Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

Prep Time: 5 mins Cook Time: 30 mins

nut free

gluten free


  • white eggs, preferably organic
  • turmeric (yellow eggs)
  • frozen blueberries (lavender eggs)
  • beets (rust/brown eggs)
  • pomegranate or grape juice (grey, blueish, red eggs)
  • Red Zinger tea (redish eggs)
  • white vinegar


1. Place eggs in a pot and cover with 1 inch of water (about 2 cups). Stir in 2 tbsp of white vinegar and the food ingredient for desired color.

2. Bring water to a boil. When the water reaches a boil, reduce, simmer and cook for 15-30 minutes (the longer you cook the eggs, the tougher they will be).

3. Check the eggs to see if the desired color is achieved.

4. Let the easter egg hunt begin!

*If you want the eggs a deeper color you can remove them from the pot, let the color mixture cool and pour it back over the eggs and refrigerate overnight or longer. The longer the eggs are covered with the color, the deeper the shade will be. We also found that the color of the eggs deepened after they dried.

*If you want to eat the eggs make sure to refrigerate them.