When you look at all the research showing that kids who get into the kitchen and eat with families have a lower risk of obesity and higher grades in school it’s enough reason to make sure your kids love cooking from day one. When you watch kids get excited about fresh foods, their taste, smell and how you turn them into a recipe they get to enjoy it’s incredibly gratifying.

Here are 3 benefits to bringing your kids in the kitchen_

1. Social time with the family_ as kids get older there’s homework, after school activities and plenty of distractions. When you plan for meals as a family and getting your kids to participate in cooking with you it can be a great time to catch up on your days and hear about moments you might have missed.

2. Educational_ cooking is much more than food. It’s about math, chemistry, working as a team and understanding how foods change depending on how they’re cooked.

3. Fun_ when you start to look at cooking as an art project that you get to enjoy immediately and share with others it’s a whole lot more fun. By allowing kids to be active participants in the kitchen you’re giving them ownership over the food they put in their bodies, empowering them and hopefully in turn creating a lot of laughs.

LeapFrog Number Lovin' Oven giveaway from weelicious.comPin

I feel like it’s never too early to get kids in the kitchen and that means even when they’re toddlers. If you’re concerned about them getting hurt in any way, then starting with a toy like the LeapFrog Number Lovin’ Oven is a great start. Little chefs can enjoy hours of pretend-play fun with learning secretly baked in. Designed for ages 2 years and up, the Number Lovin’ Oven talks, sings and gets number skills cooking through 30+ songs and phrases. It helps little ones connect the numbers 1 to 5 on the slider with low, medium and high temperature settings, as well as shorter and longer cooking times.

I got to see just how much my friend Grey (in the video above) became even more interested in cooking through our fun playing with the Number Lovin’ Oven.

LeapFrog Number Lovin' Oven giveaway from weelicious.comPin
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About the Author

Catherine is a mama of three. A Kentucky girl living in California. Here’s what I know: all kids can be great eaters and mealtime must be easy. I create simple, healthy recipes the whole family will love.


  1. my son plays with measuring cups and stuff while i bake and i try and teach him to stir

  2. My daughter is 14 months old, and.my wife and I have been cooking with her for months already. She helps with mixing, patting, etc… Anything she can put her little hands on.

  3. My 2 year old loves to be in the kitchen when me or my mom is cooking!! She enjoys watching and especially when we try to let her help! It’s so adorable!

  4. I am a huge foodie and hope my 7 week old son will follow in Mommy’s footsteps and love food and cooking as much as me. The oven would be perfect for him when he’s older.

  5. My daughter loves to cook. We bake all the time together. She also loves using her easybake. My son will be two tomorrow and I thinks this would be a cute way to into him to cooking!

  6. Super cute. I have 3 grand kids that area always cooking up something for me when I visit them. They would get a kick out of this.

  7. I have 7 grandchildren and they all like to cook with Nana, we started out with pancakes, I would measure all the ingediate said and let the dump it in the shaker I use for pancakes, once the liquid is added I let them shake it to a song which always ends in giggles, I heat up the griddle and depending on the age I let them drizzle the batter, we have had many interesting shapes… While the pancakes are cooking I have the children cut up strawberries with a plastic knife so we can decorate our creations…. They all love to cook….I am looking forward to introducing our pancake date to my youngest who is only 20 months!

  8. My girls have learned to cook as soon as they could speak. We bake cookies, make their birthday cakes, they love to make soup, they have play food and kitchenware. We love food, it brings families together…one most valuable tradition to learn and love!

  9. My son got some pretend cooking pots last Christmas & he loves pretending to make all kinds of things. We already have the Number Lovin Oven on his Christmas list for Santa!!!!

  10. I’ve been buying Leapfrog products for many years now. Every past purchase has been a great investment. I recommend leapfrog products to any new parent.

  11. Since birth, all of my children have enjoyed spending time with me in the kitchen! Shared on Facebook.

  12. My son loves the idea of the kitchen and he will be 2 in about 10 days I think he’d love something like this

  13. I love cooking with my son and he loves to help me!! Levi loves his pretend kitchen and making me “dinner”. This toy would be great for him!

  14. Since birth. My kiddos have always enjoyed watching me make things including all of their baby food 🙂

  15. This would be a great present for my 2 year old daughter! My 4 year old son loves cooking, so I take him to Mom/Child cooking classes at our local culinary school.

  16. both of my kids love to help in the kitchen and they love to play like they are cooking!

  17. My 4 year old loves helping in the kitchen from cutting up veggies, to stirring mixes, measuring ingredients, and stirring what’s cooking.

  18. My little one is 3 and loves to help me stir my mixes or add in ingredients. My oldest loves to help cook eggs, make sandwiches, and cut up foods.

  19. My daughter is two she started to assist me cooking when she start showing interest in the knobs on the stove. Adding the safety locked she started to pull a chair to the stove asking ” I do it ” so using hand over hand she started stirring liquids. Afterwards yelling ” I did it” she enjoys helping me cook.

  20. My grand daughter started out helping make cakes and cupcakes and now she just loves helping cook whatever it is you are making. She is such a big helper.

  21. So far my baby has just watched me cook from her highchair. I plan on getting her in on the fun when me and her older bros make Christmas cookies this year.

  22. I love learning toys! If I win its for my granddaughter her birthday its in December 14.. Girl s in my family love to cook.

  23. My now 4 yr old at two tried banana bread ever since then when we make it she’s the one that has to mix all ingredients and pour into bundy pan and always says we make the best nana bread mom don’t we mom. 😉

  24. My 2.5 year old son made fun getting cupcakes with me for his first time cooking now he always wants to help!

  25. My 16 month old loves food, and “helping” in the kitchen. If he hears someone there that is where he is. His food has to look like everyone else’s. Including seasoning, sauces etc. If we add it he adds it , tries it and loves it

  26. My son is 6 now I started coming with him in the kitchen when he was a year old, he would and still does help stirring, measuring, and pouring things in. Chocolate chip cookies are what he likes making the most. We cannot wait to teach his sister how to cook soon as well

  27. Im so excited about this oven. my son wants it so bad for Christmas!!! I love toys that teach kids while they just have a great time!!! Please pick me!

  28. I have a 16 month old and she’s not quite yet ready to cook but loves watching her mama in the kitchen cooking. I watch the food network and cooking channel constantly and my daughter watches along with me hopefully learning a thing or two. I would love to win this for her and watch her eyes light up as she plays with her very own oven and stove top.

  29. My boys have been cooking since they were very little, starting small of course. My oldest is 8 1/2 now… For his 6th birthday he got his own charcoal grill.. My 3 year old loves to help pour and stir everything.

  30. My son never liked being alone or having me put him down, so he would always cook with me. He used to have a book with pictures of food and even before he could talk, he would point to the food he wanted to eat.

  31. My oldest first experience cooking in the kitchen was helping make tea because that’s his favorite drink! Then he moved onto eggs, pancakes. He’s only 4, but so smart and loves to cook. His brother is 2 and ready to get started! Would love to win, but either way I’ll be buying this for Christmas!

  32. My grandson loves to help his pop pop cook eggs he has been doing this since he was about 18 months now he wants to help cook apple pie peel pototoes him and his lil sister would love to win this

  33. My daughter aubrey’s first encounter with cooking was when we made homemade cookies for the holidays. I gave her a seperate bowl of batter, sat her on the kitchen counter, and let her have at it! She has loved cooking ever since 🙂

  34. Both my boys love to help me make dinner every night. They’re 4 and 2, so their tasks include stirring, dumping in the ingredients Ive already measured. But their favorite is sprinkling the salt! They are good, healthy eaters. Which makes me so happy because I was such a picky eater as a child.

  35. OMG! I have got to get one of these for Christmas for my 2 year old little girl!!!

  36. My daughter is 14 months and we just started in the kitchen. She tends to like eating and pulling my pots and pans out more lol! So I just make her my taste tester! I am trying to save up to buy her a kitchen play set of her own to put in the kitchen. Than we both can cook together. Our home is filled with Leap Frog products. I encourage these products for the educational learning.

  37. My child’s first introduction to food and cooking pancakes and bacon of course I helped them in the kitchen to make sure they know every step and to make sure all the dishes was squeaky clean, counters clean and tummy happy☺

  38. My son and I love to bake. His first experience was when he was 2 and he helped with rolling and cutting sugar cookies.

  39. My sons first intro to cooking was helping his big sister mix pancake batter. It is still one of his favorite things since he gets to ”dig”. 🙂

  40. My 3 year old’s first introduction to cooking began when she was nearly 9-10 months old and walking. I would cook in the kitchen, and she would “assist” me by getting out all of the materials I needed or that she wanted, rather (lol). Then we moved on to making cookies together or even now, she has to stir, mix and pour whatever I am preparing. She would so love this toy and with her little sister being nearly 9 months old, we can start the cycle all over again.

  41. My grand daughter helped to make her birthday cake for her 2nd birthday. She picked out what she wanted. The flavor & the color frosting which she also helped spread onto the cake.

  42. My 21 month-old helps my mom with taste testing and shaking seasonings in the receipt. She loves to be in the kitchen!

  43. My son loves watching me cook, have brought him in the kitchen with me since he was a baby, showing him what I’m doing. Would love for him to have his own kitchen so he can cook with me. 🙂

  44. My 16 month old daughter is very interested when I’m cooking and she loves pretending to mix and pour

  45. My daughter loves to cook anything as long as she can stand on the step stool and mix or break and egg

  46. My daughter loved the first time I let her help me bake brownies. She got to stir the batter and help pour it in the pan.
    She also likes “making” mac&cheese and eggs in her pretend kitchen!

  47. All 4 of my little kiddos love to help mommy in the kitchen. I’m always tripping over stools and trying to find a job for all of them.

  48. My sons first experience in the kitchen was when he was about 1.5, he helped make pancakes. He loves to help in the kitchen and I’ve been looking for an oven for him, this would be perfect!

  49. I bring my baby into the kitchen while I cook-he sits in his high chair, or explores some of the safe cabinets and observes!

  50. My daughter and I first baked peanut butter cookies together in the kitchen. She had to try every ingredient that went into the cookies, and she still does whenever we bake together.

  51. My first experience in cooking with my daughter was quite messy as I taught her the fundamentals of spaghetti she taught me patience and paper towels are a must lol

  52. My kids favorite activity is cookie baking and decorating. Another thing I always let them help with is mixing and shaping the dough when I make challah bread.

  53. I brought the highchair in the kitchen when mine were about 6 months old. They loved playing with a wooden spoon while i cooked in front of them.

  54. I made the mistake not letting my kids in the kitchen, now with grandkids I make sure to have them help me all the time in the kitchen. They love it!

  55. I introduced my daughter to cooking from an early start by having her sprinkle cinnamon and other spices into oatmeal while I was cooking,

  56. My 3 yr old made green (spinach) pancakes with me for breakfast… He was so proud!

  57. Nicholas, my three year-old, first helped “scrape” the bowl for brownies and now knows how to whisk an egg :).

  58. Love this! My son is 16 months and my husband just finished building a stand for him last night. He can stand in it and help me in the kitchen. He loves to watch me cook but cracking eggs is his favorite. He giggles and giggles every time I crack an egg. He thinks it is hilarious. I love having him in the kitchen with me. As an SLP I find it to be a great time to work on communication!

  59. This looks great. My daughter’s first introduction to food was helping mix her favorite dish, black beans and rice. She adds the sauces and seasonings.

  60. This looks like so much fun! I know my son would love it since he’s only 16 months and he already loves to help me in the kitchen.

  61. i bought a stool at the local hardware store for just this purpose and after that one or more of my kids is almost always standing on it at the kitchen counter helping me when I cook. Everything from chopping veggies to stirring to making granola, cookies whatever with me.

  62. What a great item, my little one is obsessed with helping so its really a great invention.

  63. baking! she’s been standing on a stool, wearing her apron and helping me bake since she was 2, and now her 2 year old sister is joining in!

  64. My son loves to help sprinkle cheese on tortillas to make quesadillas. He also helps me roll out the tortilla dough.

  65. My son loves to help sprinkle cheese on torillas to make quesadillas. He also helps me roll out the tortilla dough.

  66. My daughter’s first introduction to making food was helping me make a morning smoothie. She gets to put in the ingredients she wants then turn on the blender. She loves it!

  67. My kids was first introduced to foods and cooking is when they get to make their own pizza bagel and pick their tiny veggie and cheese toppings 🙂 It works and they asked for it every week because they get to pick and make their own, so we make it a ritual every friday night for pizza bagel and family movie night.

  68. First cooking experience was making pancakes with grandma at 18 months. This kiddo is turning 2 in 2 months so this would be a perfect gift.

  69. When my son was a toddler I would stand him on a chair next to me at the kitchen counter while I made diner. I’d usually keep him busy cutting soft fruit with a toddler butter knife

  70. My two & three yr old love helping in the kitchen, especially making pancakes. They would both love this!

  71. So cute! My daughter is my cooking assistant and she would love her own oven to practice with!

  72. My twins love making green smoothies in the morning with me and homemade pizza every few weeks!

  73. Love that there are songs to sing! A great way to enjoy time together and build early literacy.

  74. My twins and I first made strawberries pancakes together! Since then they love being in the kitchen with me!

  75. Pancakes was one of the first things my children helped me with in the kitchen. From there it was baked goods, homemade pizzas, etc.

  76. My son has wanted to help in the kitchen since he was 2 years old. His first attempts at helping were to stir pancake batter, pour ingredients in the bowl, and whisk eggs. Now he wants to do everything and has become very good at cracking eggs without getting shell in the bowl.

  77. Our three-year-old has been helping cook for about a year.. She started by helping make sandwiches and she’s gone on from there. Her favorite thing to do now is crack open eggs. She’s actually good at it.

  78. Had my daughter up on the counter watching me cook as soon as she could sit up.

  79. My oldest daughter was only 5 months old when she helped me stir the cookies we were making for Santa!

  80. My daughter has sat on the counter since she was one watching my husband cook, she loves it

  81. Before my son could talk, he used to come into the kitchen and sniff his little nose. That was his way of saying, “hey Mom, what’s cooking up there? Can I smell??!!” Precious memories. Now, at 2, he is constantly taking out my pots and pans and sliding them under our kitchen chairs and telling me that he is putting them in the oven. What a perfect toy for him! Thank you!

  82. My granddaughter , who loves helping her mom in the kitchen , would absolutely Love this. What a Great teaching tool this could be as well as a great opportunity for ” together time ” .

  83. My daughter 3 and since she was 2 we have been making and baking our own bread. She loves helping to knead it, watch it bake, and eat a slice after it cools some. She also helps me to make scrambled eggs, french toast and of course cakes and cookies. When we are not in “mommy’s” kitchen, we are in her kitchen pretend baking banana bread, chocolate cake, and applesauce soup.

  84. Both my kids (4 yrs / 19 mos) are pretty adventurous eaters and love to help in the kitchen. My 4 year-old started to help me cook and bake when he was about 1 1/2 years old. But it really took me by surprise when he cooked up some breakfast sausages for us this week pretty much by himself (with supervision, of course)!

  85. My kids love to help in the kitchen and enjoy playing pretend restaurant in their play kitchen.

  86. My toddler likes to “dump it!” I let him add premeasured dry ingredients to recipes. He loves it.

  87. My kids all love to help me cook -a taste! My daughter’s first cooking adventure was helping with carrot cake. I think all the ingreidnets went onto the counter before they went in the bowl, but it still tasted great!

  88. My kids are nearly 3 and 18 months, and since our home is small, the kitchen also functions as a play room. They’ve been involved in cooking since the very start! Both love helping stir batters, mix dressings, and retrieve canned items from the cabinet.

  89. I always loved being in the kitchen with my children when they were young. The best memories are those while making Christmas cutout cookies <3

  90. My boys would love this! Playing in their kitchen is there favorite (we got a great preschool quality set off craigslist) and an oven would be a great addition. There love helping in the kitchen and one is requesting an apple peeler for Christmas.

  91. My kids are lured into the kitchen by butter. Whenever the sticks of butter come out on the counter for baking, both of my little ones hustle in and ask for little bits of butter to be put on their tongue. They usually stick around to dump cups of flour or a teaspoon of vanilla into the batter and then stand in anticipation in front of the oven as the cakes or cookies puff up in front of them.

  92. Our girls have a mini cafe and adding this oven would amaze them! I love the idea of seeing them cook together and creating healthy alternatives. Thank you for sharing your mommy finds.

  93. My child’s first cooking experience was making caramel apples. He mostly watched and ate an apple the entire time but it was fun

  94. My son’s preschool made apple crisps using apples from their very own apple trees. He loved mixing the ingredients and was really proud of his final product!

  95. My daughter would love this oven for Christmas! She loves playing with her you kitchen and I would love to get her started in the next step!

  96. Both of my boys have loved cooking since they were old enough to stand on a chair at the counter. They love making pizza and muffins!

  97. Hey Weelicious!
    Im soo thankful that I found your book before I had my babygirl, Emma. I had decided before she was born that I was going to prepare all of her meals from the garden (and/or from the ‘farmer’s market’☺️).. So, when I was making a mini-compilation of your recipes, I began to feel like I didn’t “bite off more” than I could’ve handled.
    Anywho, I made it a point to always make it mommy/daughter fun when I would prepare everything and as time passed by I could see the developing passion in her eyes for food and the preparation processes. Now that she’s 2 and with an amazing thirst for curiosity, she always loves a challenge for putting food combinations together, even if it’s with her lego’s.

  98. Hello, My kids first experience cooking was making scrambled eggs. We have a very close family. Grandma sometimes has cooking 101 classes with the kids 🙂

  99. My now two and a half year old son’s first experience cooking was making fish with his dad about a year ago! He even flipped the fish himself! Now he loves to help in the kitchen with everything!

  100. My two year old loves to help in the kitchen. She played with pots and pans at a young age and now loves to help stir anything I will allow. She runs for her stool to “help” whenever I’m in the kitchen.

  101. I share on Twitter with #WeeliciousGiveaways username is @KeriEjustice

  102. This oven looks sooooo cute. I’ve always loved leapfrog toys. Thanks for the chance. This looks perfect for my little guy.

  103. It’s kind of funny – the first time I had my daughter help me in the kitchen was when we made Weelicious spinach cake muffins together. She was about 16 months old. And she loved it! Still does! I can never bake alone. Haha.

  104. Cooking grilled cheese sandwich for lunch before going to afternoon kindergarten.

  105. My youngest absolutely loves helping out in the kitchen. Unloading the silverware is her favorite chore!

  106. Right now, my little one’s mostly watching me cook while banging things together to make noise! She loves doing things that mommy does though so it won’t be long!

  107. We love cooking with our two toddlers and they would LOVE this oven for their pretend play!

  108. My kids like to help me when I’m baking by dumping in the ingredients and/or stirring the batter.

  109. When my son was only about 8mo old I would put him in the highchair with measuring cups and mini spatulas to play with as I cooked. As he got a little older I could give him more tasks like mixing and pouring with help. He now loves to help cook and I’m repeating the baby steps with my daughter

  110. My three older kids have been cooking with me since they could stand on the kitchen stool. They started with measuring, dumping, and stirring muffin batter and are now making eggs and pancakes on their own.

  111. I have four kids and we have all started with stirring our scrambled eggs in the morning. My youngest just turned 2 and he likes to do it too!! We are expecting number 5 and I am sure baby will love to do that too!

  112. My 2 1/2 year old loves to whisk the eggs to help make her favorite Weelicious breakfast quesadilla.

  113. Salad spinning…wish I could get them to eat it but when they were around 2 they loved to sit on the floor and spin salad…now they are 5 and love to do dishes…I need to get them more interested i the cooking part..sometimes they add some ingredients to something or feed the dog..ok not cooking for us but at least helping in the kitchen..I would love to win this…the girls would love it!

  114. My baby’s first experience with food/cooking started very early. I love to have him in the kitchen when ever its safe so he can see what I’m doing. I talk to him about the ingredients I’m using and sometimes he’ll grab the spoon or spatula and help me stir. Its so cute and a lovely bonding experience for us both.

  115. Cracking an egg for our morning pancakes. It was so exciting to see how intrigued she was, the patience and attention to detail was amazing for a 2 year old.

  116. Bagel pizzas! My kids end up eating the shredded cheese by itself before the pizzas are ready

  117. I started cooking with my kids when they were 4yrs and we would make cutout cookies for Xmas and they love cooking. I wish schools would bring back home economics. I learned how to cook in middle school taking home economics class and loved the class.

  118. I love this toy and I think it would be so wonderful for my little granddaughter to learn and play with!

  119. My 3 year old son loves to stir anything!! pasta that is cooking, leftovers, veggies, etc. The more interactive he is with cooking the more interested in eating the finished product!!

  120. One of the first things I cooked with my kids was actually your spinach muffins. My 5-year-old son loved putting the spinach in the blender and making “slime”. . He calls them “Monster Muffins” 🙂

  121. This is wonderful! We did baby led weaning, so my DD just picked what she wanted off of my plate. She helps in the kitchen all the time now at 3. For a recent party she peeled and sliced all the eggs for deviled eggs all be herself!

  122. This is so adorable! With three children this would get so much creative play time. Cooking together is our favorite pass time in our family. Thank you for the opportunity to enter!

  123. Love this number lovin oven! I love to cook so I’m always showing my son and I let him stir baking mixes. He would love that oven.

  124. One of my favorite playtime activities as a little girl was playing kitchen and pretend I was cooking a meal for my doll and teddy bear. I could not imagine something as the LeapFrog Number Lovin’ Oven almost 50 years ago.

    Cooking is such an important life skill. I would love to win the LeapFrog Number Lovin’ Oven for my 2.5 year old niece. She would get hours of fabulous playtime before she is old enough to start helping in the kitchen!

  125. My 22 yr old daughter loves to make soups and cakes, cookies, and cupcakes. She is obsessed with all the food toys that she has. She would love this toy very much, the number lovin oven!

  126. My daughter’s introduction to food and cooking started in our backyard garden, where she helps me plant seeds for the vegetables and herbs that we cook and eat in our kitchen every day. Because she’s had a hand in the planting and growing of our food, she is open to trying most foods and seems more adventurous than most kids, in that respect.

  127. My daughter’s first experience with actively helping in the kitchen was probably making/stirring pancake batter. Before that, she loved hanging out in the BabyBjorn, or sitting in her high chair watching me while I cooked.

  128. My 17 month old fell on love with a spatula sone 6 konths ago. Every time he comes into the kitchen he demands one for each hand then proudly carries them arround the house. He is always helping me stir whatever I am cooking for dinner. Plenty of times he will sit with us for dinner holding piece of food in one hand and his favorite spatula in the other.

  129. My 17 month old loves to cook. He goes into the kitchen, points to the stove and says “cook”! I let him help me stir things and also let him play with ingredients as I cook.

  130. I love this, its so adorable.
    I think the first thing my daughter did was help me make cookies, she was in charge of adding the chocolate chips

  131. My daughter helps me make whipped cream. She thinks it’s just wonderful!

  132. My son has a Chef Teddy Bear that he would love to have help him play with this!

  133. My son’s first solid food was peaches, and his first introduction to cooking was pressing buttons on the blender and playing with his own set of measuring spoons and a whisk while watching me in the kitchen.

  134. My daughter loves smoothies. She’s only 20 months so she likes to put the stuff into the blender. Then she’s allowed to press the on button and watch it go. She loves it and is always excited to drink what she “makes.”

  135. My niece loves cooking because I would put her high chair out by me when I would babysit and be cooking. I wanted her to feel involved with the process. Of course, this time of the year is the first time that I was ever introduced to cooking – decorating Christmas cookies.

  136. We have always cooked and baked around our oldest, but her first official lesson in cooking was making a coffee cake when my mother in law came to stay with us when little sister was born. She still tells the story of how Grandma dropped an egg on the floor. Both big and little sis would love the number oven!

  137. While this isn’t really cooking, my daughter’s first experience in the kitchen was helping me make coffee in my french press. She loves to grind the beans and to smell them afterward! Now that I’ve read some of the other comments, I realize I’m going to have to start doing some baking projects with her!

  138. My daughter would LOVE this. She “makes cupcakes” all time using flour and various seasonings. She loves to cook and help around the kitchen.

  139. Chocolate chip cookies! My little boy loves to help me in the kitchen.

  140. From the time my kids wanted to eat table food I made their “baby food” and in stages offered a variety of fruits, veggies & meats. I didn’t actively involve my oldest in the kitchen and he is by far my picky eater. My daughter wants to be in the kitchen and willingly wants to help out and taste most anything.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  141. What a great prize pack just in time for the holiday! My kids love cooking with me in the kitchen. it’s a lot more fun to have my little helpers baking and cooking with me. 🙂

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  142. My kids started baking with me from the time they were tiny. I think they initially loved the warmth and the smells of the kitchen. As they get older, it’s a great way to teach them fractions!
    Love your book, love your emails. Thank you!

  143. My daughter was introduced to cooking and food long before she ever tasted any. I love to cook, so I wear my baby while I cook when my husband is around to do anything that might be dangerous to do while babywearing. I love watching her take it all in as I’m working.

  144. My children’s first experience with cooking was helping me put ingredients in pots and bowls. They love to help dump things in and of course stirring.

  145. My daughter has been on my hip watching and helping me cook and bake since birth I always explained to her what I was doing as if it was a cooking show lol at 2 1/2 she started making biscuits on her own with me and memorized the recipe
    I love that we have this connection and it def helps her to be a great eater of all sorts of foods

  146. Cooking in the kitchen at Holiday time is a tradition in my family as soon as dexterity allows for spoon holding:)

  147. My grandchildren are fascinated when I bake cookies, they always want to help!

  148. My daughter has been helping me bake since she was a few weeks old. She went from watching and cooing to fetching and mixing. Now at 2..5, she loves joining me in the kitchen.

  149. My daughter started baking and frosting cupcakes with me when she was about 4..:)

  150. My little man has been helping me bake in the kitchen since he could walk and follow simple instructions like pour and mix!

  151. My son started helping us with baking before he was even 2 and loves it! And he lives going to the grocery store with me and munching on apples and other produce while we shop

  152. My Daughter is 7 years old and has been putting meals together for 2 years now for the family. She just baked muffins all by herself. Id love the giveaway for our 6 month old who will learn to cook too!!

  153. My daughter would love this. She loves to pretend bake and cook and serve us dinner.

  154. My children love helping me make pancakes, waffles, anything that involves mixing. They would LOVE this leapfrog bundle!

  155. my boys love to help in the kitchen. i think their favorite thing to do is juice, they take turns putting in the fruits and veggies and have a blast. mixing is another favorite along with rolling out pizza dough

  156. My 3 year old has always loved being in the kitchen with me, so I can’t even remember his first food/ cooking experience! I’m guessing it was mixing something though! His favorite thing to do now is to level the flour in a measuring cup with a knife!

  157. Our daughter’s first food was avocado. She loved it! She loves being in the kitchen with us. She’s about 2, so cooking & baking can be messy with her. She loves to dump out ingredients from the measuring cups and stirring things. I had recently seen this oven and thought it would be perfect for Christmas!

  158. Our family loves leap frogs product, something for every age and always edication & fun.

  159. Both my son and daughter would absolutely love this. They are always hanging out in the kitchen with us!

  160. My daughter’s first introduction to cooking was making homemade pizza with her daddy.

  161. I let both of my children sit in the kitchen and play with a bowl, spoon, and flour when I was cooking for them. They were probably about six months old.

  162. My granddaughter loves to help me cook. I just know that she would feel like such a big girl to have her own, little stove, pots and pans, food. Would LOVE THIS!!!!

  163. All 3 of my kids love helping in the kitchen. My husband is a chef and so our lives very much revolve around being in the kitchen! I can’t remember first experiences but I am so glad they all enjoy cooking AND cleaning up afterwards as well!!

  164. my little girl would love this because she is always trying to help me in the kitchen

  165. When he was 1-year old, my now 4-year old son would eat anything. It was wonderful! He was adventurous and going out to eat was exciting – we didn’t have to pack back-up snacks in case he didn’t like what we ordered him.

    His first introduction to cooking was with english muffin pizzas. He put the toppings and cheese on everyone’s pizza and served them up proudly. It was wonderful to see how much that sense of accomplishment boosted his self-confidence!

  166. I learned to cook while preparing baby food for my son – he’s two years old, eats very healthy so we’ve started to cook together. Our first dish: your breakfast cookies!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us

  167. My twins love to help me stir the batter in all different kinds of recipes.

  168. My two-year-old son loves to watch my husband, a trained chef, cook. He loves all types of food now, especially spicy food and egg rolls! When “helping” us cook, he likes to taste all of the different parts just like we do. Top Chef, watch out!

  169. I have been coming with my kids since they were able to stand! Their first intro to cooking was making applesauce. I would cut and they would put the apples in the slow cooker and sprinkle on the cinammon.

  170. Great giveaway, my kids are in the kitchen, I think its also smart to teach them early!

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