Juicing is one of those activities for kids that's just plain old fun. There's nothing better then going to the farmer's market, buying tons of organic carrots, beets, oranges and so on, and then going home with your little one(s) and coming up with all kinds of unique juice creations. Sometimes I'm a little perplexed by Kenya's choice of ingredients when he points to the ones he wants in his, but he always seems to love the end product. It only goes to prove my theory that when kids are involved in making what they eat and drink, they have pride of ownership and are more likely to try new things. Kenya enjoys the juices so much that he tends to sucks them down faster than we can make them.

I'm not opposed to canned and bottled juices, but most of the ones you'll find in the supermarket are packed with unnecessary sugars and preservatives that your kids don't need. There are so many other choices like herbal teas, blender smoothies and of course these juice recipes. They're actually not even recipes. It's really up to you and your kids what vitamin rich, nutritious creations you want to drink.


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Prep Time: 0 mins Cook Time: 0 mins

egg free

nut free

dairy free

gluten free


  • We love to make the 3 listed below, but you can be the chef and pick any fruits or veggies you crave.
  • Carrot, Beet and Ginger
  • apple, celery, kale and beet Greens
  • Beets, Blood Orange and Ginger


1. Turn juicer on.

2. Place a mix of fruits and vegetables in juicer shoot creating the desired amount of juice you want.

*You do need a juice machine for this recipe

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