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We just got back from an almost one month much needed family vacation which included visiting the Turks and Caicos. As much as we wanted to travel abroad and do something more adventurous, my midwife and doctor just weren’t having it as I’m over 8 months along in my pregnancy. A beach vacation wasn’t exactly what I had hoped for or planned on, but when I tell you I was in absolute heaven being in the Caribbean, I really mean it. I left Los Angeles right when school got out hobbling everywhere from horrific sciatica in my back and hips. Even after twice weekly chiropractic and acupuncture treatments I was still a mess having to rely on the kids to even tie my shoes. Not exactly my finest hour. My true relief came, though, the second I got in the ocean. After just one day swimming around with the kids feeling weightless I felt almost 100% cured. By the end of our time there I felt like I could have run a marathon, but of course didn’t. Instead I would lazily wake up late with the kids (thank goodness we kept them on LA time) and would have the most luxurious buffet breakfast every morning. We’re talking omelettes, grits, crepes, pancakes, fresh fruit and more to satisfy all of my cravings. Surprisingly, though, the one thing I missed most were my Pregnancy Parfaits that I had been making everyday before we left.

Pregnancy Parfaits video from

Now that we’re home the first thing I made myself for a snack was a tall one filled with fresh berries my husband had grabbed for me at the farmers market (he’s sweet like that). There’s something so therapeutic about layering the naturally sweet berries with the cool yogurt and drizzling a little honey or adding hemp seeds to each layer. If you think they’re beautiful to look at, trust me that eating them is the real joy.

Watch this Pregnancy Parfaits Video to see how simple they can be to prepare and don’t feel like you need to have a bun in the oven to enjoy them. Kids and gents will love them just as much!

Pregnancy Parfaits video from

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