Holiday Gift Guide

I love giving gifts, but rarely have time to do it so I keep a list of my favorite things to gift to my loved ones. These are all of my tried and trues plus a few items the kids really want this year. Hope it brings you some fun inspiration on Cyber Monday and beyond!

The Smoothie Project Cookbook

Amazon just picked the Smoothie Project as one of its books of the month! I can’t wait for you to have it so we can all get on the #SmoothieProject especially for the New Year. Plus if you pre-order it to receive it by December 17th you’ll get the exclusive bonus booklet mailed FREE to your front door. Makes a great gift for a friend, family and you too!

*Register your pre-order at this link to receive a free bonus booklet mailed straight to your door (US Only)!

A Powerful Blender

Now that you’re pumped to start the Smoothie Project it’s time to have the best blender. Not only is this blender incredibly powerful, it also has a noise guard so everyone can be slumbering away and have homemade smoothies by the time they wake. 

Glass Jars for Smoothies On The Go

If you’re always on the run in the morning and want a safe way to eat on the run, you need a set of these glass jars with tops and silicone straws. 

Glass Re-usable Straws

We use these glass straws everyday and I can’t imagine not having them in our kitchen. Forget the bottle of wine when you visit a friend and instead bring a beautifully wrapped pack of these beauties. 

Air Fryer

You guys know me well! If there’s one product that’s changed my life this year it’s my air fryer. I make everything from in it from a whole roast chicken to french fries,  and even go my husband using it daily to make his beloved air fried mushrooms. If you love crispy food, without the added fat this is for you. 

Once you get your air fryer, make some of my favorites with it like Air Fryer Wild MushroomsAir Fryer Roast ChickenAir Fryer French Fries and Air Fryer Maple Sage Squash!

Fun Fuzzy Slippers

We sent holiday shopping this weekend and when Chloe saw there slippers she lost her mind. Feel cozy in your house all year long. 

Party Board

Be the hostess with the mostest during the holidays with the ULTIMATE party board. I’ve had this board for year and create everything from brunch to cheese to kids snack boards all year long. 

French Press

Every morning I make myself 2 cups of the perfect hot coffee using my stainless french press that my hubby gave me years ago. The greatest gift that keeps on giving 

Bento Style Lunch Box

Every kid should have an amazing reusable bento style lunch box to see all of their choices! It makes the best gift and your child will have it for years to come. 

Kid Friendly Knives

When my kids cook with me I pull up a stool, hand them their child safe knife and they’re ready to go. 

Sharp "adult" Knife

If you have a sharp chef’s knife it can help you cook twice as fast as usual. That’s the real trick to making meals in no time flat. 

Farmers Market Wagon

I splurged on this farmers market cart last year and it’s changed my game. I fold it up in the back of my car and can hold everything you need from kids and toys to produce and more. 


Perfect Fedora Hat

On Sunday’s when I head to the farmers market at the crack of dawn there’s not time to do much visually, so I toss on my favorite hat and head right out the door! I love this fedora from Urban Outfitters! 

Customizable Letter Necklace

I never take my letter necklace off. I even added a heart and emerald to it this year to personalize it and make it that much more special!

Versatile Leopard Purse

I treated myself to this purse for my birthday this year and it truly matches with everything from day to night. 


Super Soft Tee

The softest tee shirts ever and they look great on all body types!

Comfy Cute Sweatshirt

I live in sweatshirts and this one is a favorite! The bright color makes me feel happy and bisons means "kiss" so it's all about the love.

What's on your wish list this year? Let me know in the comments! 

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