Cinnamon Mexican Wedding Cookies Video

Tis the season to make enormous amounts of cookies! This has been a family tradition for years not only in our house, but I'm sure in yours too! We gift them to teachers, friends, family and generally consume pounds of them ourselves!

In the past we've made drop cookies like these Almond Cookies, Chocolate Orange Snaps, these out of control Samoas and the roll out kind you get to press festive cookie cutters into like Chocolate Graham Crackers, Molasses Roll Out Cookies, traditional Gingerbread and Sugar Cookies.

Cinnamon Mexican Wedding Cookies video from

One of our all time favorites, though, are what I like to call "Snow Balls". They're super cute and incredibly easy even for those who don't bake often. Watch this Cinnamon Mexican Wedding Cookies Video to check out a few of my simple tips.

They pack up beautifully and are a great choice for anyone who enjoys a really light and flakey cookie. You even get a boost of protein from the almonds, so they're even nutritious if you look at it from that angle. Don't be intimidated about baking when it's time to come up with a cookie to bring to your swap. Roll up your sleeves, get the kids involved and make these sweet little gems!

Cinnamon Mexican Wedding Cookies video from

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