My Farmers' Market

So many of the emails I receive are from parents looking for farmers' markets in their area. I love to hear that people are looking to seek them out if they don't already know where their local one is, because it's not only the best place to buy your food, but because there is also no better way to show your support for our country's local farmers. I'm adding a new section to the site called "My Farmers' Market". It's a place where you can send me a video of you at you local market and tell me why it’s special. Then we can post it on weelicious and hopefully others in your area can discover your market for themselves.

This is my farmers' market -- the place that we buy almost all of the food we eat and cook with in our home and for weelicious. Our weekly pilgrimage to to market is like an adventure where we find all kinds of new and exciting foods, listen to music, eat great food and see friends.

By showing your little ones where the foods they’re eating comes from, you’re showing them how important food is for their little growing bodies.

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