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How do you keep babies and kids safely away from germs without being that overprotective crazy parent? It’s not easy! Should we expose or protect our kids from all of the germs that lurk around them? This list of tips for safely keeping germs away from your kids should be a good start to deciding which precautions you take to keep your kids as safe and healthy as possible all year long.

Tips for Safely Keeping Germs Away from weelicious.comPin

1. Wash those little hands_ kids, especially babies and toddlers have their hands in their mouths all day long. They crawl all over the floor, pick up anything they can find and then suck their fingers or eat with their hands ingesting whatever germs come their way. One of the easiest ways to limit exposure is by washing their hands. As early as 4 months old I washed my kid’s hands with hand soap so germs are easily rinsed away.

Tips for Safely Keeping Germs Away from weelicious.comPin

2. Clean toys frequently_ you may not realize it, but your kids toys collect germs from all of the play they get day in and day out. To say they’re a bullseye for mold and bacteria would be an understatement. Make washing toys a fun activity. Fill a bucket with water, add a big squirt of dishwashing liquid, and turn it into a fun activity. Gemma and I do this weekly as I see how much she plays with and chews on them around our house. She loves making shapes with the bubbles and I love getting her toys clean. I call this one a twofer!

Tips for Safely Keeping Germs Away from weelicious.comPin

3. Washing clothes_ sure, your kids get plenty of stains on their clothes throughout the day, but what about all of the germs that collect on them during a day. Babies scooting all over your house, toddlers rolling around at the park, kids sitting in the same movie seats as the previous 100+ people and thats just the tip of the iceberg. Make sure when you’re washing clothes you’re using a safer laundry detergent like Seventh Generation to make sure you have peace of mind about what’s closest to your child’s skin.

Seventh Generation’s laundry packs are EPA Safer Choice certified which means that every ingredient has been reviewed by the EPA to ensure it meets their stringent human health & environmental criteria.

Tips for Safely Keeping Germs Away from weelicious.comPin

4. School_ From the first day my kids were in preschool we taught them to cough and sneeze into their arm and not into their hands. While it’s important to keep unwanted germs away from our own hands and bodies it’s just as important to protect our friends and loved ones. I keep a pack of wet wipes in my car, purse and home especially when they have irritated noses to wipe away unwanted germs.

Tips for Safely Keeping Germs Away from weelicious.comPin

5. Relax!: This step may be counterintuitive to the steps above, but it’s true. There are more than enough germs around us to prevent our bodies from getting sick, so you want to make sure not to go overboard. I always remind myself not to feel too neurotic, but instead follow your instinct and use products in our home that will keep it clean and know you’re doing your very best.

Tips for Safely Keeping Germs Away from weelicious.comPin

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Catherine is a mama of three. A Kentucky girl living in California. Here’s what I know: all kids can be great eaters and mealtime must be easy. I create simple, healthy recipes the whole family will love.


  1. These are great tips. I’d love to win this. My baby boy just turned 1 today and he is sick, I am sick and now my 4 year old is getting sick. This came at the right time. We always cleaned our toys but maybe once every month or two. Now we will do it weekly and I’m going to start teaching my baby boynhownto wash his hands. Thanks for the tips

  2. I could really use this right now as both of my kids have coxsackie and I need to disinfect everything in the house.

  3. That is so awesome! We love their products and its so nice to not have to be worried about whats in it!

  4. We love the entire Seventh Generation product line in our household, and would love to win this giveaway! You can never have enough natural cleaning supplies on hand. What a great giveaway!!! Best of luck to everyone 🙂

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  14. We LOVE Seventh Generation products and use them in our home too! With 4 kiddos (including twins that turned one on Saturday!) we go through tons of their products and would love to win!!!

  15. I love Seventh Generation Products and have used them for a few years now. Thank you for this great giveaway.

  16. I’m a real fan of Seventh Generation. I use many of their products since I had a baby.

  17. My sister thought I was nuts the first time she saw me washing a bunch of toys in a bucket …. until she saw what the water looked like when I was done!

  18. We love 7th Generation! My little guy just got over being sick so we are in the middle of a deep clean!

  19. We love 7th Generation products. Thanks for the opportunity to win some, my budget would love it!

  20. I’d love to win this prize package to help ensure that my kids stay healthy!

  21. I’d love to win these Seventh Generation products. My oldest daughter (the mother of my grandchildren) loves them. I’m also trying to help my youngest daughter stock her first home with all the necessities.

  22. The 7th generation dish detergent in my house gets used for cleaning more than just dishes: it is perfect stain remover for food stains on clothing and excellent for cleaning grimy counters and walls.

  23. We love 7th generation here! With 4 kiddos 10 and under I need something to rely on to help me keep things clean!

  24. My 10 month old started crawling a few weeks ago so keeping things clean is heavy on my mind,!

  25. Seventh Gen has been my cleaning product brand if choice for years – the dish soap and dishwasher detergent are the best!

  26. I LOVE Seventh Generation products! Thanks so much for the opportunity to try to win! Happy weekend 🙂

  27. I have a 4 month old and a toddler starting preschool – so this post definitely hits home 🙂

  28. My daughter loves washing dishes with me, having time to wash her toys weekly would be a dream. Great idea!

  29. With a toddler and a newborn, keeping germs away is a top priority in our house!

  30. Love Seventh Generation products. We use them throughout our home!

  31. My husband and I just had our first baby in May. We have been living with my parents as we’ve transitioned from Kansas to Texas, and are about to close on our first house. I would love to be a winner of this Seventh Generation prize pack so that I can keep my new home clean with safe cleaning products. Thanks!

  32. I have twins that are 16 mths old and I am constantly cleaning up after them…..washing & wiping non stop and I would never be comfortable using products with toxic harmful chemicals that could do to them what I am trying to avoid by cleaning. Every single thing goes in their mouths so I feel better knowing it has been cleaned with seventh generation products including their clothes. It certainly costs more and can be stressful trying to budget things out but I guess I would rather budget and have peace of mind then have anxiety over everything they touch. There are many more things to worry about!

  33. I have twins that are 16 mths old and I am constantly cleaning up after them…..wiping & wiping non stop and I would never be comfortable using products with toxic harmful chemicals that could do to them what I am trying to avoid by cleaning. Every single thing goes in their mouths so I feel better knowing it has been cleaned with seventh generation products including their clothes. It certainly costs more and can be stressful trying to budget things out but I guess I would rather budget and have peace of mind then have anxiety over everything they touch. There are many more things to worry about!

  34. We love a Seventh Generation products – especially their diapers and wipes.

  35. I’m expecting my third baby and moving into a new home in a couple weeks, and this giveaway would be so helpful!

  36. Thanks for the tips! It’s always a good reminder to keep hands, among other things clean to keep germs away!

  37. With school starting back up its great to be reminded of the importance of hand washing! However it gets done!

  38. Going to do whatever I can to clean clean clean as we welcome our third in a couple weeks. Once school starts, we always wash hands immediately when we get home from anywhere and use a quick wipe before eating.

  39. This would be amazing – we regularly use seventh generation and would love a stock up! Also would love the chance to try some other products!

  40. Great products and I’m inspired to clean the kids toys more often by making it a more interactive activity 😉

  41. Great tips- thank you for sharing! And thank you Seventh Generation for sponsoring!

  42. I love all your recipes and ideas . Recently started researching on products which do not have chemicals which do not harm . I started using seventh generation too.

  43. We have the same mop bucket! 🙂

    Great tips! I absolutely love Seventh Generation products. A few years ago when we were cleaning out the kitchen to make sure we had the healthiest dishware, cookware, food storage, etc, I also cleaned out under the kitchen sink and in the laundry room by looking up the products on the EWG. We live out in the country so all that waste from the dishwasher and washing machine, was going out into our septic. I wanted to make sure I wasnt using anything ‘bad’. Seventh Generation rated so much better compared to other products that were supposedly Eco friendly. So we began our switch and I found that they worked better too. The dishwasher powder didn’t leave streaks on my glass dishware like the big name brand detergents and the laundry detergent didn’t bother my allergies and sinsus yet still did a great job on the clothes. We’re a 100% Seventh Generation home now. And they are based in Vermont where we live too, so we’re kinda buying local. 🙂 Awesomest giveaway. …we go through tons of their hand soap with a very active 5 year old in the house. After meals, snacks, using the bathroom, crafts, sandbox, play dates, school, etc. I’m always asking him to wash his hands. 🙂

  44. I love Seventh Generation products!! What a great giveaway. Thanks for the fab tips!

  45. Thank you for hosting this giveaway. I love Seventh Generation’s products. 🙂 I keep them both at home and wipes in the car and my purse. 🙂

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  46. We love Seventh Generation and would love to stock up for our home! With two kids, we definitely need this!

  47. This blog is so timely. I have a two month old and I’m the perfect example of a mother neurotic about germs! I’m so worried all the time my little one will get sick from some random germs. Thank you 🙂

  48. I love all of these giveaways! Funny thing is I entered the planetbox give away because I’ve new wanting one for so long, and I was so distraught from not winning that I bought one anyway! Watch me go to target and buy $200 worth of seven gen! Haha yay!!! Weelicious!!!

  49. Seventh Generation is such a great company! I think I might try to get even my older kids the toy washing thing a try . . .

  50. Very true about germs on clothes, even if we don’t see stains. It’s a good point to remember. We love Seventh Generation products. This is a great give away!

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  54. Oh seventh gen is awesome! We cloth diaper and their detergent works wonderfully on them . The one brand of disposables that my middle didnt react to was 7th gen! We love their products!

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  56. I have never used these products but with our grandson visiting more often it sounds like a gray start

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  58. Thank you for your post! I like that more people are realizing what harmful chemicals are in cleaning products and are making the switch to products that are more natural, like Seventh Generation.

  59. We use Seventh Generation dish soap and I love it!!! What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity to enter!

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  61. I have 3 kids & keeping them safe, clean & away from germs is not always easy. I love using Seventh Generation products to keep my house clean.

  62. I love sooooo many of Seventh Generation products, fingers crossed I win!

  63. Please pick me! I would love to win this awesome Seventh Generation bundle to help keep my littles safe and healthy!

  64. Great giveaway!! Just in time for the start of school and the onset of extra germs!!!

  65. Teaching kids to sneeze in elbow early on is key & definitely constant hand washing. Thank you, Weelicious!!

  66. Love seventh generation! been using some products for years, but would be thrilled to try more.

  67. Seventh generation make amazing products. This is a great giveaway. Thanks so much for the chance.

  68. I received a bottle of Seventh Generation Laundry soap as a freebie a few months ago and I gotta say…I love it! I love that it doesn’t have a scent and that there are no dyes. It’s great for my sensitive skin and it gets our clothes as clean as any other leading brand. Will definitely buy it!

  69. Great toy-washing idea! I need to get on that ASAP after having three littles with a virus this past week!

  70. Making cleaning fun is always the best way to get and keep kids involved with chores.

  71. I try my best to keep things clean without harmful chemicals and absolutely love Seventh Generation Products. 🙂

  72. Loved the idea of washing toys as game with your toddler! This is a great giveaway, hope I’m a lucky one!

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  76. I would love to win this giveaway with all my kiddos! Thank you for the giveaway! P.s. Gemma is adorable’! (And that was my great-great-grandmothers name! I love it!)

  77. This is such an amazing giveaway! I love Seventh Generation!

  78. I started using seventh generation products when I was pregnant with my first daughter. Love them!

  79. We love Seventh Generation products because they are so gentle on my clothes and the cleaning products are gentle and non toxic!

  80. I used Seventh Generation diapers for the first few weeks when my son was born. We then switched to cloth, but with baby number 2 on the way we’ll be needing some tiny disposables again.

  81. Would love to try it, love to keep my house germ free for my 7 granndkids

  82. I would love to win this giveaway! I am always on the look out for natural ways to keep my family healthy and clean too 🙂 Thank you

  83. I love Seventh Generation! I recently started using the dishwasher pods and LOVE them!

  84. At our house my son is older but we still try to curb the germs. As soon as he gets home from school he takes off his clothes and puts on something comfortable. Then he washes his hands. Also, we do not walk on the carpet with our shoes on and we request that our friends and family do the same thing.

  85. Gemma is such a cutie. I love the idea of getting the kids to help wash their toys. I think I’ll be incorporating that with my son’s clean up.

  86. We love Seventh Generation products at our house! And I like Step/Tip 5 (although it’s the hardest to do!). 🙂

  87. Have heard about Seventh Generation but haven’t really tried it. Sounds like they work well and I love the idea of being ‘clean’ for my kids!

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  89. Seventh generation has the only soap that doesn’t dry out my daughter’s hands!

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  91. I love seventh generation! School is starting again and I’d love to keep the germs to a minimum.

  92. What a wonderful giveaway! I love their products. My 2 year old just started pre-school and we have a 7 week old, so this is very timely as I want to keep as many germs at bay as possible! Thank you!

  93. I love Seventh Generation products! They give me piece of mind using them for my two little ones. Thank you Seventh Generation!

  94. before my daughter was born switched all my cleaning products to 7th generation and have not turned back! love how they work, love how they smell!!!

  95. I have only been using Seventh Generation products for a few months but they are fantastic and I would not use anything else now!

  96. I love 7th Generation! I use their laundry detergent, dish soap, and more! I also love Targer 🙂 Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  97. LOVE this! Yes, I don’t want to be that crazy mom, but I also want to keep my kids healthy and safe. Great giveaway too! Thanks 🙂

  98. Seventh Generation has GREAT products, I love the laundry detergent, feels so good to know that the clothes are clean and yet my little ones have natural products touching their skin! #WeeliciousGiveaways

  99. I love 7th generation products. I keep a bottle of the handwipes in my car and my kitchen. They are so quick and easy to use of the kids, dog and any mess. Thanks for this post. Its nice to get awareness out of good products.

  100. I keep seeing new stuff about Seventh Generation products. They seem great, but I haven’t tried them yet.

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