Mexican Rice Balls Video

At first glance it seems like just an ordinary sphere of brown rice. But take a closer look and you'll see tiny flecks of aromatic spices clinging to the wholesome grains. Intrigued, you pick up the rice ball and pull it apart to inhale the wonderful smell. As the steam clears you see the hidden treasure nestled inside_ melted cheddar cheese.

What is it about melted cheese that transforms almost any food into something irresistible? That ooey, gooey, tangy, salty bite of golden bliss that you'll find inside every one of these Mexican Rice Balls testifies as to why they are so addictive--and kid-friendly.

Every (and I mean every) time I make these I can be guaranteed there will be no leftovers. In fact the last time I made them Chloe burst into tears because she said Kenya got more rice balls than she did. Note to self for next time_ double the recipe .

This quick video will show you a few tricks on how to make these Mexican Rice Balls so you can quickly whip them up for a simple, yet exciting vegetarian side dish anytime.

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