Tiny Corn Muffins Video

If you visit Kentucky there is one thing you will likely be eating regularly_ cornbread. My tastebuds get all warm and fuzzy just thinking back to my childhood in Louisville and my grandmother’s cornbread, which she baked in corn-shaped copper pans. Heaven. I took years of trying to recreate my grandmother's exquisite cornbread and transferred all that knowledge into a bite-sized muffin.

Tiny Corn Muffins video from Weelicious

When done wrong, cornbread can run the gamut from painfully dry and tasteless, to greasy and so laden with butter or oil that it overpowers the fresh taste of the corn. However when done right cornbread is a thing of perfection, light and fluffy on the inside and golden on the outside, with just a touch of crunch on top and a subtle sweetness.

Tiny Corn Muffins video from Weelicious

You can serve these Tiny Corn Muffins on their own or to accompany your holiday meal. They are perfect served warm and slathered with butter and a drizzle of honey. They are the perfect size, not to big, not too small. You could even break them into chunks to make Cornbread Stuffing like my mom used to do.

Watch this How to Make Tiny Corn Muffins video so you’re prepared to whip up a batch this Thanksgiving!

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