How to Cut a Bell Pepper

It seems like it should be incredibly simple to prepare certain foods like cutting an onion, chopping garlic, peeling a kiwi, mango or fresh ginger, but if you rarely use these foods or venture into the kitchen these foods can be incredibly perplexing and downright a pain.

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One of the foods that I know has way more than one way to cut open is a bell pepper. It seems simple enough, but if you cut it in half or try slicing in certain angles you can end up with seeds everywhere, white pith still attached to the pepper that takes another step to cut off and even worse end up wasting valuable pepper flesh still attached to the stem.

How to Cut a Bell Pepper video from

Since both of my kids could eat red, orange, green and yellow peppers in their school lunch just about every day I’ve made this How to Cut a Bell Pepper for the quickest method you’ve ever seen for breaking a bell pepper down like a chef. With a few handy moves you can have large pieces perfect for cutting into squares, long slices for dipping and even beautiful squares that look like just a checkerboard!

In the comments below let me know how you like to eat bell peppers!

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