Dye-Free Deviled Eggs Video

Dying Easter eggs is a favorite holiday activity, but have you ever tried making dye-free eggs using all natural fruits, vegetables and spices? Now take it a step further by peeling your hard boiled eggs to make luscious and colroful deviled eggs. If you feel like you botch dozen after dozen of eggs every time you try to make them watch this How to Boil and Egg Video for a full-proof method to making Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs every time. It’s got everything I learned over the years learning to make one an easy food I always keep in the fridge year round.

This Dye-Free Deviled Eggs Video will show you a ton of fun tips, tricks and ideas to making a side dish that will totally wow your little (and big) guests this Easter. I did a test run with the kids you can see here. I wish you could have seen their faces as they watched the egg white halves absorbing the natural colors which got deeper and darker the longer the cooked egg whites sat in the dye-free solutions of water, the natural color with a touch of vinegar or baking soda to vary the colors at times. It’s the most fun chemistry experiment you can do in your kitchen with kids. They can play around and discover all kinds of foods that have deep colors that absorbs into the egg whites. Then when you have tons of egg yolks you can mix them with a little mayo to make a creamy mixture kids can pipe into their colored eggs.

Not only are these a ton of fun to make, but even better to show off and eat on Easter Sunday!

Dye-Free Deviled Eggs video from Weelicious

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