yumbox currently but always looking for new options

  262. Sandwich sushi rolls are a go-to, especially because they are easy to make nut-free. Would love to try one of these boxes!

  263. I don’t know how much of a “hack” it is, but I love making a big batch of a favorite meal for dinner, and then heating up leftovers in the morning to put inside an insulated thermos. My daughter gets sooo excited for homemade mac & cheese in her school lunch! 🙂

  264. I love to roll ham slices, cucumber sticks, and a cheese stick up in a tortilla and cut it so it looks like sushi 🙂

  265. I love looking at your website for lunch ideas! I am going to try that avocado dip- my daughter would love that.

  266. I wish I had a lunch hack but I don’t….I am definitely a fan of fun shapes to help motivate the kids to eat/try different things!

  267. Your recipe ideas are so helpful! Honestly, I’m dreading lunches for school this year, so I’ll take all the help I can get!

  268. I always try to prep the night before so I’m not scrambling in the morning. I also try to mix it up and not serve the same thing over and over. Gotta keep it exciting!

  269. I’ve just tried a great recipe for gf banana zucchini oat muffins. I’ll serve along with fruit and cheese.

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