Sadly there’s no new Friday video or recipe today, but this subject is really important and I wanted to share my experience with you.

Last night my husband and I got invited to a friend’s house for a pot luck dinner (I brought my shrimp & hearts of palm ceviche — recipe coming Monday!) and a CPR class. I have to admit, a 3 hour lecture on CPR and blowing into dummies’ mouths wasn’t exactly my idea of a date night with my husband, but you couldn’t put a price on the valuable information we learned.

We had taken a similar class when Kenya was born, but we felt it was important to refresh our memories about how to save a little (or big) life if, god forbid, the time ever came. We learned everything from how to prevent car, pool and home injuries to general CPR techniques and other valuable information.

I was shocked to know that the number one cause of accidents in cars for children is choking. That’s right, the snack that you provide your little one after school to keep them nourished and occupied while you haul around town is a huge no-no. I’m as guilty as any other parent, and the thought of not eating in the car will be tough, but I know my kids will be safer.

I highly recommend everyone take a class if it’s possible. Our class was taught by Richard Pass from Save a Little Life, but there are instructors across the country and in most every country who can provide the same insightful information and lessons we were fortunate enough to receive. Check it out!

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