Over the years I’ve received a lot of emails asking for a veggie nuggets recipe, similar to the frozen kind available at the grocery store. As the requests increased, I finally went out and bought a few boxes just to see what all the fuss was about. I found that although many were labeled “all natural”, most brands I tried contained tons of fillers and additives. However I tasted them and the appeal was clear, so I started working on my own version.

These nuggets are not only out-of-this world delicious, they’re also extremely easy to make. The recipe makes five times the amount of nuggets you typically get in a $5 box from the store — a $20 savings for you! Just pop what you don’t use in the freezer and you’ll never have to waste time or money on the boxed variety again.

I created this recipe especially for the weelicious cookbook and so unfortunately I can’t post it here on the site. But with all the money you will save making these nuggets, you can treat yourself to the book. It’s win win!

About the Author

Catherine is a mama of three. A Kentucky girl living in California. Here’s what I know: all kids can be great eaters and mealtime must be easy. I create simple, healthy recipes the whole family will love.


  1. Hi….I know this isn’t as healthy, but do you think the nuggets might still get crispy if I fry them without using the bread crumbs? Or do mashed potatoes not get crispy when fried? Thank you.

  2. I was wondering if you can share with us what is a serving size and calorie count for each veggie nugget.
    Thank you for the recipe.

  3. I made the video to go along with the recipe in the book to give you extra help with making the recipe!

  4. Thanks for making me read this whole page getting me excited to finally have options for my son just to say at the end that you can’t post the recipe. What’s the point then??? I’m really upset just wanted to make something for my picky eater who has sensory issues.

  5. […] Ok, I admit it I got lazy here. It was late and I was tired. So I skipped a few steps with these veggie nuggets from Weelicious. First of all I didn’t bread them, and second of all I didn’t pop them […]

  6. Thank you for your recipes and cookbooks, I own them both and love them. I am desperately trying to lose a large amount of weight and get my daughters stomach issues under control and you are helping me do it! Thank you for all the hardwork you do and the videos are awesome, I have wanted to make these veggie nuggets for awhile, but seemed like thjey might be a pain in the behind! lol, Guess what we are making this weekend! All 4 of my daughters can help. Thank you!

  7. Thank you for the recipe – I can’t wait to make them 🙂

    However, I’m allergic to corn – what would you suggest as a good substitute?

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  9. Hi Catherine, I tried making these today and no matter how long I left them in the freezer, they never held a solid form so that I can flour, egg, bread crumb them. They were super soft in the center no matter what. Any suggestions? I was super excited to make these. Also, I have your cookbook and was wondering if you think (aside from honey) if any of your recipes are not recommended for a one year old. Thanks!

  10. I was wondering the same. What is the serving size and calorie count for each veggie nugget?

  11. The inside of the nuggets should be fluffy like mashed potatoes! I just use the normal blade in my food processor. I don’t use any special chop function.

  12. I tried this recipe with my new food processor I received for Christmas. Been wanting to make this for my two-year-old who doesn’t like veggies. I didn’t have corn, so I just used the broccoli and carrots. However, my food processor did make the veggie mixture a little mushy on the chop feature (it wasn’t cutting up the carrots well). I froze the final mixture with potatoes for about a half-hour as suggested. However, they nuggets turned out mushy on the inside. Is this normal? I did broil them for 2 min on each side, twice actually.

  13. Hi Laura! I hadn’t realized that your kids came along for this trip. Disneyland… man that’s a great place to make some mmiroees! Loved chatting at brunch yesterday. Also appreciated your insightful input at the Farm to Table Discussion on Saturday morning. I’m enjoying your sense of humor and I also read a lot of “Mom” blogs, so discovering your little corner of the blogosphere has been a great combination of my two bloggie interests!

  14. I have the book and I´m trying to watch the video but it is not working, it just goes black. I tried Explorer and Firefox and nothing 🙁 I really want to make these and the videos are always so helpful!

  15. I can’t watch these videos. The music is WAY too loud, and very distracting. I can barely hear the presenter. Does anyone else have this problem?

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  17. I made these today for lunch and didn’t really think my kids would eat them and I actually had a backup lunch idea in mind! Turns out they loved them! Thanks for the great cookbook and another great recipe!

  18. Have you tried these with steamed cauliflower instead of potatoes? I make “mock” mashed potatoes and potato soup with cauliflower and you can hardly tell the difference. I’m guessing it would work here, too, and be even healthier!

  19. Yes, you could sub the squash and zucchini for the carrots and broccoli! I would strain the liquid from the zucchini first.

  20. I was going to form my own recipe for veggie nuggets and my kids aren’t fans of potatoes (weird I know) but they might be ok with this. But what I was thinking was squash and zucchini! How could I incorporate those yummy veggies in? Just sub for the carrots and broccoli?

  21. I think any flour would work because it’s just for the breading. I’m not sure about an egg replacer for because of how the egg functions in this recipe. It holds the breading on the nuggets. You can try just leaving out the egg. The breading should still stick, just not as well as using an egg would.

  22. any suggestions on how to make these (minus the egg and flour) for an egg and wheat allergy. Would non-wheat flour work the same?

  23. Yes, these can be a bit finicky! I freeze them until they’re just frozen enough to hold together, but loose enough to cut with a cookie cutter! When the mixture starts getting soft again, pop them back in the freezer for a few minutes to firm up again!

  24. Hey there
    Not sure what happened. I made these yesterday afternoon and by the time I got them from the freezer I couldn’t get a cookie cutter trough them because it was so hard. It look a while an a few tools to get something to work. Is this normal ? I really like them And hope to be able to make them often.

  25. The food processor helps to get everything chopped really tiny. You Absolutely could chop it all by hand, it’ll just take a bit longer! 🙂 You could try doing it in a blender in very small batches so that it doesn’t just turn to mush.

  26. Same happened to me, but as soon as they started to get soft I had to put them back in the freezer for awhile and then start again. I had to do this 3 times for the whole batch.

  27. Not sure if it was just my freezer…. but I froze the flattened sheet of nuggets-to-be for about 1 hr and 15 min (right in the middle of the suggested time frames) and by the time I was battering the last dozen, they were pretty much melted! Lost several nuggets that way, and it was rather messy (and I was working fast! ) Just wanted to give the feedback that I’d freeze a little longer if you have an older fridge! Thought they were super tasty, and my texture-finicky two year old was quite content with them, too! Thanks!

  28. […] because it was spent doing one laborious task.  I took advantage of Dan’s day off to make Weelicious veggie nuggets while he and Emme shared quality daddy-daughter time.  Most Weelicious recipes take mere minutes. […]

  29. I’d like to do that too, chickpeas sound perfect! What would be the measurement? Maybe half the potatoes and use the chickpeas for the other half?

  30. Hi Catherine,

    I love the idea of making my own veggie nuggets (and have the cookbook), so I love that you included this recipe.

    At our neighborhood preschool, chicken/meat and shellfish are not allowed, which makes veggie nuggets hugely appealing as one of the lunches in our rotation.

    I was wondering what the best way to work more protein in to your recipe. I am thinking that mashed chickpeas mixed in to the mashed potatoes might work well – what do you think?


  31. It is available in a number of countries. You’ll have to check with your local booksellers!

  32. I’d like to know about a egg substitute as well! My kiddo loves the Dr. Praeger’s Spinach Little Bites but she now has an egg allergy. (and the Dr. P’s are expensive and we had a few issues w/fishy tasting ones!!)

    And the cookbook is now on my Christmas/Birthday wishlist on Amazon!!

  33. Hmmm it might! I think the egg works much better for keeping everything stuck together, but the buttermilk is definitely worth a try! Let me know how it works!

  34. Should a buttermilk wash work just as well as the egg wash? I know my boys will love these, but I have to substitute something for the egg wash. I am so glad I came across your site – love it!

  35. I haven’t tried that, but I think it would work! Sweet potatoes are less starchy so they might not hold together as easily, and the resulting texture will be slightly different!

  36. No way! I created several videos to compliment the recipes in the book for added value! I am constantly creating new recipes to share with everyone here! The cookbook has some recipes from the site and some never before seen recipes. Likewise, the website will always be generating new content, and there will occasionally be overlap with the book. With the exception of the recent videos, all the recipes I have posted here on Weelicious in the last month have been brand new!

  37. Where have you been the last year? I’ve been having a heck of a time getting my kiddie to eat veggies!

  38. I lay them flat on a sheet tray, freeze for about half an hour (until they are frozen through), then transfer to a labeled freezer bag!

  39. I don’t know if you say in the cookbook (Just ordered on Amazon), but how do you recommend storing these in freezer? Tupperware?

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