What to Eat and See in Paris and London

What to Eat and See in Paris and London from Weelicious.com

When I was a little girl my mother started taking me to Europe every summer. I don’t have endless detailed memories from my childhood, so these trips traveling through France, England, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and beyond were some of my most treasured. I remember the way my first scone tasted and the thick clotted cream I slathered on top served with a warm cup of tea that felt incredibly grown up at the time. Marching through countless museums, standing under the Eiffel Tower with wonder and amazement or the simple feeling of hearing a foreign language spoken and how I desperately wanted to learn it. My parents didn’t have gobs of money for these trips, so we would stay in bed and breakfasts or hostiles a few nights in a row and then splurge on a “fancy” hotel that I appreciated even more because it felt special. 

What to Eat and See in Paris and London from Weelicious.com

I was lucky enough to live in Paris for several years on and off in my late teens, but those memories were much more about discovering the city on my own. I’ve been looking forward to creating new memories with my kids, while taking part in one of my favorite pastimes: travel!

What to Eat and See in Paris and London from Weelicious.com

Last summer I took Chloe to Paris for 10 days and we had such a life changing experience we decided to go again this summer, but this time we took 3 days to zip off to another beloved city: London. 

I posted my travels on Instagram and so many people were headed there this summer as well, so they asked me to share where I had visited and eaten. Below is a list of some personal favorites, but I will say you can’t go wrong as both cities are an absolute treat. 

What to Eat and See in Paris and London from Weelicious.com


* Bring a scooter for kids. I did a post on it here, but It’s a total game changer for cutting down on complaints and “I’m tired” when discovering a new city. You can pack one in your luggage, in the over head compartments on planes, or at gate check. 

* Buy all your tickets ahead of time. You will save tons of time avoiding long lines and occasionally get tickets at a lower price. Great news if you’re bringing kids as many museums offer free passes for little ones.

* Take your time and slow down. There’s no need to rush. I find with kids doing one to two major attractions a day can be enough as it can be overwhelming for kids and you want them to enjoy the experience. 

What to Eat and See in Paris and London from Weelicious.com

* We’re big picnic-ers! Paris is an especially picnic friendly city where you can grab a baguette, slices of cheese and fresh fruit to eat under the eiffel tower, along the Seine or in one of the gorgeous parks. 

* In Paris it’s a right of passage to grab a crepe at a street stand and a baguette or croissant at your local patisserie. Chloe and I never met one we didn’t love!

* Metro. It’s safe and the best way to get around the city. Buy books of ten or twenty tickets at a time.  

What to Eat and See in Paris and London from Weelicious.com

Batobus – The boat is a wonderful way to get around and see all of the sights.  There are many Batobus stops along the Seine and you can buy tickets at the stop.  You can get on and off the boat as many times as you’d like with any of the passes but it’s probably best to buy a two day pass so you don’t have to rush. 

* Paris Walks – Great tours of Paris that are only 2 hours.  You’ll learn about specific areas – history, food, art, etc… Reasonably priced, well worth the time and great for a child’s attention span.

What to Eat and See in Paris and London from Weelicious.com


To see:

Musee D’Orsay: my favorite museum in Paris especially for impressionistic art in an old train station. 

The Louvre – Buy tickets ahead of time and avoid the lines by entering at the “secret entrance” which is an entrance on the map called “Port de Lions”. Make sure to set aside hours for this treasure as there’s a lot to see. 

What to Eat and See in Paris and London from Weelicious.com

Eiffel Tower: shh... this tour is a secret to most, but truly special getting to go in the underground bunkers on the Eiffel Tower grounds and then getting a private tour around and up the tower. A great way to beat the lines too!

Atelier Des Lumières: light museum focused on 3 artists and super kid friendly.

Versailles: it’s a quick train ride from Paris and worth every moment. The palace is gorgeous (visit in the afternoon) and head to the gardens before to avoid long lines, rent a boat, walk through the manicured mazes and grab a soft serve ice cream cone. 

What to Eat and See in Paris and London from Weelicious.com

Below is a list of restaurants I’ve been once or more and felt were great for kids and adults alike. I’ve lived and stay in the 7th arrondissement most of the time, so many of these spots are in the 1st, 6th or 7th. Excited to hear about your favorite parts of the city, too! Tell me in the comments below. 


Marlon - 7th

Cafe Central - 7th

Malabar - 7th

13 A Bakers Dozen - 6th

Angelina (a Parisian classic)

Les Deux Magots - 6th

Cafe de Flore - 6th

Le Comptoir - 6th 

Frenchie - 2nd

What to Eat and See in Paris and London from Weelicious.com


Yam’tcha 2nd perfect for parents and a true treat. May be too “out there” for kids

Clover Grill  1st

Le Village 7th

La Fontaine De Mars 7th roast chicken dinner on Sunday’s is a must!

What to Eat and See in Paris and London from Weelicious.com


La Bonboniere 8th insane chocolates

Berthillon 4th classic french ice cream

Amorino 4th my favorite gelato 

Pierre Herme 6th macarons and deserts

Laduree 7th macarons

Pozzetto 4th 

The Bon Marche 7th a must for any food lover. The endless culinary products are mind blowing plus the shopping is off the charts!

What to Eat and See in Paris and London from Weelicious.com


Go see a show! If you’re traveling all the way to London, seeing a play is the way to go. Chloe and I went to Matilda and I have to say it was one of the best performances I’ve ever seen (and I’ve been known to take the occasional nap in plays. That’s our secret. Ok?)

What to Eat and See in Paris and London from Weelicious.com

London Eye The most incredible view of London and a treat for kids

Westminster Abbey  buy tickets ahead to avoid the 45 minute line that I got caught in. It’s next to the London Eye, so easy to do both in a morning or afternoon. 

Buckingham Palace If the flags are up and out the queen is home.

Victoria and Albert Museum  The collection of jewels is reason enough to go. 

Tate Modern Modern art for days, large rooms to explore and artists that will blow your mind. 

What to Eat and See in Paris and London from Weelicious.com

Claridges I mark this not as a restaurant or hotel, but as a true experience for afternoon tea. This is a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget doing with my mom. You can dress up, lay back and let the endless amounts of sandwiches, scones, tea, champagne and desserts take over. 

Borough Market from food to events to all around great shopping. 

Harvey Nichols and Harrods  Get ready to shop. They’re only minutes apart and if you thought Paris was the place to shop just wait for the incredible fashion finds in London.  

The Wolseley I’ve been here 5 times and it gets better each time. The service is out of this world and super kid friendly menu. 

What to Eat and See in Paris and London from Weelicious.com

Where to stay: Just my 2 cents, but unless you're using points for a lovely hotel stay, I'm a big fan of Kid and Co! You can rent family friendly apartments all over the world and live like locals. 

If you can’t make it to Europe this summer you can always pretend by creating your own Parisian fest at home with crepesroast chicken and french onion soup

If you have any questions or favorite spots in either city, please leave them below. I know I’ll be headed back again in 2019!

What to Eat and See in Paris and London from Weelicious.com

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Hi, I’m Catherine. Mama of three. A Kentucky girl living in California. Here’s what I know: all kids can be great eaters and mealtime must be easy. My passion is creating simple, healthy recipes that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

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  • Jonni Lewis

    I am so thankful for your great tips! I can’t wait to go with my grandchildren (1 at a time!). I would love to know if you have any suggestions for places to stay. Hotels or B&Bs? Kid friendly and not outrageously priced. Thank you so much! ♥️

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    • Catherine McCord

      So happy you liked it! Hotels are lovely depending on where you want to be and your price point. I'm a big fan of Kid and Coe as it can be lovely to have breakfast in your apartment and truly live like the locals! https://www.kidandcoe.com

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  • Julie

    What an awesome post! We have just started planning a London, Paris and Rome trip with our girls for next year. These recommendations will be so helpful! Thank you!

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    • Catherine McCord

      Enjoy! Can't wait to hear where you go and what you do!

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  • Kristine

    I just opened my e-mail & saw this; my daughter & I are in Paris right now with a friend! I highly recommend getting a Navigo train/bus pass; well worth the money. We did 2 food tours with LaCuisine; history & food all in 1; great value & they're super nice; I hear their cooking classes are great, too. A great eclair place you have to go to next time is L'Eclair de Genie: amazing!! Thank you for the restaurant recommendations!

    leave a comment

    • Catherine McCord

      Oh I love these ideas SO much!

      leave a comment

  • Jonni Lewis

    Just one more question .... did you stay in the same place (location) for the whole stay in Paris ... or change locations? Or change locations after you returned from London? Do you have a recommendation for locations to stay with kids? 7th? 9th? Or??? And ... in London, what area did you stay? And what did you do for daily transportation from hone(?) where you were staying to various sites? Car? Taxi? Huge thank you!!!

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  • Cara

    just got back from Paris yesterday with my two boys. Found this gem just off Rue dauphine in St Germain. Best meal we had, food was incredible. Chk it out, and go nxt yr! Highly highly recommend.

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  • Saundra

    My 18 year old daughter and I will be traveling in a couple of days. Thanks for the insight and what are other attractions for her age;ie, shopping affordable and makeup?

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  • Lauren

    Hi Catherine... I am taking my daughter to London and Paris in January for her college graduation gift. Mom and daughter only! We have to go then because she starts her job in February. Im a bit worried about weather but upside is low tourist season and great hotel rates for a nice hotel. We have 3 days, what do think are must sees other than Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysee. Can you tell me more about the secret tour at the Eiffel Tower. Thanks so much!!!

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