Coco-Blue Nice Cream

Coco-Blue Nice Cream! 

We’ve been making and eating it all summer and it’s got us all smiling inside and out! I’ll never say no to real ice cream, but you can make this any time of day guilt free.

It’s vegan, gluten, and dairy free and only takes minutes to whip up! It’s easiest to make in a strong blender, but can definitely be made in any blender or food processor! 

What's your favorite flavor of Nice Cream?!

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Coco-Blue Nice Cream (makes 2 servings)

Prep Time: 2 mins Cook Time: 2 mins

egg free

nut free

dairy free

gluten free


  • 2 cups frozen blueberries
  • 3 frozen bananas
  • 1/2 cup frozen coconut
  • 2-4 tablespoons non-dairy milk


1. Place all ingredients in a high powered blender or food processor, and blend until smooth and creamy.

Note: Start with 2 tablespoons of milk, and add more if your Nice Cream is too thick.

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  • Christine

    Hi there! We had made chocolate banana nice cream for desert tonight! Funny to see your post afterwards. Would you mind letting me know, what is the white thingy in the blueberry nice cream? Also, where do you get frozen coconut? This is totally new to me. :)

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  • Heidi

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