Parents Day Off - School Lunch

Parents Day Off (from making lunch)! Have you ever let your kid make their own lunch? It's totally like being on vacation. Chloe picked out every bite of this beauty and made it herself. Chloe is a major meat eater and would have salami with every meal if I let her! Skewering it on a toothpick just adds a unique presentation and a fun way to eat it. 

The best part about having your kids make their own lunch is that you know they've chosen foods they love and will eat it all even when you're out of sight. Talk about peace of mind! They also get a sense of ownership and accomplishment from handling such a big task. Check out the recipes from this school lunch below! 

What would your kid put in their lunch? 

Sushi Sandwiches

Cinnamon Roll Sushi

Roast Carrot Coins

Bugs on a Log

Ants on a Log

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