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School Lunch Can Be Tough…

But have no fear! I’m here to help. When it comes to kids and food, each meal has its own particular set of challenges, but lunch can be particularly tricky as it’s often the one meal of the day that you’re not with your kids. You basically pack a lunch box and hope for the best.

The sense of failure I felt when my son used to come home from school with the contents of his lunchbox untouched was so acute, it resolved me to do something about it.

After spending countless hours devising strategies and developing simple recipes my son (and now both my girls) could get excited about, I eventually had enough material to fill a book, Weelicious Lunches, and also this blog to provide you with the basics and enough information and helpful tips to start making lunch exactly what it should be: EASY!

Snacking Made Easy

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Smoothie Project Cookbook

What began as a mom looking for a solution to uncover the mystery behind her son not feeling well, turned into a global movement of others focused on changing their health through what they’re drinking every day. This isn’t a diet or fad—The Smoothie Project is a way of life that ranges from birth to AARP and beyond.

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