Molasses Roll Out Cookies VIDEO

As much fun as kids have simply making cookie dough, they get so much added enjoyment out of rolling it and then using cookie cutters to cut out their favorite shapes.

Last week I made three separate batches of dough for Sugar, Gingerbread and Chocolate Orange Snap cookies and let Kenya and Chloe go wild with my cookie cuter collection. Roll out doughs are a time-challenged baker's best friend because they are easy to make and require no refrigerating so you can make cookies impulsively and quickly. They had the best time popping out mini ornaments, Christmas trees, candy canes and more. Over the years I've collected hundreds of cutters and stored them in a big drawer so my kids can easily grab them whenever they want to make something with them like Egg in the Hole or cookies.

The best part about our latest baking adventure is that we made so many cookies I froze six bags full, so we'll have holiday treats for weeks to come. Watch this quick video and see just how easy cookie baking can be!

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