Saying Microwave Mug Double Chocolate Brownie is a mouthful. However, it’s the most delicious mouthful EVER!


There are certain All-American desserts that are a right of passage for kids. Take chocolate brownies. Whenever I found myself at a bake sale as a kid — which was often — even when every dessert known to man could be found on the table, I always grabbed for that gorgeous, rich square of chocolate — the brownie. While people have very strong opinions when it comes to nuts vs. not in brownies, I’ve personally never been a nut girl. For me it’s all about one thing, the chocolate. These days my brownie go-to recipes are Whole Wheat Double Chocolate Brownie Bites and classic Chocolate Brownies (without refined sugar). That being said, I am always looking to try new brownie concoctions.

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This Microwave Mug Double Chocolate Brownie is not only decadent, rich and unbelievably quick to make, it’s also the perfect portion size to serve up for either a special little dessert or a well deserved daytime or evening treat. (The only issue for me these days, being so pregnant and all, is trying to keep my sweet tooth in check — not to mention my kids’!)

Also, I can’t stress enough how fast and easy this recipe is. Simply mix all of the ingredients in a bowl, pour the batter into your mug and microwave (1 1/2 minutes for a gooey brownie or 2 1/2 minutes if you like your brownie cooked all the way through). People can also get very particular about consistency and how they like their brownies cooked. This recipe is ideal for satisfying everyone you’re making them for. Since these brownies are single servings, you can make them to each person’s liking.

They also make a beautiful presentation and have the added whimsical factor of being made in a mug — something I bet your kids will love!


Microwave Mug Double Chocolate Brownie

Saying Microwave Mug Double Chocolate Brownie is a mouthful. However, it's the most delicious mouthful EVER!
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Servings: 1
Author: Catherine McCord
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 2 minutes
Total Time 7 minutes



  • Mix together the flour, sugar, cocoa powder, and salt until smooth in a small bowl.
  • Add the oil, milk, and chocolate chips. Mix until thick and stiff and pour into a microwave-safe cup, mug or ramekin.
  • Cook in the microwave for 1 1/2 minutes for a gooey brownie, or 2 1/2 minutes for a well done brownie.


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About the Author

Catherine is a mama of three. A Kentucky girl living in California. Here’s what I know: all kids can be great eaters and mealtime must be easy. I create simple, healthy recipes the whole family will love.


  1. Jerilyn, this recipe caught my eye and sounded fun so I made it for my son tonight. Afterwards I was thinking about the ingredients and wondering how many calories. When I plugged the ingredients in I was a bit shocked to see the total at over 600. That isn’t the kind of recipe I would be looking for on this website and since the calorie count isn’t posted it may not occur to readers how high it is. And honestly it didn’t taste that great. I won’t be saving this one and might suggest others skip it as well or at least make it knowing how many calories are in it.

  2. It does rise a little during cooking, so you want to use something that the ingredients don’t come up all the way to the top.

  3. Could I make this in a baby ramekin? Or would it over flow. This looks absolutely amaze cant wait to try.

  4. I added two cut up fun size snickers instead of chocolate chips…sooooo good. Reese’s cups next

  5. I’m so glad you liked it! Now that you know the behavior of your microwave, it’ll be even better next time!

  6. I tried making these and I ended up burning it…I put it in for 2 minutes
    But the part that wasn’t burnt tastes delicious! I’ll have to try and remake it.

  7. I added in a pinch of baking soda and a little more milk and it was yummmmmmmmmy!!!!! Thanks for the recipe, now if I ever get a sweet tooth, i can whip this up in a couple of minutes. I even made the mix and put it into individual baggies and have it available on cue.

  8. There is an opossum in the pool. I substituted the oil with 2tbs of pumpkin puree. The dark coffee and Andie’s Mint mini chips gave the gooey cake a delicious depth. I cooked it for exactly 90 seconds. I also packed the top with a crushed graham cracker and butter mixture. It was delicious. .

  9. can I substitute the canola oil in it? I dont have canola and what would be the best alternate for it?

  10. I thought this recipe sounded really good, so I tried it. I had to make some changes; firstly, I used dark chocolate cocoa powder, and secondly I used coffee because the only milk I had was almond milk, and the recipe said that I could use coffee, I also added some slivered almonds. I tasted the incredibly thick batter, and it was so bitter, it tasted like cough syrup. So I added more sugar until it was sweet enough. First I microwaved it for a minute and twenty-five seconds, it didn’t look done so I microwaved it for thirty more seconds. When I pulled it out it was bubbling a bit, the taste was pretty good, but I didn’t like the texture.

  11. I wonder if this works with soy flour or wheat flour or any other rather than all-purpose. If any of you have tried, please share your experience!

  12. These are off the chain good. I even threw in some white chocolate chips for good measure. The Hubby told me to tell you that “You outdid yourself.” Success!

  13. These are without a doubt my kids favorite thing to make. I love how they are so easy that literally a 5 year old can make them! Although yours look much cuter than mine ever turn out!

  14. I did It! First time ever! 🙂 It was fun making it. I added a Pastillas ice cream on top(before serving) just because I can’t find vanilla ice cream at the moment . Will try the vanilla one next week.

  15. Sounds fab. Mouthwatering recipe. Thank you for making life yummier, happier, funnier…we always need people who jazz up our lives. The brownies look awesome too!

  16. Dont make it if its so bad. I doubt it will kill you. If iys too fattening for you, you probably have some spinach styffed somewhere in your fridge. Try that.

  17. Some of us eat healthy enough and are fit enough to have a treat once in awhile. It will do my wasteline no harm.

  18. Your delicious looking recipe is a calorie bomb at 666 calories per mug! Yes, it is quick and convenient, but at what cost to our waistlines? I could have 3 of my own homemade brownies at the “cost” of one of these. I really enjoy a lot of your recipes, but this one, besides being totally fattening and laden with fats from the oil and chocolate chips is a basic knock-off of the Food Network’s recipe, which uses the same amount of butter instead of the oil called for in your version with a bit of vanilla and salt… 🙁

  19. Coconut oil should work just fine, but it will add flavor! You could also use any neutral oil or butter if you wanted the buttery flavor.

  20. I’ve used coconut oil in a very similar recipe and it works wonderfully! I also subbed vanilla almond milk for the milk.

  21. Just made this! Didn’t have canola, so replaced with milled flax. YUM! Perfect little brownie fix.

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