If you're not making Acai Bowls for your family, now is the time to start! What is an acai bowl? To me, it's basically a smoothie bowl, and to my kids it's one of their favorite nutritious breakfast recipes. In Los Angeles there are restaurants that serve only acai bowls with all of the accompaniments. They're that good!

Acai Bowls from weelicious.com

We know that berries are good for you, but acai berries are one of the healthiest you'll find. Acai is a cross between a blueberry and a grape, indigenous to rain forests in the Amazon and packed with antioxidants as well as being an immune and energy booster. The best part is that you buy it in the freezer section of your grocery, so you can get it year round.

Acai Bowls from weelicious.com

This recipe is super simple! Just crack a few packets of acai on your counter which makes it easier to remove the outside wrapping and popping it into the blender and toss it in with some milk and frozen banana to make a creamy mixture you pour in a bowl and then top with anything from a variety of fresh fruits, to coconut, granola and more. I offer you a ton of suggestions below, but I would love to hear your ideas as well in the comments.

Acai Bowls from weelicious.com

Want a new breakfast recipe that works as well for your baby as it does for your big kid? Acai bowls are a total win!

Acai Bowls from weelicious.com

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Acai Bowls

Prep Time: 10 mins Cook Time: 2 mins

egg free

nut free

dairy free

gluten free


  • 2 packets frozen, unsweetened acai
  • 1/2 cup frozen sliced banana
  • 2/3 cup almond, rice, or cow's milk, or coconut water
  • honey


1. Rinse Acai packets under cold water for 10 seconds. Cut open, remove plastic and place in a blender.

2. Add frozen bananas and almond milk and blend until smooth. Stop and scrape down sides if necessary.

3. Place in a bowl and top with any of your favorite toppings.


Toppings options: Fresh banana sliced Fresh raspberries Fresh strawberries Fresh blueberries Fresh blackberries Fresh mulberries Fresh plums, cut into chunks Fresh apricots, cut into chunks Fresh kiwi, peeled and thinly sliced Fresh cherries, halved Fresh pineapple, cut into chunks Fresh mango, cut into chunks Oranges, cut into segments Granola Unsweetened coconut flakes Hemp seeds Chia seeds Bee pollen honey maple syrup

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