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As summer comes to a close this is the time of year when I find myself buying every single tomato I see at the farmers' market so that I can make gazpacho. In fact I bought so many tomatoes last weekend that we ended up making three batches over the course of two days. We ate the first batch for lunch that day and then hubby and I had the rest for lunch all week long. If you've never made gazpacho before because you think it's too complicated, watch this Wee Gazpacho video to see just how incredibly easy it is.

Wee Gazpacho is a delicious big bowl of health. Tomatoes, sweet bell peppers, cucumbers, celery, onions and more pureed with a drop of tart lemon juice and a touch of sweetness from balsamic vinegar (a good reduced balsamic can totally enhance the flavor of this cool soup) provides all you need to get tons of nutrients in one mealtime sitting. It's also a really economical way to feed the whole family. Since it's better to make this soup with overripe tomatoes, you can get a good deal at your local farmers' market or grocery by buying seconds (slightly bruised or soft tomatoes). I got five pounds for $5 last weekend!

Wee Gazpacho video from Weelicious

The best part of this recipe is that there's no cooking involved. Just dump all of the ingredients into your blender and press the button. That's it. My kids love watching how all of the whole ingredients instantly transform into the perfect soup. We love our gazpacho topped with cubes of avocado for texture and added flavor. If you're like Chloe you could add an entire avocado diced on top as she wants a bite of avocado in every spoonful of soup!

No matter how you prefer it, gazpacho is the perfect soup to put in a thermos for school lunch, to serve for brunch with friends or to have as an easy dinner, served alongside some Chicken in the Crock Pot and definitely with a piece of good bread for dipping!

Now go get your tomatoes before the season ends!

Wee Gazpacho video from Weelicious

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