Roast Vegetable Pasta Sauce


I can't even begin to tell you how incredible this sauce tastes. So good, in fact, that when I finished pureeing it, the weelicious team stood over the food processor eating spoonful after spoonful. Wait, wasn't the sauce supposed to be for Kenya?
I don't know if it's the particular mix of vegetables, the fact that all the produce comes straight from the farmers market or the that everything is roasted and caramelized in the oven, but whatever the reason, the taste is amazing. It's so good that you could easily serve this recipe to a 10 month old as a puree minus the tomatoes (you don’t want to give them to babies under 1 year in case of allergies).
Plus, it only took me minutes to prepare, which is always great when you have a a million things going on.
The vibrant colors in the vegetables create a sauce so rich and visually beautiful, the uses for it are endless. It's so versatile you could spread it on toast, fish, chicken, pasta....or just eat it on a spoon like Kenya and I did.

We used these to make this recipe_


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Roast Vegetable Pasta Sauce (2 Cups)

Prep Time: 2 mins Cook Time: 45 mins

egg free

nut free

dairy free

gluten free


  • 1 Small Eggplant, cubed
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1 Tomato, cut into 6 wedges
  • 1 Red Bell Pepper
  • 1 Cup carrots, chopped
  • 2 Tbsp olive oil
  • 1/2 Cup tomato sauce
  • Pasta (I used tortellini filled with parmesan cheese from Trader Joes, but any pasta your little one enjoys will work)


1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
2. Place the first 6 ingredients in a large glass dish dish or cookie sheet and combine. Make sure all of the vegetables are evenly coated with oil.
3. Bake for 45 minutes.
4. Cool for several minutes.
5. Place the vegetables in a food processor with the tomato sauce and puree until smooth.
6. Toss some of the sauce with pasta and serve.
*Allow to cool, place in appropriate container or ziploc bag, label and freeze up to 4 months. When ready place in pot and heat under low-medium heat or defrost in fridge for 24 hours.
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Hi, I’m Catherine. Mama of three. A Kentucky girl living in California. Here’s what I know: all kids can be great eaters and mealtime must be easy. I create simple, healthy recipes the whole family will love.

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  • Chantelle

    this recipe is exactly what I was looking for. My little bunny doesn't want to eat anything but pasta at the moment. So this is a great way to get in her veg too.

    Does this sauce freeze well??

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  • Becky

    do you peel the peppers after you roast them? i normally do after roasting peppers.
    i'm making this now. sounds great!

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  • Alyssa

    This was very easy to make and tasted great. My twin 3 year old boys gave it a good try but then pushed it away. But my husband ate it so I consider that a win. I had never cooked with eggplant so this was a great introduction for me. I felt it needed a little salt for more taste but that could always be added to an individual serving.

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  • Aline

    I simply love this recipe and my 15 months baby too. Since she likes to eat with her fingers, it's great because it sticks to the pasta! I always save some of the sauce to make a sandwich for me... It works great.

    Another easy sauce that sticks to pasta is a spinach and cream cheese sauce. I just cook the spinach and put on the mixer with a few spoos of crem cheese. Alse great on sandwiches!

    Love your blog.


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  • Jennifer Kiddie Blanket

    Love this! Especially the eggplant. It's difficult to get my kids to eat eggplant, but roasted and in this sauce, it's delicious and they love it.

    Thanks Catherine!

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  • Laurie

    Love this! Turned out amazing. Oh, and I didn't have eggplant so I subbed a zucchini instead. Fabulous!

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  • Malena

    Do you think a green bell pepper would be okay in this recipe? I just got all of these veggies in our bi-weekly csa box and want to make the recipe, but don't want to run out and buy an extra veggie when I have so many already.

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  • Melissa Doherty

    This recipe is insanely good!! I'm making it for the whole family this week. The only thing I added was onions..

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  • E

    do you peel the eggplant?

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    • Catherine

      Nope! No need to :)

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  • Erica

    Is it one clove of garlic? Or a whole head of garlic?

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    • McCord

      1 clove!

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