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As a kid, I went on a lot of road trips with my parents. Several times a year we would pack up the Chevrolet Caprice Classic Woodie station wagon and head from Louisville, KY to Sarasota, FL. While my motion sickness-prone brother was usually on the verge of barfing for a majority of the 14 hour trip, I would happily read books, stare dreamily out the window, and ask the same classic question kids have posed to their parents on road trips ever since the dawn of time,"are we there yet?"

Since we ate most of our meals at home, getting to roll through the drive through every few hours for food was sheer joy. I usually begged and pleaded with my parents to stop at McDonald's as I was a Chicken McNugget junkie who couldn't get enough of the gooey, sugary honey mustard or BBQ dipping sauces.

It makes sense that so many kids become addicted to chicken nuggets, both the fast food and frozen varieties. They're crunchy on the outside, soft and tender inside, fun to eat, and easy for little hands to hold. The only problem is what most nuggets are actually made from (there's a great episode from the first season of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution that will make you swear off fast food nuggets forever). That being said, once you figure out how to make chicken nuggets on your own it's simple and can be quite healthy.

My kids are always psyched when I put chicken nuggets in their lunch boxes, so I decided to come up with two totally different chicken nugget recipes for my new book Weelicious Lunches. Trust me when I say there's a very obvious reason I call this one Easy Chicken Nuggets. When my girlfriend, Keri, came over for dinner recently and watched me make them, she said she couldn't believe how simple they were to make. The biggest surprise however came when Keri's daughter, who she promised hated chicken nuggets, ended up eating four. What can I say, the kid has good taste.

Watch me make them in the above video.

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