Cheesy Turkey Meatloaf Bites Video

How often do you hear the word meatloaf and immediately lose your appetite. Just the name can make you feel heavy. As a kid, I so wanted to like meatloaf, but honestly, it just wasn’t my favorite dinnertime fare. My mom used to make it with big hunks of bell pepper, onions and never enough ketchup for my taste. To me it always felt like a dolled up brick of meat.

However, when I grew up, for whatever reason there was something appealing to me about the idea of making meatloaf for my own family (call it nostalgia), and I was determined to make sure my kids enjoyed it. I always felt like part of my own aversion to meatloaf was the fact that it came in a big boring loaf shape with zero visual appeal.

Watch this short Cheesy Turkey Meatloaf Bites Video to see how by adding a touch of cheese, some chopped vegetables for added nutrition and preparing everything in little muffin cups completely transforms traditional meatloaf into something a hundred times more exciting for kids (and adults, too).

 If you’re looking for a fun and filling appetizer to serve during the holidays (my preferred way is with just a dollop of sweet ketchup on top), these little bites are incredibly satisfying and so simple to make for a crowd!

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