Thursday’s post at weelicious is usually the snack-of-the-day, but I decided to change it up this week to talk about a cool, new product I came across.
From very early on, my husband and I always tried to get Kenya to drink from a regular cup. I do realize it’s asking a lot of a baby or toddler to do that, but Kenya really enjoyed it and actually mastered it at a young age. It’s great fun when we’re there to watch, help and make sure his drink doesn’t spill everywhere. Drinking on-the-go, though, is another story and we go sippy all the way.
Based on a lot of the medical research available, I don’t go near the sippy cups made of plastic. There are too many documented studies on the health risks posed to children from using bottles and cups made from most plastics. Some of the other cups on the market made from stainless steel are amazing in both design and functionality, but are also crazy expensive — I paid $20 for one recently and the removable filter got eaten in our sink disposal (there’s $20 down the drain, no pun intended!).
I recently got turned on to Tilty Sippy Cups which I think rock. For $6, you get two 7 ounce cups. Compared to other kids cups on the market, that’s a pretty good deal, especially considering the fact that they’ve got a cool ergonomic design that makes drinking easier and more comfortable for kids. They’re BPA, dye and PVC-free and dishwasher safe. These are totally up my alley!

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  3. Duh, followed the link you posted and figured it out. Just ordered 2 pair! Thank you so much for posting this! 🙂

  4. Thanks for showing this cup. I have been looking all over for a cup with no bpa, pvc, no valve and the ability for my son to drink without having to tilt his head so far back. Thanks for all the tasty and healty recipes and the tips on products.

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