Thick and chewy bagels just call to me! They're such a comfort food for my family - especially when we get our favorites from the farmers market. I always set out a platter of bagels and a jar of whipped cream cheese when we have people over for breakfast or brunch as its a quick and easy option. Lately I have been setting up an entire bagel station with tons of toppings so everyone can make their favorite combination. Watch this video for topping ideas, and leave me a comment below telling me your favorite way to enjoy a bagel! 

Bagels 11 Ways recipe + video from

Once I got to photographing this recipe, I had even more ideas so the photo you see has 11 bagels instead of just 8! 

P.S. Do you like your bagels toasted or un-toasted?!

Photos by Matt Armendariz

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Bagels 8 Ways

Prep Time: 2 mins Cook Time: 2 mins

egg free


  • favorite bagels
  • almond or peanut butter with sliced bananas
  • almond or peanut butter with shredded coconut and mini chocolate chips
  • jam with chia seeds
  • cream cheese with sliced cucumbers and sun-dried tomatoes
  • cream cheese with sliced green and black olives
  • hummus with sliced tomatoes
  • sliced avocado with chili flakes
  • quince paste with sliced cheese (provolone, manchego, or swiss)
  • cream cheese with smoked salmon and chives
  • mayo with sliced hard boiled eggs
  • ricotta cheese with honey and walnuts


1. Slice the bagels in half lengthwise and toast or leave un-toasted.

2. Top with your desired accompaniments or set out several options and let everyone make their own favorite.

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  • Vicki

    My little ones like peanut butter or cream cheese with "sprinkles" of dried cranberries/raisins on top. Sometimes for a special treat I will let them use real sprinkles or chocolate chips. They also like to make their own pizza bagels. I like it because they can make it their own way and add the toppings they want to eat. Makes a Mom's life easier. I will definitely add some of your suggestions to our bagel eats! Thanks!

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