Very Berry Muffins Video

I totally relate to parents who want their kids to be uber-healthy, but I was surprised that when I suggested to a health conscious mom last week that muffins would be a great snack choice for her child, she practically scoffed at me. To a certain extent, I can't fault her. When you buy a muffin at most bakeries or from the grocery, they tend to be loaded with sugar. I've tasted muffins before that were so sweet they could have passed for a cupcake.

Now while a sugar laden muffin can be a perfect choice for a PMS mommy, it's not necessarily the greatest idea for an overactive kid. These Very Berry Muffins are a different story. They are a much more healthy way to satisfy those muffin cravings, featuring a blast of antioxidants. Unlike some berry muffins where you may find some fruit in every other bite, these baked gems are loaded with three different kinds of berries which burst in your mouth in every last bite. Made with the least amount of sugar possible and ideal for breakfast or a snack, these babies will change your opinion of the every day muffin.

Check out this video which shows how easy they are to whip up!

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