Four Bean Chili Mac & Cheese

f you read weelicious a lot, you know I get really excited about the subject of leftovers. I'm not talking about re-serving your family cold, day-old food (even though I do love doing that). I'm talking about re-inventing the dish you made on Monday and turning it into something completely new and exciting on Tuesday (and possibly even Wednesday too).

Super Bowl is this Sunday and I KNOW you're planning on making yesterday’s Four Bean Chili recipe for all of your guests :). But just in case your culinary creation doesn’t completely disappear during the game, you have to be prepared for any leftovers you may have in your fridge on Monday. That’s where today’s recipe comes in, adding a kid’s tried and true favorite, Mac & Cheese, into the mix. Keep tuning in to weelicious over the next few days and I'll show you even more ways to turn yesterday’s super easy chili recipe into tomorrow’s dinnertime masterpiece.*

*You can find more examples of great 3-in-1 recipes HERE, HERE, and HERE.


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Four Bean Chili Mac & Cheese (Serves 4)

Prep Time: 0 mins Cook Time: 5 mins

egg free

nut free


  • 1 Cup whole milk
  • 2 Cups cheddar cheese
  • 2 Cups <a href=\"\">Four Bean Chili</a>
  • 1/2 Tsp kosher salt
  • 2 Cups Macaroni Pasta, cooked


1. In a large pot over medium heat place the milk, cheese, chili and salt. Stir to combine just until the cheese melts through.
2. Add the cooked pasta to the chili/cheese mixture and continue to cook for an additional 3 minutes or until the mixture comes together and the pasta has heated through.
3. Serve.
*You can find more examples of great 3-in-1 recipes HERE, HERE, and HERE.
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