Food waste is a growing problem worldwide, with millions of tons of edible food ending up in landfills each year. Not only does this contribute to environmental issues, but it also wastes valuable resources. Fortunately, solutions are emerging to combat this problem, and one such solution is Lomi, the world’s most innovative SmartWaste™ appliance.

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The Urgency of Food Waste

Food waste is a pressing concern that demands our attention. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), approximately one-third of all food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted annually. This staggering waste has severe environmental repercussions including greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation. Plus, 43% of food waste in the U.S. happens at the household level. The average American family loses $2,000 in food waste every year. Lomi wants to help you make some of that back… and feel a lot less guilty for what you throw out.

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Lomi: The Solution to Your Food Waste Woes

We’ve had a Lomi Classic on our countertop for over a year now, and it’s an absolute game-changer. While I’m making any meal I keep a bowl nearby for food scraps to later add to our Lomi and, like magic, we have nutrient rich soil to add to our garden the next day! Here’s why Lomi is your ideal ally in the fight against food waste and what sets it apart from the rest:

  1. Nutrient rich plant food in hours: The end product from Lomi is nutrient rich Lomi Earth™. The Lomi Earth™ produced with the Grow mode is the most mature output of all three settings. It’s rich in microbial cultures and organic matter that can provide nutrients to the soil.
  2. Environmentally Friendly: Lomi’s express cycle uses less than 1kwh. That’s around half of the energy that an average dishwasher uses per cycle! Lomi is the only carbon negative appliance and actually helps you reduce your carbon footprint.
  3. Easy to use: Using Lomi is as easy as the push of a button! Lomi uses a single-button technology that’s intuitive and user-friendly. Plus, Lomi comes with a user manual, which means setup and everyday use couldn’t be simpler.
  4. Beautiful Design: Simply put, a Lomi looks great on your kitchen counter. Just because their are food scraps on the inside doesn’t mean it has to look bad on the outside. It’s designed to fit nearly every home decor.
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How Lomi Bloom Works

Lomi’s newest model, Lomi Bloom, is incredible! The difference between Lomi Classic and Lomi Bloom is your Lomi Bloom tracks your impact and rewards you for it! Simply pair your Bloom to your mobile device, and watch your impact and rewards grow. Lomi Bloom also includes a quick and easy cleaning cycle, which will keep your bucket clean and your Lomi looking fresh. Here’s how easy it is to use Lomi to make nutrient rich Lomi Earth™.

1. Set Up Bloom: Unbox, fill two filter cartridges with included carbon pellets, plug in, download the Lomi app, and connect Bloom.

2. Fill Bloom: Put your organic kitchen waste and lomi approved items (non-food compostable products) into the bucket.

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3. Select Mode: In as little as 4 hours, Lomi transforms your food-waste into nutrient rich plant food so you can feel good about regenerating the food waste your family would have sent to the landfill.

4. GO: Simply press the button and say goodbye to nasty, rotting food waste. No more icky food smells or leaky trash in your kitchen.

5. Lomi Earth™: Lomi produces a nutrient-rich output that’s technically “pre-compost ” called Lomi Earth™ which contains all the important organic matter and microbes needed to create healthy soil to aid with soil regeneration. This output helps your lawn and garden thrive.

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6. Track Your Impact: Track the positive impact you’re having on the environment, including the amount of food and waste you’ve diverted from landfill. Lomi estimates that the average family can save between 100 kg CO2e to 230 CO2e per year. This estimate includes the manufacturing and shipping of Lomi and energy usage.

7. Get Rewarded: Connect your Bloom to the new Lomi App and earn points just for connecting your device and every time you run a cycle, refer a friend, place an order, etc. Redeem your points for free products and special discounts from Lomi and other great brands.

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Food waste is a global dilemma, but with groundbreaking solutions like Lomi, you have the power to effect change right from your own kitchen. Say goodbye to food waste and say hello to Lomi, your trusted partner on the path to a more eco-conscious and environmentally responsible future!

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