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I try not to get too crazy about making major resolutions and drastically changing our family routine come January 1st, however there’s still something about the start of a new year that makes me want our family to get healthier. After weeks (OK, months) of consuming copious holiday treats (even Coffee Cake first thing in the morning), I’m back to being focused on foods that offer our bodies and minds more energy. The past few days we’ve gotten back in the nutrition groove making Smoothie Your Way, Teddy Bear Toast and Oatmeal In The Crock Pot, morning recipes I find essential now that the holidays have ended and our fam is back to work and school.

Watch this Brainy Breakfast Video — which features one of our family’s favorite weekly rotation recipes — and see how to make one of the most wholesome dishes on this site. Packed with nuts, berries, cinnamon and Greek yogurt, it socks a big protein punch.

Some mornings I assemble this dish for the kids while other days they enjoy breakfast being a DIY experience where I put all the ingredients out so they can make it themselves just the way they like it. Chloe likes to drizzle the honey on top in a design and sprinkle Omega-3-packed ground flax seeds all over while Kenya prefers to shake cinnamon into his bowl until his arm hurts before spooning on naturally sweet chopped apples by the cupful.

The best part about this recipe is that it requires absolutely no cooking and is a great choice on those emergency on-the-go days when you want to ensure your family gets as much nutrition in every bite so everyone stays smart and focused all morning long!

Brainy Breakfast video from Weelicious

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