Easter Mandarins from Weelicious.comPin

I love this time of year and the fun that comes with decorating with the kids for Easter! We’re big on DIY crafting in our house, but honestly, my passion for decorating tons of eggs has gone by the wayside this year. I wanted to find an edible food that was similar in shape and size of eggs for the kids to enjoy so we decided to embellish Wonderful Halos! 

Easter Mandarins from Weelicious.comPin

These lovely little mandarins are not only bursting with Pure Goodness, they’re a perfect oval fruit that already has a beautiful, bright outer skin and totally safe for even Gemma’s age to place stickers on, tie bows around and more. So swap out the eggs and candy, and grab some Halos that are a fun and colorful addition for any part of the day – as a convenient and healthy snack or incorporating it in fun crafts with your kids!

Easter Mandarins from Weelicious.comPin

Here’s some of the tools we used to make our magical Wonderful Halos Easter creations:   

* pom poms 

* stickers  

* glue sticks 

* ribbons and ties 

* hot glue gun (make sure a parent is in control of this activity) 

* google eyes 

* chenille stems 

Easter Mandarins from Weelicious.comPin

Wonderful Halos are sweet, seedless and Gemma is obsessed with peeling her own which is an awesome activity for kids fine motor skills. I keep them on the counter because they’re also a nutritious, quick and easy snack for the kids no matter the time of day.    

Easter Mandarins from Weelicious.comPin

If you have any of your own Easter decorations you think I missed, tell me your ideas in the comments below.   

Happy peeling!

Easter Mandarins from Weelicious.comPin

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