This creep crawly Gummy Graveyard is a super fun Halloween dessert and a great recipe to get your kids invoved! 

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Halloween is one of my favorite times of year to get super goofy in the kitchen coming up with all kinds of fun and spooky recipes. We always start early in October making a bunch of Halloween inspired recipes. The kids look forward to making DIY edible crafts like Tangerine Pumpkins and Banana Ghosts or Mummy Dogs in their classrooms, Pizza Mummies which I make for 40 kids at my friend’s trick or treat party or this addictive Caramel Corn made without corn syrup the day we head to the pumpkin patch.

Gummy Graveyard from weelicious.comPin

This year I’m adding a special recipe to the mix that you can and should try making with your kids! It’s totally addictive and will be the centerpiece and most talked about dessert on your Halloween buffet. If you make this Gummy Graveyard you have to share it on Instagram tagging @weelicious and put your own spin on it! It’s really simple to whip up and has tons of steps that get kids involved in the process of making it with you. The only trick with this treat will be getting your kids to hold back from stealing all of the gummy spiders, worms and other goodies before they end up on top of the luscious chocolate ganache pie.

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Plus there are so many fun cooking techniques for kids to do in this recipe! You can have them crush the chocolate wafers in a zipper bag before mixing with butter and then press into a pie plate. They can stir all of the irresistible ganache ingredients, pour it into the crust and then top with all of the adorable gummies. I’ve always been an advocate of dye free candies as we know dyes aren’t good for growing bodies and minds. I love that the kids can enjoy one of their favorite spooky treats, but without all of the colored dyes that are added to a lot of candies.

Gummy Graveyard from weelicious.comPin

Let me know if you make this spooky Halloween dessert!

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Gummy Graveyard

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Servings: 1 slice
Author: Catherine McCord
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 1 minute
Total Time 1 hour 55 minutes


  • 25 chocolate wafer cookies, crushed
  • 1/3 cup unsalted butter, melted
  • 3 tablespoons sugar
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 7 ounces semi-sweet chocolate
  • 1 cup creme fraiche
  • 1 egg yolk
  • gummy candies


  • Crush the cookies in a food processor until very fine (you can also place them in a ziploc bag and use a rolling pin to crush them.)
  • Combine the crushed cookies, sugar and melted butter and mix well. Press into a 9inch pie pan and bake at 450 for about 5-7 minutes.
  • In a bowl combine the egg yolk and creme fraiche together.
  • Warm the milk in a small pan on the stove and add the chopped chocolate. Stir until the chocolate has melted and is smooth.
  • Add the creme fraiche mixture to the chocolate and mix well.
  • Pour the mixture into the cookie crust and bake at 325 for about 30-35 minutes. The top will still be slightly jiggly but will firm up as it cools. (Quicker in the fridge and easier to slice)
  • Place the gummy rings in the pie to form gravestones. Decorate the pie with assorted gummy worms, bears, spider etc to look like a graveyard.
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About the Author

Catherine is a mama of three. A Kentucky girl living in California. Here’s what I know: all kids can be great eaters and mealtime must be easy. I create simple, healthy recipes the whole family will love.


  1. I have 2.5 year old twins they love the gummies. They are going to be milk and cookies for halloween.

  2. Hello!! Attempting to make this tonight with what I have at home. Would you suggest sour cream or siggis vanilla yogurt instead of the creme fraise?! Thank you!

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  19. Love this idea and glad to know about Surf Sweeta. My 3 year loves gummy worms but I don’t allow it for the reasons you list, the food dye and other junk in them. Now we have an alternative. We make dirt worm pudding cake or cups. This year we will try your pie, for something different.

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    amy [at] utry [dot] it

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