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We have been working hard to live in a more eco-friendly home in an effort to protect the health of our family and the planet. We try to conserve in as many areas as possible and have made the switch from plastics to glass and use recyclable materials whenever possible. Here are 8 tips for an eco-friendly home that you can begin to implement today in order to live a healthier and less wasteful life.

1. Saving water in your home not only helps the environment, but also helps your water bill. Only use water to get wet and rinse off for showers, make sure dishwashers and washing machines are completely full before running and turn on during off peak hours to lower your water and energy bill. Make sure any leaky faucets are fixed as well.

2. Switch your household cleaners staying away from fragrance laden ones. It reduces air pollution in and outdoors while minimizing exposure to chemicals and allergy triggers that can cause harm to your health.

3. Unplug! When you have your blow dryer, phone chargers and TV’s plugged in they’re sucking energy out of your home and money out of your wallet.

4. Create a recycling trash bin in your home. Check your what you can and can’t recycle in your town, but generally glass, paper goods, metal cans and plastic bottles are on the list.

5. Compost! Instead of tossing out egg shells, vegetable scraps, old newspaper or coffee grinds, create a bin in your kitchen to place everything and then compost everything to make rich soil to help your garden and yard grow.

6. Adjust your thermostat. During the winter turn it to 55 degrees when you’re away and 68 degrees when you’re home. Making sure your home is properly insulated will help keep heat in as well. In the summer use shades to keep heat in during the winter and out during the summer. Add window screens to let fresh air in during the summer.

7. Keep your freezer full rather then empty to run more efficiently.

8. Remove your shoes at the door. By taking off your shoes you keep pollutants, chemicals, pesticides, dirt and dust outside the home and not tracked all over your home.

9. Used recycled paper products and trash bags. These get used often and are always thrown away. Switching to recycled products like the Seventh Generation Paper Towels and Toilet Paper can reduce the environmental impact of these essential products.

8 Tips f10 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Home + Seventh Generation Giveaway from weelicious.comor an Eco-Friendly Home + Seventh Generation Giveaway from weelicious.comPin

10. Fragrance, petroleum-based lotion and chlorine free diapers for your little ones. Start making your home eco-friendly for your kids from the moment they are born! Using products like the Seventh Generation Diapers are better for the environment and keeping your babies chemical-free.

8 Tips for 10 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Home + Seventh Generation Giveaway from weelicious.coman Eco-Friendly Home + Seventh Generation Giveaway from weelicious.comPin

About the Author

Catherine is a mama of three. A Kentucky girl living in California. Here’s what I know: all kids can be great eaters and mealtime must be easy. I create simple, healthy recipes the whole family will love.


  1. Instead of using environment-harming salt to melt ice, use one part Epsom salts and one part sugar instead

  2. I love Seventh Generation! I have been trying to eliminate paper towels and have a basket of white cloths on the kitchen counter instead.

  3. I have just recently started seeing these products. Would love to try them and have a chance to use a good safe product.

  4. I like using natural ingredients for cleaning our home, like vinegar and baking soda and favorite SeventhGeneration dish liquid…..it works great!

  5. I love seventhgeneration products because they are chemical free and plant based, safe for my family.

  6. Have you tried real wool socks? Real wall is the best way to keep warm and dry. It wicks away moisture and lets your skin grieve at the same time keeping it very very warm. I highly recommend real wool socks and sweaters!

  7. We follow many of these tips but the one I have the hardest with is setting the thermostat to 68 during the winter. I’m always cold and don’t function well if not warm!

  8. I recently started to use Seventh Generation handsoap.
    My hands no longer have that constant irritation, nor do I have those small cracks and dry skin at the end of my fingers.

  9. Love #8! We just moved into a new home almost 2 weeks ago, and had to have new carpet installed in 3 rooms. I told our 4 children that we had to start a new rule to keep the dirt and grime out of our carpet and to keep it looking nice. so far it’s going great. Sure hope I can get company to follow suit.

  10. Using vinegar laundry detergent to help get the smell out of work-out clothes works great!

  11. Now that my boys are almost 2 and 3, I use the brp clohs to ipe them clean after meals.

  12. We are studying up on the best way to store food for longest life, reducing our food waste! One tip: don’t store onions or apples near other produce!

  13. I especially liked tip number 10! I’m pregnant with baby #3 and we plan to cloth diaper. I’ve already purchased 7th Generation laundry detergent to keep our diapers clean and negative chemical free for our tiny ones hiney.

  14. I also use vinegar and baking soda for all my cleaning.
    I add some baking soda to my laundry as well as peppermint oil to keep things smelling nice without added chemical fragrances.

  15. I love the compost tip! I really would love to start composting, there is no reason not to.

  16. I clean everything with a mix of cider vinegar and water. It’s natural and cleans/kills what shouldn’t be there, from windows to floors to even adding it to the rinse cyvle in the dishwasher for shine.

  17. We use cloth napkins and have a low draw in the kitchen that the kids stock with fresh cloth napkins.

  18. My favorite tip is the household cleaning products! I made the switch to all natural products and I love the way my house smells like a pine forest or orange grove when I’m finished. It makes cleaning a little bit easier 🙂

  19. I have shared this on google facebook and twitter pinterest not allowing me to pin ty

  20. Taking off shoes before entering the house keeps dirt and pollutants inside very much at bay. And I love having reused an Ikea Billy bookcase as a shoe organizer.

  21. I love anything that is echo friendly and I recycle too and helps the environment,I have changed my toilets to save water,my faucets anything I can do I do and I hope everyone does the same and I really enjoyed reading about you. Thanks

  22. We’ve detoxed our bathrooms by using natural, organic soaps, shampoos and lotions! Our homemade facial cleanser is AMAZING!

  23. We turn off lights when we leave the room, recycle as much as we can, never leave the water on while brushing our teeth, and bring reusable shopping bags to the store.

  24. We are sticklers here at our house. Everynight before bedtime, everything but the refrigerator gets unplugged. I even turn off our hot water tank until 1 hour before we use hot water. Insane the amount of waste that occurs by not thinking about it!

  25. We try to buy products with minimal packaging or recyclable materials. Thanks for these tips!

  26. I have been trying to cut back drastically on our paper towel use, and working on switching to reusable cloths!

  27. Thank you so much for this great chance! It would really help around this house. Eco-friendly is the way to go! 🙂

  28. my fave tip is unplugging everything- i have a bad habit of leaving everything plugged in even when i’m not using!

  29. essential oils work wonders — to get rid of smells AND to help our overall health!

  30. Use vinegar, water, and a dash of oil to clean the floors! (easy, and saves money, buy countless bottles of cleaner, etc).

  31. Already conserving water and energy. Reusable shopping bags are the best. We need to leave this earth in better condition for our children and grandchildren.

  32. We always bring out gigantic tote bags to food shop & store leftover foods in glass containers. All to avoid using plastic

  33. We recycle like crazy in our house! We always have more things in the recycle bin than in the trash! We have switched to mostly glass containers instead of plastic. And I am working hard to teach my son to conserve water and electricity.! We are now working on switching to more eco-friendly cleaning products and I working on getting my husband to use less paper towels

  34. We try to reuse whatever we can and recycle just about everything else

  35. I use the plastic bags the newspaper comes in for dirty diapers and table scraps. I also use vinegar to clean jus about everything. We also use plastic bags in bathroom trash cans.

  36. We use cloth napkins, homemade counter spray, products with no fragrance, have been composting for years and we have rain barrels to water our outdoor gardens and yard.

  37. Great tips. When I squeeze lemon into my water I use the lemon rind and waste to scrub the sink. Smells great and gets another use out of the lemon.

  38. Great tips! I will surely try to implement these more in our home! Starting the kids early to be Eco-friendly can only help them in the years to come!!

  39. We do a lot to live eco friendly like buying toys as much as possible that are from companies that are B corp certified or eco/sustainable focused like Under the Nile. We make cleaning products using distilled white vinegar and baking soda, recycle, buy from the farm nearby and farmers markets, and use bath and health products that re eco focused like method, mrs meyers, seventh generation, dapple, babyganics, hoest and others. Even pur toothbrushes are eco friendly made from recycled materials (smile).

  40. We walk, bike, rideshare, and take public transportation as much as possible. It helps us get our exercise in, and it’s helped our toddlers learn social skills by interacting with so many more people than we would ever meet if we just drove everywhere.

  41. Unplugging may be the mist difficult for my family. I love this and all the great advice. Thanks!

  42. These are great reminders! A few of my fave eco friendly practices are using cloth diapers and wipes, homesteading, and living a simpler life (make it, use it, and make it do).

  43. We turn off all the lights in the house before we leave and use LED lights to save energy.

  44. Great read with lots of good tips. Wr already do some and are always looking forward to trying new eco friendly practices.

  45. I love the first tip, saving water is an absolute must for my family and I, especially here in California. This year the drought hasn’t gotten the best of us. I honestly wish the government would give us a tax break for the amount of water we save. When my son bathes in his minature tub. I reuse his bathing water for plants and submerge dishes in it to get most of the grime off. I use water as if I lived in a third world country. I limit myself in all that I do. I’ve given up shampoo to create less shower time, I’ll hand wash clothes and hang dry. I’ll reserve the gray water for plants and cleaning the car. The water is still good because I don’t use any chemical products. My household is mainly method brands, seventh generation and babyganics. I recommend we all do the same !

  46. We always keep reusable bags for grocery shopping stored in the trunks of both our cars. Also, any unfinished drinking water from my kids goes directly to watering the indoor plants.

  47. My family recycles bottles, cans, and packaging and we compost all food items. It’s incredible how much little garbage we have now! And more importantly, waste!

  48. Use paper towels moistened with water instead of baby whipes.
    Reuse sour cream, cottage cheese, and other commercial plastic containers to pack your lunch and leftovers.
    Cook from scratch!

  49. Use dish rags or old clothes torn as the rags in the house. We use them for dusting, wiping up spills, cleaning the counters, just about anything. This way paper towels are not wasted.

  50. I LOVE seventh generation! Any house hold products I don’t make I but from them!! I love the dish soap! And I use their detergent for my cloth diapers! Great stuff!

  51. I use white vinegar + water in a reusable spray bottle as an all-purpose cleaner. It works well and I feel comfortable letting my 3 yr old use it to help me mop the floors!

  52. We try cutting back on electricity by getting fresh air instead of turning in the AC. Also, wearing an extra layer in the house instead of turning up the heat!

  53. We have switched from washing dishes in the dishwasher to washing dishes in the sink right after a meal. That way it saves lots of water and dishes are cleaned and available much sooner than waiting until the dishwasher is full.

  54. I use baking soda, and vinegar to unclog my toilet. It is also safe to use it in the kitchen sink, and I don’t use heavy chemical.

  55. We recycle every possible thing. My kids are so passionate I’m sometimes embarrassed when they call someone out for not using the recycle bins

  56. I use reusable items…………..water bottles, food containers, etc. Always a waste to keep throwing away stuff that is just going to go into a landfill!

  57. Fragrance is a real problem for my family with detergents and hand soaps. I would love to try some new fragrance free Seventh Generation products.

  58. We recycle everything we can! We weened ourselves off plastic altogether. We cloth diaper. We compost, grow veggies in the greenhouse, gather and preserve edibles from our 25 acre property, We recently bought a hybrid electric car, and we are looking into a home/farm sized windmill for electricity.

  59. I LOVE SEVENTH GENERATION. 😉 it’s the main brand I use for household products. The disinfectant spray is awesome. It really kills germs and it’s non toxic and eco friendly. The other thing we are doing to help the earth, and something that is very overlooked, is cutting back on meat and dairy!! 🙂

  60. I know this is a long shot, but I hope I win. This would be a great way to try some Seventh Generation products. Congrats to whomever does end up winning.

  61. We use cold water to wash our laundry. Research shows washing in warm water is no more effective at cleaning or removing stains.

  62. We are switching to using all home made cleaners made with baking soda and vinegar! And I add essential oils for a lovely fragrance!

  63. We use Seventh Generation products and recycle or compost as must as we possibly can.

  64. Love love love ALL Seventh Generation products!!! Thanks for caring to make the world a better place!

  65. I’m always looking for ways to “green” our routine. There are some great tips here, thank you!

  66. I collect rainwater to water houseplants and garden.
    I love using your diapers on my beautiful granddaughter!
    Thank you for making the best!!

  67. Seventh generation diapers are the best! But, my favorite tip has to be composting. I love that today’s scraps turn into tomorrows garden gold!

  68. I am kind of obsessed with using vinegar as a eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner, as well as using baking soda and hydrogen peroxide as a bleach alternative 🙂

  69. I love the Eco tip about compost! We have just begun our journey with compost and hope it helps our garden grow strong and healthy in the spring!

  70. My boys pack their own lunches for school now. We use reusable containers as much as possible. We’ve gotten a few reusable snack and sandwich bags to help cut down on the waste we leave behind.

  71. We have a great clothesline from the New Clothesline Company that we love. It helps us with our power bill.

  72. I love the unplug tip! That would be a huge money saver for us since we leave unused things plugged in and it really is a no brained to do it. We are a family of 6, we just had twins July 1, 2015 and honestly anything we can do to save money in the long run will be awesome. I have noticed the seventh generation more in stores when I go where as before I didn’t. Will definitely start using more eco friendly things just for the safety of all four of my kids. It is never too late to start. Thank you for the wonderful tips!

  73. When leaving home for more than one day we make sure to unplug all unnecessary appliances, lights, televisions, radio’s and the like. Good to remember during the holiday travel season.

  74. We love their baby wipes, maxi pads, laundry detergent and dish soap, I would love to try the other products.

  75. We love seventh generation and have made many of the changes you mention above! We use wool
    Dryer balls, unplug everything and leave our shoes at the door. We also use only 7th generation products!

  76. We use all natural laundry detergent and wool dryer balls instead of dryer sheets.

  77. Before we go to sleep and before leaving the house we unplug everything. My daughter now unplugs her radio before bed. I clean my house with vinegar, water, and lemon.

  78. We are huge fans seventh generation. The disinfecting cleaner is a staple in our home.

  79. I make my own glass cleaner using alcohol, vinegar, water, and Lemon essential oil for fragrance. It’s cheap and non-toxic. And, I can let my small daughter clean Windows without worry!

  80. My kids learned quickly to turn off lights when they leave a room, and are also great at recycling. I try to teach them daily about these things and water conservation. Never too young to start!

  81. We recycle and watch what we consume (from our water consumption to products in general). We have been teaching our kids the same habits.

  82. Buying food items in bulk boxes and using reusable containers to create portions rather than pre-packaged individual servings.

  83. I like to use seventh generation all purpose cleaner to clean toys and wipe surface areas my kids are eating and crafting on. Great scent, also.

  84. My daughter “makes something out of this” with absolutely every empty package, wrapper, and can. Toilet paper rolls are a particularly valuable treasure and every time we polish off a roll, she claims the cardboard shouting “a new telescope!!!”. Reuse, reduce, recycle y’all!

  85. Cook from scratch. Eating food that’s been processed in distant industrial kitchens, wrapped up in plastic and cardboard packaging, and trucked to your local supermarket eats up a lot of energy.

  86. When hosting eating events fill a cooler with hot, soapy water. Everything goes in it to soak. Most dishes can then be gently wiped, rinsed and need no further cleaning. We then load them in the dishwasher to drip dry.

  87. Love seventh generation products. Comes in especially handy with a five year old and a newborn in the house!

  88. I like to use orange peels and white vinegar in a spray bottle for all purpose cleaner! Smells great and is a great recycled usage for our orange peels.

  89. I use eco friendly cleaners in our home:) it has made such a difference in our health! I use some seventh generation already, but would love to try more!

  90. We use lots of Seventh Generations esp. love the rosemary disinfecting spray in the kitchen!

  91. I love these products and have been using them for a while. I would live to restock!

  92. I always keep the temperature low in the winter to save, even though my husband hates it 🙂

  93. We love our cloth diapers and wipes! We also conserve water whenever possible, and our almost four year old son will remind us to turn off the lights so we can save the electricity as he says.

  94. I have switched to an ecloth sponge for washing dishes…..all natural detergent for clothes….a berry breeze in the fridge to help keep the fruit..veggies fresher longer so we have less waste and always remembering to take my cloths bags into the grocery store

  95. I love them all. But the two we’ve implemented this year are composting and using recycled paper products

  96. We use cloth napkins, clean our house with vinegar and water, and compost and recycle just about everything!

  97. Soak orange peels in vinegar to make a great cleaner for removing sticky residue.

  98. I walk, take the bus and ride my bike as much as possible and also have family friday bike ride nights for me and my friends and family to go out once a week and spend some time together doing something healthy for ourselves and also good for the environment.

  99. I use cloth diapers, cloth napkins and make my own household cleaner. Would definitely love to do more!

  100. I buy rolled oats, wheat berries, brown rice, and several kinds of bean in 25-pound bags. When the bag is empty, I use it as a garbage bag.

  101. Staying Eco-responsible is so challenging when products are so expensive! This giveaway is very enticing!!!

  102. Cloth diapers, cloth wipes, reusable sponges and rags in the kitchen, cloth napkins.

  103. We switched to metal water bottles and a water filter for our sink –we were going through 50+ water bottles a week!

  104. We try to reuse and recycle as much as we can. We use old t shirts cut up into rags for cleaning to cut back on paper waste. Also i convert empty diaper boxes, coffee cans, and other containers into pretty storage boxes.

  105. Use rags instead of paper towels as much as you can. Have indoor plants to keep air clean!

  106. I never really thought about it before but taking off your shoes at the door is a great idea. I’ve always recycled, and left my thermostat usually down to about 67. I sleep better when its cool. I’ve always waited on a full load in a dishwasher before I ran it, if at all. Same goes for laundry, I wait for a full load.

  107. We make our own laundry and dishwashing detergents; handsoap; and have started using essential oils…*smells so nice*! 🙂 Would love to try these products.

  108. Paperless billing! I have reduced so much paper waste by signing up for online bill pay. Guilty when it comes to love using paper towels over cloth though… So I opt for using the recycled paper towel products as well!

  109. I bought reusable paper towels from etsy and we NEVER buy paper towels anymore!

  110. I love seventh generation wipes! We purchase pre-loved clothes and toys!

  111. We have tried to eliminate chemicals and fragrances from things like our cleaning products, hair and skin care, etc. The skin is the largest organ, so it’s important to me to ensure that we absorb as little harmful ingredients as possible.

  112. Wool dryer balls and line-drying has saved our family a ton of money in electricity bills….our family of 5 creates a lot of laundry!

  113. Didn’t realize that a full freezer (which mine happens to be right now) is more energy efficient. Thanks for this great giveaway. I love your emails/blog.

  114. Love Seventh Generation! Packing zero-waste lunches makes me feel better each day 🙂

  115. We recycle everything we can, even if we have to take something apart just to remove the non-recyclable material. We compost at home. We carry trash bags in our car so we can take our own trash home and separate it.

  116. These are great tips! We are fanatical recyclers and composters and have recently switched to cloth napkins.

  117. We recycle school newsletters as coloring papers, use rags instead of paper towels, and recycle paper glass and metal

  118. Shared on FB, Twitter, and Insta! @susanlkamara on insta
    Keep up the great work, Weelicious and SG!

  119. We love Seventh Generation cleaning products and dish detergent! I am super sensitive to fragrances and almost all there products pass the no headache test.

  120. We cut up old t-shirts into rags and use them daily to clean up baby and high-chair after meals, instead of paper towels.

  121. I recently learned that our curbside green bins take fruit and vegetable scraps, so now we have another container for those in the kitchen. Thanks for the giveaway.

  122. We use washcloths as napkins at home and in lunch boxes. We use reusable containers for just about everything!

  123. Everything that can be reusable in our house — lunch/snack bags, shopping bags, etc., is! When we have to use something that gets tossed, we try first to recycle it and we purchase consciously made things (Seventh Generation products are our favorite!) that biodegrade like unbleached, recycled paper towels and recycled garbage bags. We also make most of our own house cleaners out of natural ingredients like vinegar and essential oils. When we need something stronger, we first turn to Seventh Generation cleaning products — love their toilet cleaner and biodegradable wipes!

  124. I have been sending the kids to school with planet lunchbox’s rocket water bottles. No excessive waste from juice boxes and water bottle plastics!! LOVE seventh gen… Been using for years.

  125. I love saving the lemon peels and throwing them into some vinegar to make a household cleaner. A great way to teach my daughter about recycling and science!

  126. We used seventh generation diapers and loved them. We use cloth napkins and cloths whenever we can.

  127. We have been using Seventh Generation baby wipes and diapers for 4+ years now. We love them. Whenever I’ve run out and gotten another brand, I hate them! Nothing compares to the awesome power of the SG wipe. I wish they were standard issue in every public restroom.

  128. I have severe Asthma, and have noticed a change in m Asthma(for the better) since switching to Seventh Generation products. My allergies have subsided to a minimum, and I have less Asthma related side effects all thanks to switching to Seventh generation!

  129. We use reusable lunch and snack bags in our home and of course, we use reusable shopping bags while grocery shopping 🙂

  130. My mother had a hand held blender from 1944 and I still use it. Its and old thing but it works

  131. We choose reusable products as much as possible – glass food storage containers, reusable cloth snack bags, and bees wrap instead of plastic wrap!

  132. We compost as much as possible in our house. Not only does it cut down on trash, but it also helps our garden thrive!

  133. We use Seventh Generation cleaning products in our home, minimize water use, use chlorine-free diapers and fragrance free lotions and body wash, recycle and use reusable bags at the store. The tip that is new to me is keeping your freezer full to help it run efficiently. I would love to win this since we love Seventh Generation products in our home!

  134. Our home is full of Seventh Generation fans! Diapers, wipes, paper towels (when we use them), toilet paper and laundry detergent are all staples in our house!

  135. One way I promote an eco-friendly home is by making sure to rotate the fresh fruits and vegetables in my fridge as well as the canned or dry goods in my cabinet. This way, the new stuff goes to the back and the old stuff can get used up instead of it reaching its expiration date and having to be thrown out, which may result if the old products are shoved aside.

  136. We switched to eco friendly cleaning products few years ago. It’s nice to see the product line expending.

  137. my daughter is having her first baby and was going to use cloth diapers. I think that the seventh generation diapers and other products would be a better choice for them. I didn’t know that there was such a thing or I would have used them with my youngest son. It sounds awesome. I have use the kitchen cleaning spray and the non-clorine., they work great.

  138. My favorite tip is to reuse, when possible and then recycle what you can! We reuse and recycle many of the items in our home. 🙂

  139. We love seventh generation!!!! Especially detergent. We save by recycling and using reusable bags when we shop!!!!

  140. We use re-usable containers for lunches instead of plastic bags. With 3 boys that would be a tremendous amount of plastic.

  141. I have not tried seventh generation products. I’ll have to check them out.

  142. Seventh Generation is a great brand that I currently have in my closet and will continue to buy.

  143. We bring reusable bags to the store with us and try to recycle as much as we can

  144. We re-use bags, and unplug items in use. Praying for this!! <3 Thank you!!

  145. keep the freezer full, an excuse to buy more ice cream.
    use petroleum free diapers

  146. We always recycle in my house, specifically any paper or plastic items and have separate bins for both.

  147. I love all the tips I do some of them already in my home however I must say number 3 is something that I always heard of and I know is true but I hate to admit that I haven’t done it. Now after reading your tips I know I really have to start! Thanks for all your great tips

  148. We try to follow the tip about unplugging items and chargers. Another one I have is that instead of pouring out glasses of water we don’t finish, we pour them into our watering can and use it to water the houseplants.

  149. Use reusable bags @ the grocery. Stop buying paper towels & use washcloths instead. Keep lots of air purifying houseplants.

  150. Save toilet paper rolls & dryer lint. Stuff lint in rolls & fold ends ~ save for campfire starters & emergencies.

  151. We use our reusable canvas bags while out grocery shopping, We love using natural cleaning products such as Seventh Generstion and homemade vinegar based cleaners. We take our shoes off at the front door, we try to always buy organic and non GMO foods/products, we use natural unbleached diapers and wipes. We enjoy being an eco friendly family and making our planet a safer place for the ones we love. Together we can make a change and make a difference in generations to come.

  152. We ALWAYS take our shoes off. Tracking all the dirt in from outside is gross, especially when you have kids who are crawling.

  153. We love to use our own canvas bags when shopping, and we try to use green, non toxic cleansers around the house whenever we can!

  154. Composting, washing plastic baggies to reuse them (which is a bit tedious but then we ever need to buy them!)

  155. Love composting! and also using washcloths to wipe counters instead of paper towels.

  156. We try to be eco friendly, the kids are learning to change knowing that it helps the environment.

  157. As a family we try being as Eco friendly as possible for our family, we buy Chinet plates when we do purchases disposable plates, We also use our own tote bags when grocery shopping.

  158. Trying to teach my daughter how to live eco-friendly…My parents always taught us to leave a place cleaner than you found it, so she will help pick up trash when we visit the playground. We also turn off lights, don’t leave the water running, recycle, and use reusable bags when shopping.

  159. I open all the windows to air out our home several times a year, not just in the warmer months. The cold air feels good and fresh in the winter, and I’m convinced it helps clear out any germs that may have crept their way in on our shoes, clothes, or guests!

  160. Favorite eco tip? Shopping at the local farmer’s market. I get to know my neighbors and know that my produce is fresher because it was picked sooner, stored for less time, and produced less carbon emissions because it didn’t travel as far!

  161. Love SG and am a new reader to weelicious. Thanks for great, kid-friendly food ideas!

  162. These products are great for me because I am allergic to artificial scents.

  163. #6 – we keep our thermostat set at 66 when we’re home + our solar panels help a lot too!

  164. remove your shoes at the door is my favorite tip! AND, it means less vacuuming!

  165. My favorite tip was ten. I loved seeing your baby and it’s always a good choice to start our babies off right!

  166. We cloth diapered, which saved a TON of paper while keeping chemicals away from our little one’s bum. 🙂

    Not to mention all the space not taken up in landfills!

  167. I like tips 2 and 5. We use a lot of vinegar and baking soda (sometimes together, usually separately) for cleaning. It works well, has a nice smell, I don’t have to worry about it being “safe” and it’s better for the environment! Also, we have started composting and it is going pretty well so far.

  168. #2 is one I haven’t thought of believe it or not. I will begin teaching my family these techniques (washing hands, brushing teeth, ….)
    #10. I’ve been switching to essential oils and vinegar base for cleaners.
    I think switching one thing at a time till its habit is best for overall success.
    Love Weelicious information.

  169. My favorite eco friendly tip is cutting up old t-shirts to use as rags instead of paper towels.

  170. I like to make paper mache boxes for toys and things. I use big diaper boxes and magazines and catalogs I get through the mail. They turn out colorful and strong. They are also fun to do.

  171. We use cereal boxes/oatmeal boxes/etc as drawing paper and then recycle it, giving it another use!

  172. Scrape plates instead of rinsing them before putting them in the dishwasher saves water

  173. I would love to try their products. Our family needs to work on being more environmentally friendly.

  174. We need to be more consistent in this area as a family. We do recycle and have some eco-friendly habits, but we can do better.

  175. I use a mixture of lemon, vinegar and baking soda on my fruits and veggies to wash them before we eat them. We also keep reusable bags in the trunk for shopping runs.

  176. We use old t-shirts for rags and even baby wipes and also bring bags to the market, for carrying food and for bulk items.

  177. We ALL need to play our part, Not just today , consistantley every day , in efforts to preserve our Planet for all the generation to come

  178. We love Seventh Generation products! We use old clothes in bad shape for cleaning rags and hang dry most of our clothes.

  179. We are an allergy and ezcema family so I use Eco friendly products that are gentile all the time.

  180. Green cleaning! Really don’t care for the heavily scented conventional products.

  181. We use natural cleaning products whenever possible and we love the Seventh Generation wipes and diapers. The Seventh Generation overnights are especially great!

  182. We turn off lights when we leave the room, try to walk when possible and not drive.. Would love to win the prize pack. Thank you!

  183. Use the Seventh Generation Energy Smart dishwasher packs….save water and electricity!! 🙂

  184. Try hard to unplug things we are not using! Originally I got in the habit as a youngster to reduce risk of fires…now I am glad I do it to also save energy. We use alot of Seventh Generation Products! Thanks!

  185. My grandson has asthma andmany allergies, so green cleaning products are very important to me.

  186. I love clean living and learn something new everyday! I bleach my clothes with borax, lemon and peroxide, reuse plastic water bottles so the kiddos can paint and plant in them, and glass when we travel, wash my dishes the old fashioned way in a tub of water instead of in the dishwasher, and pick up trash in our forest and oceans whenever I walk on or in them. My list can definitely go on and on… I haven’t had the pleasure of trying seventh generation products but would love the opportunity.

  187. I use vinegar to clean my windows and it leaves them spotless! I have used these products and they are amazing!

  188. I do everything listed above except for the diapers because I don’t have children. I set my thermostat to 62º, though. The air conditioner is set at 88º.

  189. Soak oranges in vinegar to make a citrus-scented non-toxic all-purpose cleaner.

  190. We use reusable lunch bags. We have a cloth towel in the kitchen to dry hands instead of paper towels.

  191. Seventh Generation products are incredible!

    Helping to preserve Mother Earth, especially in this disposable day and age is extremely important.

  192. I have not tried Seventh Generation products but would love to try them. I like all the tips your shared but my favorite is remove your shoes at the door.

  193. We LOVE Seventh Generation products!! Their hand soap is the best! We also use their diapers & wipes 🙂 We recycle a lot in our family also. We also now hang dry our clothes instead of using the dryer.

  194. We use so much Seventh Generation in our home – from fragrance free dish soap, laundry detergent, hand soap etc. I love all natural products for our kids and home.

  195. Baking soda is so helpful around the house, for things such as cleaning and deodorizing carpeting and drains, and whitening white laundry!

  196. We do a lot of ecofriendly things at our house, but a big one has been using cloth diapers for 3 kids (and a fourth on the way will use them as well), as well as recycling and making our own cleaning products.

  197. We love Seventh Generation products but their hand soap is the best! It’s the only soap I can use all day long that doesn’t dry out my hands! And it’s the only ine I feel comfortable washing my kids hand with, knowing how often they put their hands/fingers in their mouths!

  198. I said goodbye to commercial lotions for the whole family when my third baby was born. We keep a jar of coconut oil in each bathroom for lotioning up and a big jar in the kitchen for cooking! We also use seventh generation products (love the wipes and cleaning wipes), and I use my own all-purpose cleaner made from vinegar, water, and tea tree oil.

  199. We pack zero-waste lunches and hang our laundry to dry in the sun whenever the weather cooperates. Big fan of Seventh Generation products. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  200. I love Seventh Generation products. We make our own hand soap using diluted Castile liquid soap and a foaming dispenser.

  201. Love Seventh Generation products, but don’t forget about using cloth diapers too!

  202. Great tips 🙂 We also use bar soap instead of shaving cream. We find it actually works better and is cheaper too!

  203. We love your products and have been using them since they were under Harmony!

  204. I used Seventh Generation diapers and wipes with my daughter and absolutely loved them. Planning to use them with my second daughter as well.

  205. We use cloth napkins along with our dishes as much as possible, in an attempt to minimize the waste from paper plates and paper napkins.

  206. Great giveaway! I love Seventh Generation products and use them in my home.

  207. We compost and recycle nearly everything. Any half finished drawings or coloring pages get put into the collage bin to be recycled into new art too!

  208. I use cloth towels to dry my hands instead of using 2-3 paper towels. I also have been more vigilant about unplugging cords when not in use.

  209. I love Seventh Generation products! I adhere to a lot of these tips, and my favorite one is to unplug! You don’t realize how much energy is wasted by keeping things plugged in.

  210. I have never tried Seventh Generation products but would love to try them!
    I never knew our freezer would be more efficient if it is full-great tip!

  211. We use reusable bottles instead of buying water on disposable plastic bottles.

  212. We too strive to be eco friendly – we use cloth diapers, make our own soap, I mend worn clothing to extend their life, once clothing is stained and thread bare it is donated to an organization that recycles the fabric and uses it for insulation.

  213. I wash dishes and clothes at off pick hours. Collect the shower water while I wait for the hot water and I use that for the toilet

  214. Sharing! Love all of them but #10 And #8! I didn’t know that keeping your freezer full helped save energy, thanks!

  215. Wonderful giveaway! I’ve eliminated all non-stick cookware and all aluminum from my kitchen, and we use recycled glass jars to store food instead of plastic containers.

  216. Thanks for the great reminders. Fabulous prize package–we love Seventh Generation Products! Thanks for the giveaway.

  217. I like all the eco friendly tips we try to buy natural and organic food and cleaning supplies. It’s best for the environment and for us.

  218. All tips are great. I choose fragrance free, eco-friendly for all my detergents, cleaning, and face/body washes. Also with the drought, we are very careful to employ any and all water saving efforts (short showers, collecting clean excess water and using it to water the garden. Hopefully we are all a little more aware.

  219. With my second son, we switched to cloth diapers. When my oldest started Kindergarten, we purchased some reusable lunchboxes in order to save on using baggies, foil, etc.

  220. I just posted the giveaway on Facebook. So excited for a chance to win some goodies from Seventh Generation.

  221. We use Seventh Generation products all the time. From diapers to cleaners. Thanks for the giveaway!

  222. Removing shoes before coming in couldn’t be simpler. A great free way to keep your home healthier.

  223. We try to use as many natural cleaning products as possible, so I’d love to try Seventh Generation!

  224. my tip is: chickens! They eat your kitchen scraps and poop out fertilizer for your garden, plus you get fresh eggs.

  225. We love adding more ways we can save the earth and keep our family safe. Thanks for the tips.. Every bit helps!

  226. I like the tip about keeping your freezer full. Mine is always full of organic products bought on clearance/sale. I like that I’m saving money and making my kitchen greener with one step.

  227. I pack my husband’s and son’s lunches in Bento boxes, never wrapping in foil or using baggies.

  228. This is awesome!! Seventh Gen. diapers were the only disposables we could use with our kids (we mainly cloth diaper though) I love using reusable everything!!!

  229. I pack our lunches in reusable containers and use cloth napkins for meals.

  230. I have switched to only using natural cleaners in my home, best thing I have ever done. House is cleaner, smells better and I feel much better for my family and pets. Go chemical free in your home is my best tip I could ever give anyone. AND get rid of the plastic everything!!!!! Have made that switch totally for my sons snacks, leftovers, school lunches etc…Trying to make my way to the rest of the house!! I love and use Seventh Generation TP, auto dist detergents and many other products by them and recommend every product they make, yes…I have tried them all!!!

  231. I love the points you have! We recycle everything that we can! I have always wanted to try seventh generation products!

  232. We do a lot of those above points. I’m thankful for the big recycle bin we have from our garbage company each week. Just started our first compost pile outside this year!!

  233. My kids use recycling materials for art projects and we have a bunch of stainless steel containers for lunches.

  234. I cut way back on my paper towel usage and now use mostly rags to clean up spills and wipe my countertops. I just read someone’s comment about cloth napkins…think I will give those a try too!!

  235. I use so many Seventh Generation products and love them all! The most recent way I’ve reduced waste is to purchase reusable paper towels – they’re made of bamboo and you can wash them! I bought one $4 roll four months ago and they’re still working great! They also work beautifully as replacement pads in my Swiffer!

  236. I’m slowly converting all of our cleaning and laundry products to green products.

  237. I love composting. It drastically reduced the amount of trash we generate and the trash can doesn’t smell bad. I also reuse plastic or cloth bags for produce and buy from bulk bins with my own containers whenever possible.

  238. I’ve become hypersensitive about my family’s water use. I’ve started using dishwater to water indoor and outdoor plants. Same thing for leftover coffee.

  239. My favorite eco-friendly tip is that I changed to using cloth towels instead of paper ones. 🙂 Saving lots of tree and paper! It works out great in our home.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  240. We use reusable lunch bags and I try to recycle everything we can! I would love to win this!

  241. I use vinegar and water for cleaning my glass windows to a perfect gleaming shine! I also love and use Seventh Generation cleaning products, from the dish soap, hand soap, detergent, disinfectant, toilet bowl cleaner, etc., everything works wonders! I made the switch about a year ago after visiting a friend and noticed all of her cleaning products were eco-friendly. I thought to myself why am I using such harsh chemicals in my home? My lungs thank me, so I’m never going back. 🙂

  242. We switched over to reusable sandwich bags; I love not throwing things away after lunch every day!

  243. I like to use a mixture of half distilled vinegar and half water for all of our household cleaning.

  244. My eco-friendly tip–try the products from Norwex! I don’t sell them but recently went to a party and was so impressed with their microfiber cloths. You no longer need chemicals to clean your house–just the Norwex cloth and water!

  245. Use seventh generation bathroom cleaner – excellent! Try to use all natural cleaners and laundry soap – smells affect my breathing. I enjoy reading weelicious emails – get ideas for my grandchildren! Happy grandma of 5!

  246. I love Seventh Generation brand and use a lot of their products at home. I love that they care about the future for the future generations. I would love to win this contest and share some products with my friends so they can give it a try also.

  247. Using vinegar with eco-friendly HE laundry detergent to help get the smell out of work-out clothes works great!

  248. I’m big on shoes off at the door to keep contaminants out, but I have trouble enforcing that with guests. Love Seventh Generation products too!

  249. I practically do what is in this blog. I want our earth to be clean safe for our kids.

  250. I would love to win this prize! Right now I am working on refusing to bring one-time-use plastics into our home.

  251. I would love to win Seventh Generation products because they are eco-friendly and work great for cleaning. Thank you for the chance to win this terrific prize!

  252. I like to use vinegar to clean smelly laundry. It’s Eco friendly and gets smells out well. I also like to use essential oils for fragrances in lotions and soaps instead of using chemicals!

  253. We recycle as much as possible and even have my 3 year old help put things in the recycling bin. We also are involved in our towns free site where you can borrow/ask/give items needed that someone else may no longer need. Less waste.

  254. We reuse my husband’s old white t-shirts as clean-up rags in the kitchen. They soak up spills very well and area also a great size for covering the kids during art projects.

  255. I love Seventh Generation! It’s a bit more expensive but it’s the only thing that will get our clothes, dishes and house clean. We have horrible water where we live and I only trust SG.

  256. I try to be as clean and green as possible and love Seventh Generation. My daughter is very sensitive to fragrance and chemicals and their products do not irritate her. Thanks.

  257. Clean almost everything with baking soda and/or vinegar. Safe, cheap, and fresh.

  258. I love Seventh Generation! Not only are they safe to use, they WORK! And their diapers are some of the best around–no chemicals and no leaks 😉

  259. This is an amazing giveaway, I have never tried this brand before, but I am so excited to try.

  260. This is an amazing giveaway, I have never tried this brand before, but I am so escited to try.

  261. These are all great ideas! Some we had already implemented. I liked the idea of making our diapering greener and also healthier for my little one. With another one on the way I’ve been thinking of switching to more natural and eco friendly diapers and wipes!

  262. I use straight up white vinegar for my fabric softener. You just pour it right where the chemical fragrance laden liquid softeners would go and start your cycle. It works like magic and my family does not have to worry about chemicals on their skin!

  263. Buy or make reusable cleaning cloths. I re-purposed some of my cloth baby wipes and bought some two ply flannel cloths for cleaning everything from counters to mirrors. I wash them in my front loader when they get dirty.

  264. It is always surprising to me how many people don’t open their windows and they just always put their AC on, even on cooler summer days. Not only does this reduce energy costs, but opening a window lets in fresh air and circulates toxins out of your home.

  265. We decreased our paper towel usage by using sponges and towels around the kitchen.

  266. I use baking soda and vinegar for cleaning up; it’s wonderful to use in the refrigerator.

  267. Recycling bins in our house, taking our shoes off when we come in and keeping the freezer full are just a few of the things we do!

  268. I would greatly appreciate this prize. I live on SS which isn’t enough and I make almost all of my cleaners. I try to use glass and not plastic as it helps with my health issues. I would love to use recycled items.

  269. Keep your freezer full rather then empty to run more efficiently, and take your shoes at the door is what I do all the time. I love Seventh Generation products because they are eco friendly!

  270. I have been using Seventh Generation for several years. Especially love their lavender scented dish soap

  271. What great tips! I use Seventh Generation dish soap and baby wipes for my sensitive baby and both products are great.

  272. I have a large flip top glass jar that I put colorful wash rags designated for cleaning in a jar filled with vinegar, distilled water, essential oils and occasionally castile soap. I leave the jar in the bathrooms so I can clean down the bathroom every other night or whenever necessary. With a kid learning to use the potty, things can get messy.

  273. I like using Seventh Generation products in my home, especially since I’ve had children.

  274. We always bring bags to get groceries and my daughter now remembers to use both sides of the paper. Love Seventh Generation! Their sunscreen is great. I wonder what happened to it? Can’t find it anywhere anymore.

  275. Love the taking shoes off tip! We try to do that all the time. Also, we’ve switched to cloth napkins and set a paper ones to help with our paper products consumption!

  276. I am becoming more aware of the harmful toxic chemicals in cleaning agents. A brand like Seventh Generation makes it easy to clean. Their products are good to the environment and help minimize our carbon footprint. I would be so extremely grateful to win this. Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  277. Great tips! We use reusable microfiber cloths for cleaning and dusting rather than disposable paper towels.

  278. We already do some things mentioned, like doing laundry at night and I use wool dryer balls; but I really like the other ideas, hope to incorporate some! Seventh Generation AND Weelicious are great!

  279. I discovered Terracycle!! They take hard to recycle waste items such as baby food pouches cosmetic containers cleaning product
    containers toothpast tubes and boxes etc. they repurpose the materials and
    you get points that equal $$ to donate to any charity of your choice it’s a win win on all accounts. You provide the box and they provide a free shipping label

  280. over the last year we’ve switched to eco friendly laundry soap, cleaning products , dish and ha

  281. No shoes in the house. And, we wipe our dogs paws when she comes in from outside.

  282. I unplug anything not being used and keep my water off until needed. I also try to use organic materials in the home.

  283. We take off our shoes when we come inside and change our clothes when we get home. I think that this helps keep the germs at bay or at least as much as we can!

  284. We keep the thermostat low in the spring, fall, and winter. Teach everyone in the family to recycle. When in Seattle, compost food scraps and yard waste–it’s the law!

  285. I stopped buying dryer sheets a year ago in an effort to reduce my family’s exposure to chemicals and overall household waste. A jar, cut up old clothing/rags, white vinegar and lavender or tea tree essential oil – reusable and so simple!

  286. I am allergic to artificial scents so I have extra reason for switching to household cleaners that are fragrance laden..

  287. I’ve been a big fan of Seventh Generation for a lot of years now. I would love to use more of their products!

  288. We always take off our shoes when we come in the house. I use green cleaning products, including Seventh Generation. We are cloth diapering our baby. My husband calls me a tree hugger and I love it

  289. I’ve been wanting to try their products for a long time. I really want to try their laundry detergent.

  290. awesome list of tips! there were some I never even thought of like rinning my dishwasher at night!

  291. I adore Seventh Generation! And now with a new baby in the house, I would love to win this giveaway, so I can throw away everything else.

  292. I love 7th Gen. products., and they’re way more affordable than many of the other natural brands.

  293. We recycle everything we can and use as little plastic as possible by buying products in jars and cans and using reusable water bottles and shopping bags. I also like to have at least one plant in each room to clean the air naturally. LOVE Seventh Generation products!

  294. We are huge recyclers! Anything that isn’t thrown into our huge recycling bin is put in the kids’ craft cabinet–and that includes A LOT! We also make fewer trips in our car by plotting out our errands and trips. And we never buy individual servings of products; we buy in bulk and ration out servings in our glass containers and reusable sandwich wrap bags. We shop resale, and I consign my kids’ clothes and toys. Also, it helps to make your own cleaners and shampoos! It’s all just a lifestyle for us!

  295. I make my own deodorant, cleaning products, and as much as I can using things from my pantry and essential oils.

  296. I have been making some of my own “chemical free” hand soap, air freshener, face wash, body butter, and glass cleaner for about a year now. I would love to try Seventh Generation for their cleaning products……..well actually all their products!! Lol thank you so much for the opportunity to win some awesome products ♥

  297. we really love Seventh Generation products but can’t always afford them…

  298. Junk mail goes straight into the recycle bin and my kids pack their lunches in reusable containers.

  299. We always take our shoes off at the door and have slippers waiting since our floors are hardwood. We also try to keep the kids lunches green with lunches/drinks packed in stainless containers. Over the past year we have been trying more recycled products. Looking forward to trying more 7th generation products!

  300. Seventh Generation is our go to for eco friendly products.
    I especially love their lower waste packaging on the laundry detergent.

  301. We unplug as many appliances as possible. And we recycle everything we can.

  302. We have the Nest thermostat, which has really helped cut down our heating and cooling!

  303. I love Seventh Generation products. They make me feel like I am making the world a better place for my family.

  304. Awesome giveaway! It seems silly to my husband, but I am so proud to have our recycling bin more than 2x as full as our trash bin. And I’ve started ordering local, organic produce as much as possible. I’ve started switching our cleaners to more environmentally (and people) friendly cleaners as we run out of the other. It takes baby steps here, but it’s working!

  305. We stopped using dryer sheets and softener for our laundry. Instead, we use distilled vinegar in place of softener and wool dryer balls.

  306. We switched from plastics to glass a few years ago. I use the 7th generation dishwasher and laundry soap. I like it because it is not full of toxic chemicals. Not polluting the sewer system. Would love to win!! Love their products!

  307. We carry our own water bottles everywhere and don’t buy single use plastic water bottles.

  308. We recycle like crazy, keep our thermostat low (bundle up!) and love to use frangrance-free products for us, our baby, and cleaning our home. We also don’t buy paper towels anymore, using washcloths and rags instead.

  309. My family loves Seventh Generation. They are products that I can rely on being safe for my family and good for the environment. And they work great too.

  310. I shared on pinterest – In addition to loving their diapers, which the use of is a great opportunity to be a better citizen for the baby and the environment, we try to do other things at home for our world. We have our recycling bins right in our kitchen (in a closed cabinet with the trash) so it’s easy to place the right item into the right container.

  311. We cut up old stained kitchen towels for rags and keep them in a basket in the kitchen to use instead of paper towels !

  312. My husband has a hard time with recycling. He thinks they dump it all in one place. I have two recycling cans in my kitchen because I try to recycle anything & everything. I have a separate trash that is specifically just for regular garbage. I am so thankful for all the tips you provide & am trying to stop using plastics. Thanks for all your tips!

  313. Leave a bucket in your bathroom to catch shower water as it’s warming up. Use that to water your plants!

  314. Always take grocery tote bags with you to go shopping. Reducing the need for more plastic bags!

  315. dr. bronners soap! its amazing in many ways! read the label and its good for the environment

  316. We use a lot of our recyclables to make arts & crafts! Encourages the kids to use their imaginations more and beats the store bought stuff half the time!

  317. I am obsessed with Seventh Generation Products. My big musta are unplugging the microwave and toaster oven. Drives my husband crazy but every little bit counts. Additionally even though I have young children at home we only use glass drinking cups and glass or ceramic dishes. No paper or plastic cups in this house.

  318. My tip is to use baking soda to scrub pots and pans and I also use it in my bathroom and Stove it works very good and is safe and natural

  319. Using cloth diapers and cloth wipes! I love them for my baby and for the environment!

  320. Great giveaway!!! I’m doing my best to teach my little man about recycling and caring for our resources. I also tend to yell at my coworkers about recycling too! 🙂

  321. I tried seventh generation for the first time about a month ago and I am going to stay with the product because it works great! #Seventhgeneration

  322. I stopped buying paper towels and never went back! I use rags for cleanup, dish towels for the kitchen, and cloth napkins for meals. They are classy and Eco-friendly. You can eliminate so many disposable items in your household. I donMt use paper plates, cups, or disposable utensils either. I’m really proud of how far we’ve come in our household and our children are learning that reusable is the way to go.

  323. Do you or your kids only drink half a glass of water and then you end up dumping the leftover amount in the sink? I pour all of that leftover water into a large watering can with a funnel attached and use it to water plants in my house and garden. You will be surprised by how quickly it fills up!

  324. I love Seventh Generation products, thanks for the chance to win!

  325. oops i misread the contest rules.
    tip: you can recycle daily disposable contacts!

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