One of my kids’ preferred school lunch treats is homemade fruit leather. Kenya and Chloe have been known to have literal tug-of-war sessions with an entire sheet of it after it comes out of my oven or dehydrator. If you’ve never made your own fruit leather before, you are in for some fun and this Pineapple Fruit Leather Video will show you how to make this super healthy treat in minutes.

Pineapple Fruit Leather video from WeeliciousPin

It’s truly the coolest — and easiest — thing to watch an entire pineapple get cut up (click here if you’ve never seen it done before), liquified, poured out on a lined sheet tray and hours later, transform into an intensely sweet fruit leather which stays fresh for weeks and even months. It’s also a great thing to do with fruit that may be just about to be overly ripe.

Pineapple Fruit Leather video from WeeliciousPin
Photo by Maren Caruso.

I’ve made fruit leather countless times in a variety of flavors like strawberry, peach, and persimmon, but there’s something about the pineapple fruit leather that I find totally unique. Not to mention, two hours into it’s cooking time your entire house will smell like the tropics. When the fruit leather is done just cut it, roll it up with parchment, tie it with string and voila_ you have a pure nutritious snack that any kid will be ecstatic to have.

This Pineapple Fruit Leather recipe is already in the Weelicious Lunches Cookbook, but I get so many questions about it I thought you’d enjoy this quick instructional video which offers a few extra pointers for making it.

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  1. Oven tepm should be no higher then 170 fir 3 to 4 hrs. Just test tge middle for stickiness. Should be a but tacky but not sticky/gooey.

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