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Rice Cooker Mac & Cheese Program

Watch our new and improved HD video for Rice Cooker Mac and Cheese!

Macaroni and Cheese in a rice cooker? Not only is it creamy and delicious, but it's so easy and fun to make with kids!

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Hi, I’m Catherine. Mama of three. A Kentucky girl living in California. Here’s what I know: all kids can be great eaters and mealtime must be easy. My passion is creating simple, healthy recipes that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

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  • Yeni

    Love this video! I really enjoyed seeing you and Kenya in action, reading a book and playing outside. It just shows how easy your recipes can be. I made this recipe when you first posted it and though it was simply genius. My 2 yr old loved it and I was able to fix it in a pinch. Thanks for another great video, and recipe!

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  • Sara

    Hey, what kind of rice cooker is that? I had one years ago that was awful...but I'd be willing to give rice cookers another chance.

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    • Catherine

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  • Loopeeeee

    Thanks so much for this simple recipe. My 4 year old son and I made this for dinner last night. We added Chives right at the end. My very picky husband loved it and had seconds. Next time we are thinking about adding bacon bits at the end with the Chives.

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  • Jen

    \"This is awesome!\" was my husband's reaction after two bites. I made this while literally getting our baby ready for bed. So simple and so delicious! Another Weelicious homerun!

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  • Bibiana Aguila

    Can someone post the exact recipe.
    I didn't get the quantity of the cheese?

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    • Catherine :)

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  • Trina

    My 2 year old loved watching this, thanks! We enjoyed making it afterwards, too. :) I am very impressed with how well it turned out! We added a cup of peas (thawed, from frozen) with the milk & cheese and a can of tuna near the end for a super easy and yummy tuna casserole. Thanks so much!

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  • Kristine

    could you use a microwaveable Rice Cooker?

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  • Tropikalpunch

    This is an awesome recipe!!

    I rarely stray from recipes. I pretty much followed it to a tee, but I had a teensy bit more pasta than 2cups. More pasta, I figured required a bit more chicken stock. I also used a combination of cheeses that I had on hand - pre-shredded bagged 3 cheese combo, brie (without rind) and some random cheese that was on it's last legs. I have a one button rice cooker so I set my stove timer. After adding the milk & cheese, I stirred it a couple of times. At one point, it was a bit brown on the bottom - my rice cooker cooks hot in spots. At the end of all the cooking times, I thought it didn't look cheesy enough so I added a bunch more cheese. I have no idea how much, but boy was it perfect.

    When making mac 'n' cheese from scratch, you usually make a roux of butter and flour. I wonder if the pre-shredded cheese is key to this because it has starch added to it by taking the place of the roux.

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