Last year, we purchased a subscription to The Week Junior as a gift for Chloe, and it was such a great decision. To start, she loves knowing she’s getting something special in the mail every week and can’t wait to see the cover and headlines. When she opened the mailbox and got the June 25th “Summer of Reading” issue, she was especially pumped. 


The Week Junior created a list of the must-have books for kids ages 8-14 that are not to be missed, especially for all the book worms out there. From graphic novels to notable classics and Newberry medal winners, the books are full of magical adventures, inspiring friendships, suspenseful mysteries, and more. After she read through The Week Junior’s thoughtful list, I let her circle a few favorites to pick up at our local bookstore. You can view the full “Summer of Reading” list here!

Since we started the subscription, I’ve noticed how much she enjoys discussing the topics she reads in each issue. They make for great dinner conversation for the whole family. National news, global issues, people creating change, animals and the environment, science and technology, sports. There’s always an engaging subject that comes up that kids can really sink their teeth into.


If you’ve been looking for something that is fun, and also helps your kids learn about interesting topics (and gets them out from in front of a screen for a bit), The Week Junior is for you! It’s not only fun for them to read, but also a great way to have engaging conversations with your kids about so many important topics.

To subscribe to The Week Junior today, go here. You will be happy you did!

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