How to Build a Donut Wall

This donut wall will be the talk of your next party!

How to Build a Donut Wall from

I love any kind of DIY project, especially when it revolves around how to build a donut wall! 

In anticipation of Kenya’s 6th grade graduation (I still can’t believe I have a 12 year old) I wanted to do as many things as possible to make the day as perfect as possible. As a room mom in his class it meant there was plenty of things to do and getting creative to make the party special was top of mind. 

How to Build a Donut Wall from

DJ? Check! Photo wall? Check! Brick oven pizza, salads and roast chicken? Check!  We even brought in games like fuze ball, basketball, ping pong and more. 

When it came to dessert we had a lot of different thoughts from mini cupcakes to ice cream, and even a big layer cake. The one food we agreed on that all of our kids (and the adults) love most are donuts. 

How to Build a Donut Wall from

What’s the best way to showcase donuts? On a huge wall for everyone to pull from throughout the evening. If you’ve never thought of building a donut wall it’s so much easier than you would think and a ton of fun! 

How to Build a Donut Wall from

There are a few things to keep in mind when building a donut wall for a party. It's a safe bet to plan 1 donut per person if your main meal will be on the heavier side. If you want the wall to be extra impressive, if this will be your only dessert option, or if you're feeding a bunch of growing teenagers, then you might want to purchase 2 donuts per person. 

Make sure to get a variety of colors and flavors, but leave out anything with a filling! My favorite donuts are from Kettle Glazed. I went with an even mix of white and chocolate frosted donuts, then added dye-free sprinkles from Supernatural.

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To start you need to head to your local hardware store to grab a few supplies. Here’s the list:

* peg board (since I needed to transport the board to the party location I used two smaller ones and placed them together).
* paint (try to use a non-toxic paint)
* sponge (cut the sponge into small squares to create a pattern)
* dowels to fit into the holes in the peg board (I bought long sticks and cut them into 5 inch pieces)
* hot glue gun
* LOTS of donuts

How to Build a Donut Wall from

How to Build a Donut Wall:

1. Place the peg boards on a towel or tarp to prevent paint getting on the floor.
2. Dip the sponges in paint colors and create a pattern on the peg boards. You can also paint them solid or create any words or decorations you like. 
3. Place the dowels in the holes to map out where you want them making sure to leave space in between for the donuts. 
4. Use a dollop of hot glue to adhere the dowels into the pre-selected holes. 
5. When the glue is dry you can place the donuts on the individual dowels to create a pattern.

How to Build a Donut Wall from
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