Kenya was intent on me making a Tres Leche Cake for his birthday party at school this year. I’m not sure where the idea came from as it’s been years since I last made one. Had he heard it at school? From a friend? Or maybe I had mentioned the name to him in passing recently and he simply liked the sound of it. No matter what his reason, this was the dessert Kenya had his heart set on and like any mom wanting to make their child’s birthday perfect, I was determined to make him the best Tres Leche Cake ever. I spent weeks thinking about the recipe but the pressure got the better of me_ would what I made be as delicious as the cake he was dreaming of? Would my recipe be a total flop at my son’s 5th birthday party? These questions kept me awake at night. I had strapped my crazy pants on tight and couldn’t get them off.

Cut to me receiving a package two days before Kenya’s party. Inside was a signed copy of the utterly charming and uber-talented Ree Drummond’s new book, The Pioneer Woman Cooks_ Food From My Frontier. There’s very little besides a new pair of shoes that I like more than a cookbook, so getting one from the person I have had a massive girl crush on since the day I discovered her awesome The Pioneer Woman website was like having my birthday and Christmas fall on the same day. Ree’s books take the pleasure of reading a cookbook to a whole new level and you feel like she has written it just for you. Her step by recipe recipe pictures are food porn at it’s finest and the stories she weaves throughout truly make me laugh till it hurts. However, nothing made me happier than seeing that’s Ree’s new book had a divine recipe for…Tres Leche Cake.

I will never forget the smile on Kenya’s face when I arrived at school carrying that cake. It wasn’t until he finally saw it that I knew I had made exactly what he had envisioned. Kenya had picked out a variety of little toy sea animals for me to place atop his cake so that each of his classmates would get one with their piece and between the toys and the sweet moist cake, there were happy kids all around. Pioneer Woman to the rescue!

From The Pioneer Woman Cooks_ Food From My Frontier

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Tres Leches Cake

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Author: Catherine McCord
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 35 minutes
Total Time 2 hours 10 minutes



  • Preheat oven to 350° F.
  • In a large bowl, combine the flour, baking powder, and salt.
  • In the bowl of an electric mixer, combine the egg yolks and 3/4 cup sugar beating until very light in color.
  • Add the milk and vanilla, beating until just combined.
  • Pour the liquid mixture over the flour mixture, and stir gently to combine.
  • In a clean mixing bowl, beat the egg whites on high speed until soft peaks form, about 5 minutes.
  • Add 1/4 cup sugar and continue beating until the whites are stiff but not dry.
  • Gently fold the egg whites into the previous mixture until just combined. Do not over mix.
  • Spread batter into a greased 9 x 13 baking pan.
  • Bake 35-45 minutes, or until a toothpick comes out clean.
  • Remove the cake from the oven and allow to cool completely in the pan.
  • When the cake is cool, invert it onto a platter and poke holes in the surface with the tines of a fork.
  • In a bowl, combine the sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk, and 1/4 cup heavy cream.
  • Slowly douse the cake with the milk mixture, getting it all around the edges and evenly coating the surface.
  • Allow the cake to sit and absorb the liquid for at least 30 minutes.
  • In the bowl of an electric mixer, beat 1 pint heavy cream with the remaining 3 Tbsp sugar until thick and fluffy.
  • Spread the whipped cream all over the top and sides of the cake and serve.
  • *From The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food From My Frontier


Calories: 410kcal | Carbohydrates: 50g | Protein: 8g | Fat: 20g | Cholesterol: 75mg | Sodium: 220mg | Sugar: 38g
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About the Author

Catherine is a mama of three. A Kentucky girl living in California. Here’s what I know: all kids can be great eaters and mealtime must be easy. I create simple, healthy recipes the whole family will love.


  1. I usually spray my cake pans with cooking spray. You can also do exactly what you mentioned above. Are you getting all the nooks and crannies of the pan with the butter and flour? Make sure it is well greased!

  2. I just made the Tres Leches for the second time because I wasn’t ready to give up quite yet. But BOTH times, my cake wouldn’t flip out of the pan onto the tray. Pioneer Woman mentions the “prepared pan”, but I see you wrote “greased”. I greased it with some margarine and then sprinkled flour because in the Pioneer Woman’s pics, it looked like it had flour. What am I doing wrong?

  3. This cake is extremely moist, so it’s sort of like it’s supposed to be “soggy”. You can absolutely make this the day before! That will allow it to really soak up all the milks. I wouldn’t frost it until closer to serving time, though.

  4. I’m considering making this cake for my son’s 2nd b-day. Is it possible to make it the day before? Or does it get soggy?

  5. First off, I LOVE your site, i love your recipes, I recommend it often to my patients. However, recommending and giving away any pioneer woman cookbook is disappointing. I agree moderation is key, and it is ok to eat one of her recipes occasionally, however most of her food is super high fat, calorie laden and contributes highly to obesity and heart disease. She reminds me of a modern day Paula Deen- super great for an occasional party, but diabetes waiting to happen if you eat like that every day. Things like diabetes, heart disease and death might seem distant for many people, but when you see it in every single patient on a daily basis due to their diet and lifestyle choices, someone needs to stand up and say “hey pioneer woman, the way you eat is making us unhealthy”. I will continue to recommend your site, but I just wish you wouldn’t praise such unhealthy cooks.

  6. My favorite birthday cake is a Tiramisu cake the ladyfingers soaked in a lot of espresso… 🙂

  7. Is this still open? I love your website!! I make many things on repeat!!

    My favorite birthday treat is Chocolate cake/chocolate frosting…all homemade of course!

  8. Too Much Chocolate Chocolate Cake. In general I don’t like chocolate cake, but the sour cream keeps it really keeps it moist.

  9. Vanilla cake with chocolate frosting. Followed by vanilla cake with chocolate frosting.

  10. Tres leches cake is up there, although I do also love a yummy cheesecake with some sort of chocolate on it.

  11. My favorite birthday treat is being able to eat all my favorite sweets with no guilt, white cupcakes with chocolate icing and Dulce De Leche ice cream 🙂

  12. A staple at almost all birthdy parties at my house is a homemade marble cake. The recipe is simple and the cake batter is delish. I treat myself to TWO pieces on my birthday and usually dip the cake into coffee… mmmmmm!

  13. My mom would always make the most wonderful Boston Cream Pie for our birthdays…delicious!!

  14. mmm…triple chocolate cheesecake which i will eat over the next few days…enough to satisfy me for a whole year…

  15. My favorite birthday treat would be a dense chocolate cake with a chocolate ganache icing. I am a total chocolate girl!!!

  16. Although I don’t celebrate my birthday, when I deserve a special treat, I want brownies!

  17. My favorite birthday treat would be a quiet morning to myself. Coffee, my computer and no kids, no dogs to walk, no lunches to make. 🙂

  18. Strawberries. Strawberry shortcake with lots of cream. Chocolate covered strawberries. Anything with fresh strawberries.

  19. My favorite birthday treat is homemade ice cream and homemade white cake.

  20. My favorite birthday treat is lemon meringue pie. It is my absolute favorite!!

  21. My Mother’s Neopolitan Ice Cream Cake. Layered strawberry, chocolate and vanilla cake and ice cream. Ever since she made one for my older brother’s 13th birthday, I was so jealous and get a hankering for one every year.

  22. A homemade cake is the treat that I think really makes any birthday special. My favorite is carrot cake!

  23. I love cupcakes and or sugar cookies decorated to match the theme of the party!!! I have the best recipe for cookies!

  24. Cupcakes or a good homemade cake!

    Also, the recipe should read “TRES LECHES”, with an “S” at the end, which means the plural of “milk”, since we are using not one but 3. Spanish grammar rules 🙂 Also, in Mexico we really don’t use heavy cream, we combine condensed, evaporated, (which we call “leche de clavel”, and “media crema”, which is a type of cream you get in a can and readily available at Walm-Mart, HEB, Publix, etc.

  25. I have sushi every year on my birthday at my favorite expensive sushi restaurant – I love it!

  26. My all-time favorite was the first card my son ever “signed” (scribbled), but cream puff cake is hard to beat, too!

  27. My favorite treat is one we only make for birthdays as it is soooo naughty and rich a chocolate cake with butter Carmel sauce as the frosting Amazing!

  28. This year my kids made homemade wrapping paper with their own drawings for my gifts. That was pretty awesome!

  29. I’m a summer baby, so my favorite b-day is treat is a brownie sundae with all the fixings!!

  30. My friend gave me her mom’s recipe for Hot Milk Sponge Cake. I love making homemade strawberry cream cheese or strawberry buttercream frosting to go on it. It also worked beautifully for dye-free, yet beautifully PINK frosted cakes for my each of my two daughter’s pink pony and then pink heart themed parties this year!

  31. My favorite treat for birthdays is an old family recipe Droste’s chocolate cake, or mint and chip ice cream cake or both 🙂

  32. My favorite birthday treat this year, March 25, will be the pink princess castle cake that my girls,ages 2&4, will be making for/with me. They love the sugar cone touretts and everything covered in princess approved pink frosting. How can I resist!

  33. Since I am a Thanksgiving baby my favorite birthday treat is being with family and enjoying the amazing meal, and of course pumpkin pie with a dollop of whip cream.

  34. My favorite birthday treat is red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, with a glass pf sparkling cider 🙂

  35. I’m so boring but I honestly think my very favorite birthday treat ever is a marbled yellow and chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Sure, I love all the fancy pants cakes and typically make something ‘upscale’ for my son’s birthdays but for my birthday you can get away with no fancy decorations and a tasty moist yellow and chocolate cake.

  36. Hugs and kisses from the kids and a homemade cake….especially if it’s a lil crooked!

  37. O goodness, I am such a foodaholic that picking one thing would be difficult. I am tempted to say my childhood favorite-cookies and cream or mint chocolate chip ice cream cake! But food in general and friends and family always make my day!!

  38. My FAVE birthday treat is a peanut butter chocolate chip cupcake from Sprinkles in Newport Beach. OMG. Best dessert ever.

  39. My favorite birthday treat is a baskin robbins ice cream cake. Not the ones they make now but the way they used to make them. The bottom layer was cake and the top was ice cream. They iced the cake with a creaming frosting/ice cream mix that was fabulous! They dont make them that way anymore and I have been trying for years to duplicate the original.

  40. I think it has to be rice kris pie treats! They are a family tradition and are made for everyone’s birthday!

  41. I love icecream cake for my birthday treat! Either a traditional one or a “white” icecream cake which includes lots of caramel and brown sugar. 🙂

  42. My favorite birthday treat is Mexican food and a margarita. For desert I would like a hot from the oven brownie with vanilla icecream. YUM!

  43. My favorite birthday treat is a Famous Chocolate cookie cake….you take those Famous Chocolate wafer cookies–and sandwich them with homemade whip cream–then refrigerate for a few hours–YUM!

  44. My favorite birthday treat is mini meatballs from Julia Child’s cookbook. They take forever to make, but are totally worth it!

  45. My favorite birthday treat(s) are a Junior’s cheesecake slice with a chai tea shake!

  46. My favorite birthday treat is a bouquet of fruit! My husband brought one home last year on my birthday and it was so much better than cake! Yum!

  47. My birthday treat is spending the day with my family and then dinner out with my husband.

  48. Also, I’ve had 3 Leches cake before at my niece’s baptism and did not care for it. It was too … milky! haha. Maybe I’ll have to give this one a shot.

  49. My favorite birthday treat would be to be surrounded by my loved ones, having a great BBQ and eating a cup of Cold Stone ice cream! Yummy!

  50. From scratch Strawberry Cake w/ fresh picked strawberries nothing artificial.

  51. my favorite birthday treat is carrot cake with cream cheese icing but my favorite when I was a kid was those little boxes of cereal that come in a variety pack. We would only get sweet cereal on our birthday so it was super special to get the small boxes of froot loop or frosted flakes.

  52. My favorite birthday treat is any cake and seeing my kids face light up:) buttercream frosting is the best!!

  53. While MY favorite treat is German Chocolate cake, I loved reading this post because my son is from Central America so I like to make him Tres Leche cake. This year, we are doing an aquarium theme because he is fascinated with whales and sea creatures (we are painting his room blue and letting him make fish and whales for the walls and then we are taking him to an aquarium for his birthday event)! So, I was absolutely shocked to see your post! Thanks for doing the test run for me! Glad to see it’s all going to work out well… hehehee…

  54. My favorite birthday cake is carrot cake and for my son is a chocolate gluten free.
    I love Ree show!!

  55. My favorite birthday treat is a hummingbird cake and being surrounded by family telling me their wishes for me for the coming year – a family tradition that I just love!

  56. I love anything peanut butter, so my dream birthday treat would be silky peanut butter pie! yum!!

  57. Sleeping in, a great grilled dinner with my family and a very nice pinot noir. Ahhh…

  58. tres leche is one of my favorites, great with bananas and caramel sauce, too!

  59. I love cake with buttercream icing with part melted vanilla bean ice cream!

  60. My favorite birthday treat is chocolate cake with chocolate frosting! Mmmmmmmm~

  61. I’m a kid at heart so I love a three layer Neapolitan cake (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry) served with Neapolitan ice-cream. It just makes me happy.

  62. My fave birthday treat is a good creme brulee. The more exotic, the better!

  63. It looks very delicious recipe. My baby like it so much. I love the presentation which you made in presentation. Really loved it.

  64. My favorite birthday treat is either ice cream cake or cannoli cake.
    sweetpeonies07 at gmail

  65. Any cake my mom makes. Deliciousness combined with childhood memories- you can’t beat that on your birthday!

  66. Best birthday treat was having the afternoon to myself at the beach and banana milkshakes!

  67. My favorite birthday treat would have to be dark chocolate cake with coffee frosting! YUM. A nice trip to the spa would be lovely too 🙂

  68. i dont know what the official name is, but its a profiterole cake drizzled in candied caramel. mmmm….

  69. My favorite birthday treat is being with my family. I never had a particular cake every year so I kind of like to have something different each year. This year it was PW’s Fruit Pizza. I LOVE this Tres Leches Cake!

  70. My favorite birthday treat is a cold and refreshing ice cream cake. For my son’s first birthday, we had one specially ordered with strawberries inside instead of chocolate (he wasn’t a chocolate fan….yet!)

  71. A chocolate cake made by my two boys and a mess of chocolate all over my kitchen cabinets and floor, for me to clean up. I never enjoyed cleaning up as much as I did that day as the mess was made with love and I cleaned it up with love.

  72. Strawberry Cake! No one else in my family likes it, so I never get to have it, except once a year – on my birthday!

  73. I love tres leches and this looks like a simpler recipe than I have seen before. My favorite bday treat is a home cooked meal with my family and a treat from Tartine ( in SF)…

  74. Chocolate cake with vanilla whipped frosting. And a little bit more cake. And then another small piece when the kids go to bed. =)

  75. My favorite bday treat is barely-cooked fudge brownies with vanilla ice-cream!

  76. our new favorite birthday cake is Carrot Cake – complete with pineapple!

  77. My most memorable was a butterfly cake…the kind made in a round cake pan, then cut in half and flipped so the curved edges are together making the wings…my grandma made it for me and dropped it off at school before heading back to Missouri that day.

  78. Good old fashioned chocolate cake, with favours (coins and little charms) tucked between the layers.

  79. My favorite is good old yellow cake with chocolate frosting! My twin sister and I always make each other for our birthday:)

  80. My favorite birthday treat is the Steer’s Special. That’s what its called. Its a dense choc mocha cake w/ coffee icing that my Nana Steer made for my dad every year. So my mom of course had to learn how to make it. and 50 yrs later, she still makes it for dad every year. I was lucky growing up to get one each year too. I’ve only made it a couple times. Maybe I should try it again?

  81. I have four kids and each have thier very own favorite. My second childs favorite is Buster bars. It is a crushed oreo and 1/2 stick melted butter crust. A block of ice cream cut in slices to fit the pan. Caramel ice cream topping. And cool whip. Save a few oreos to garnish the top. This is great for a summer birthday! No hot oven and more time to enjoy the day with her!

  82. My mom makes a dessert with a shortbread crust, a fluffy cream cheese layer, then a lemon curd layer, topped with whipped cream and sliced almonds… One of my favourite birthday & summertime treats!

  83. Anything made with love from a family member or friend-makes me feel oh so L-O-V-E-D! 🙂

  84. My mom often made us homemade Angel Food Cake with crushed strawberries on top. So good. And vanillia ice cream on the side. Mmmm…

  85. My favorite birthday treat is the Barefoot Contessa’s Outrageous Brownies with vanilla ice cream on time…in fact, I just made this for my birthday two days ago!! Happy birthday Kenya!

  86. My favorite birthday treat is a toss up between chocolate cake, almond cake and a strawberry cake. Oh yum!!

  87. My favorite birthday treat is either a steak frite (with a bottle of red of course) and horrible grocery store frosting (yum) for me and my son loves blueberry pancakes.

  88. Either tiramisu, or my grandmas chocolate icebox cake. Nothing says happy birthday to me l one pf of those!

  89. While I love to cook, my birthday treat would be a night out at my favorite restaurant. It something we only do once a year, so it feels very special.

  90. German Chocolate Cake. Usually I have to make it for myself, but my husband finally dared to try and has the job from now on!

  91. well my birthday is in two days…I found a new recipe that I think will be a new favorite! Nutella cupcakes….can’t wait to make them…wait, is that fair that I’m baking my own birthday treat? Ehhh, the joys of motherhood 🙂

  92. My favorite treat is not having to cook on my birthday. My favorite sweet treat is strawberry shortcake and anything chocolate!

  93. I look forward to a local bakery’s yellow cake with chocolate buttercream frosting!

  94. My Aunt Ginny’s blueberry pie – the wild blueberries are usually ripe just in time for my birthday!

  95. My favorite birthday treat is Red Velvet Cake… my mom’s recipe!

  96. Nothing makes me happier for a birthday than a cupcake, moist yellow cake with yummy super sweet frosting! Yummy!

  97. My favorite birthday treat…whoopie pies! :)(Not store-bought, definitely my mom’s which are made with a touch of love).

  98. I love going out to dinner, usually a restaurant choice based on the dessert menu!

  99. oh, a day with my husband and *no kids*! haven’t had this in the past 3.5 years, but here’s hoping!

  100. Anything with chocolate in it. Chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, chocolate ice cream!

  101. Is it bad if I say anything I don’t have to make for myself?? I love it when my hubby and kids take the initiative and I don’t have to feed us for a night!

  102. Ice cream cake it combines the cake and ice cream treat from childhood in one yummy bite I loved seeing my sons face the first time he tried it on my birthday!

  103. I am the baker in my family, so while I would love something homemade, I prefer to make cakes for others’ birthdays and not my own. So I love when The Hubby brings me an ice cream cake.

  104. Dulce de leche ice cream from the fabulous local ice cream shop. Perfection.

  105. My favorite birthday treat is a plate of dried fruit, nuts, ginger.. all covered in dark chocolate and served with little glasses of port. Mmmmm…

  106. My all-time favorite birthday treat has to be my mom’s cream cheese chicken and mushroom enchiladas! Mmm! I would request them every birthday while growing up! It’s too bad we now live 6 hours from her… I have the recipe and make it on occasion, but it just doesn’t taste the same as when she made it for me.

  107. My birthday was yesterday and my favourite treat was to visit an amazing patisserie with my best girlfriend and ate the most delicious macaroons! 🙂 (and sharing a bottle of champagne with dinner of course!)

  108. Before I moved, my favorite treat was a vanilla cake with hazelnut mousse topped with chocolate buttercream from a local bakery. Now I guess I’ll settle for some gooey brownies!!

  109. I’m such a kid, I LOVE ice cream cake – homemade mud pie ice cream cake would be ultimate!

  110. A clean house and a happy family are my favorite birthday treat, but ice cream is pretty good too!

  111. My mom makes me a German Chocolate Cake for my birthday! I can’t wait to have it again this year!

    I Love Ree – would be so happy for a cookbook!

  112. i think my new favorite will be the chocolate cake i made my hubby today for his birthday with coffee and chocolate stout in it!

  113. I’d say ice cream, but that’s not really special b/c we have it ALL the time! 🙂 But my favorite cake is my MIL’s chocolate inside-out bundt cake. Yum!

  114. Chocolate pie. With real calf slobber (aka meringue) on it. Since I was 5 years old. First my Grandmother made me one every year, then my Memaw took over when my grandmother passed away. When Memaw passed away my mother and mother-in-law have taken turns keeping up the tradition. Sweet memories all the way round!

  115. When I was little my dad made a big deal of my brother and my birthdays, and he would order a huge paella for us. Nowadays I always look forward to cupcakes – weelicious vanilla cupcakes! I first made them for my son’s first birthday and they have become a tradition at my house!

  116. My favorite thing on my birthday (which is in the summer) is Strawberry Wreath Cake. I have no idea where it came from originally, but we’ve been making it in my family for years! SO GOOD!

  117. My favorite whole wheat sourdough bread from a place in Chattanooga called The Bread Basket…even though we moved last year, my best friend still sent me a lot for my birthday! Heaven!

  118. Devil’s Food cake layered with whipped cream and cherries please or pistachio creams….yum! Cake is so cute love the easy and eyecatching decorating idea!

  119. Strawberry cake… a la Phoenix Bakery in LA’s Chinatown, though I would (and gleefully have) take any cake with sliced fresh strawberries inside, including strawberry shortcake. Actually, strawberries would be yummy in this tres leches cake!!

  120. Favorite birthday treat: food – cheesecake, drink – pina colada, and all around treat – a trip to the spa! =)

  121. Being with my family enjoying my mothers world famous lasagna, followed by a good chocolate cake and some Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream. Good thing my birthday is in April, that sounds too good.:)

  122. Dirt dessert! Though it was something my friend’s mom made on her bday. Haven’t had it since middle school.

  123. a pile of warm chocolate chip cookies from City Bakery in NY with gourmet ice cream!

  124. I love a nice white cake with a delicious frosting. Maybe a hint of almond. Yum!

  125. Lemon Pudding cake (from my brother-in-law’s grandmother’s recipe) — the recipe is sooooo yummy it’s spread that far into my family! 🙂

  126. any type of baked good is good for me as long as it has cream cheese frosting!!

  127. Every year my mom makes us an Angel food cake with home-made chocolate whipped cream icing! Even though I am 30 something now, I still look forward to my birthday cake!!

  128. My birthday is in December when it’s usually cold. My favorite birthday treat is a white chocolate & rassberry ice cream cake. Yummy!!

  129. Funfetti cake! I’m making it for my goddaughter’s birthday right now!

  130. I like a good old fashioned chocolate cake with chocolate frosting served with a nice glass of cold milk. Yummy!

  131. my favourite birthday treat has to be carrot cake, though this tres leche cake looks like it could be a contender!

  132. My favorite birthday treat is whatever kind of cake comes with the most buttercream frosting on it! A nice, thick layer of frosting, maybe even some extra flowers on top…

  133. I always loved little chocolate cupcakes and also made sure that each one of my classmates got one with a frosting flower on it.

  134. Chocolate with more chocolate:) my fave cake would be chocolate with my great aunts chocolate icing recipe.

  135. Since my birthday’s in the summer, I love cooling off with ice cream cake. Chocolate cake w/ mint chocolate chip ice cream–yummy!

  136. Ree’s best ever chocolate cake! I’ve requested it for my 40th b-day last year, it’s awesome.

  137. I always shop the Nordstrom anniversary sale on my birthday without any distractions (aka kids)!

  138. My favorite treat on my birthday is Mexican food, Tres leches cake and going the movies with my husband and our two girls I have never found a recipe that has every worked for me, so my husband has a local baker make one for me every year. I am so excited to make this recipe from “the pioneer women cooks”. Now I won’t have to wait till my birthday to eat Tres leches cake. I can make it all year ago. Yum and many thanks for the recipe!

  139. Cake, cake and more cake! Vanilla bean cake with Swiss buttercream frosting…yummers!

  140. Way to go with the Tres Leche Cake! For us, it is banana cream pie. mmmmmm

  141. cream puffs like my grandma used to make with lemon curd, fresh raspberries and whipped cream….yum!

  142. My birthday treat is getting to sleep in a little in the morning, and then some type of chocolate cake with some good ice cream on the side!

  143. My favorite birthday treat is birthday cake with icing and a scoop of ice cream. Frequently my birthday falls on or near Thanksgiving so we often just put some candles in the pumpkin pie and add a scoop of ice cream-that’s always a special treat too!

  144. Apple crisp made with apples fresh from the local orchard. Lucky for me, my birthday is in September. 🙂

  145. My absolute favorite treat for my birthday or anytime is a chocolate Italian pastry that is like a mini pie stuffed with chocolate. Yum!

  146. My favorite birthdat treat is to go to Disneyland. No matter how old I get, I still love having all the castmembers wish me Happy Birthday. Oh and I love a cake with fresh fruit for sweets.

  147. I made raspberry filled lemon cupcakes with chocolate frosting for my daughter’s first birthday – soooo yummy (and a big hit!)! New household favorite 🙂

  148. My birthday was Sunday and my family surprised me with an entire gift basket of random chocolate bars they’d been collecting while out and about. In it, I found my few favorite treat — dark chocolate studded with smoky bacon. I’ve heard of it before and cringed — I didn’t know what I was missing!

  149. Definitely definitely definitely devil’s food cake with chocolate frosting! I’m a double chocolate girl for sure, and my mother used to make this for me every single birthday. Of course it was straight out of a box and a jar, but to this day it takes me way back to a time of innocence and celebration!

  150. Ice cream cake!! It’s my husbands favorite, so I’m kind of copying him. It’s the best of both worlds. Yum!

  151. My favorite treat is cupcakes delivered to my office by my wonderful husband.

  152. my favorite birthday treat? bundt! chocolate, vanilla, rum, banana, sour cream chocolate… its all good. i just like bundts for my birthday!

  153. My favorite birthday treat is a homemade strawberry cake with homemade cream cheese icing. Its so good!! I’m a HUGE fan of Pioneer woman. I will make everything in the cookbook if I win! 🙂

  154. Homemade ice cream cake from the dairy farm near our house!!! It’s a wonderful treat and they make the cake with any flavor ice cream you want!!!

  155. Strawberry Shortcake with whipped cream and of course some ice cream on the side!

  156. Champagne cocktail in an establishment without kids 🙂 and cake decorated with Smarties

  157. My favorite thing to have on my birthday is white chocolate mousse with chocolate sauce. Simply perfect yet quite hazardous for white chocolate lovers like myself.

  158. Oh, the Pioneer Woman! <3
    My favorite birthday treat has to be a great big slice of cheesecake!

  159. When I celebrated my birthday this past August, the best was my 2 year old singing Happy Birthday to me! Not to mention that we both enjoyed eating the cupcakes!

  160. My favorite birthday treat is strawberry shortcake. Or cheesecake. Or any dessert FOR dinner would be an amazing birthday treat really. ha 🙂

  161. Salted caramel anything…especially macaroons or budinos (italian for pudding)!

  162. Cupcakes (any kind)…I also like cake (any kind)…or pie (pumpkin or sweet potato – this rarely happens as my birthday is in June)…I’m really not that hard to please. Love my sweets. Oh, and brownies are good too…

  163. My favorite treat on my birthday is an Ice cream cake. I’m a 4th of July baby, so ice cream is the best on such a hot day!

  164. i love strawberry cake for my birthday! my grandma made it for me when i was a kid.

  165. My Grandma’s Apple Cake…well, her recipe. It has coffee in it, and cream cheese frosting (my addition).

  166. Homemade chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream frosting – made (and cleaned up) by someone else! 😉

  167. My favorite treat is anything containing chocolate, be it a cake, cookie or pudding. If it’s chocolate then its a treat to me!

  168. Carrot Cake is one of my all time favorites but for my birthday it is usually Ice Cream Cake since my birthday is in July.

  169. My mom’s recipe for strawberry pie is my favorite and I like to use strawberries for my daughter’s cakes since she was born in the Spring.

  170. I love the Pioneer Woman! My favorite birthday treat is the cheesecake my dad scratch bakes me every year for my birthday without fail, even though I’m lactose intolerant and I usually avoid dairy like the plague. It is made with love, utterly delicious, and I pay for it later every single time. When he knew he would be deployed on my birthday, he would make it ahead of time and freeze it for my mom to take out for us on my birthday. Nothing says love like a homemade birthday cake!

  171. Cheesecake! My hubby loves tres leches cake but I don’t really care for it, LOL.

  172. Cake, cupcakes, cheesecake…..pretty much anything that has the word cake in it!!

  173. I made this Tres Leches Cake for my son’s birthday and I think it will now be my new favorite birthday treat!

  174. I absolutely love chocolate pecan pie and request that for my birthday each year. But the best part of the day is when my kids help me blow out my candles. 🙂

  175. My birthday is tomorrow and I’m making cupcakes for the family! My favorite as a kid was marble cake with chocolate frosting….. yum…..

  176. Hmmm, good question! Almost anything chocolate wins big points in my book. Thanks for the chance!

  177. I think my favorite would either be no-bake cookies or oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip cookies! YUM!

  178. All this talk of cake makes me want some now!
    Each member of the family gets to request their birthday cake/treat and I have to make it no matter what! Then since my kids are young – and at the age when saying their age “and a half” is a big deal – we go to the local bakery on their half birthday and they get to pick out a cupcake for each of us in the family. Then for dessert, we just say, Happy half- birthday! and gobble the cupcakes up. But my own favorite treat is homemade Banana Cake with Brown Butter Cream Cheese Icing!

  179. My favorite birthday treat is a hot chocolate chip cookie with vanilla bean ice cream. Divine.

  180. my favorite treat is watching the kids open all their gifts and watching them play games. Birthdays are really for kids and watching them enjoy themselves is the best!

  181. Chocolate cake with cherry pie filling inside. Just make the cake according to the box directions and stir in a can of cherry pie filling! Then my mom always made a fudgy chocolate icing to go on top!!

  182. 1-2-3-4 cake with strawberries and whipped cream…I’m lucky to have a strawberry-season birthday!

  183. My favorite birthday treat is cake…any cake is fine as long as its homemade 🙂

  184. My favorite birthday treat is Carrot Cake :). and on another note…I was harrased on twitter yesterday because of my love for The Pioneer Woman. This woman claimed she was all a fake, it’s a shame people out there want to be cruel to others and their success. I think she is a lovely woman and I would love her new cookbook!

  185. Last year on my daughter’s first birthday, we took her to get Ethiopian food – so yummy!

  186. carrot cake or lemon bars! love pioneer woman recipes around here-thanks for the giveaway!

  187. Homemade Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting and ice cream!!

  188. If I could have anything for my birthday, it would be my mom’s lemon ice box pie. But since she lives in Tennessee and I live in Toronto, it doesn’t happen too often.

  189. I love getting a chocolate eclair from the local bakery on my birthday. The ones with the REAL whipping cream and a cherry on top, yummy!

  190. Pampering and a great dinner and something homemade and sweet for dessert like carrot cake and cream cheese frosting..

  191. My favorite birthday treat is my little sister’s giant sugar cookie covered in her cream cheese icing and topped with fresh berries and sliced kiwi. YUMMY Happy Birthday to me! Especially when Mollie makes it for me herself <3

  192. Never tried Tres Leches cake, but have heard it is phenominal! I would have to say that my favorite birthday treat is Cherry Delight. It is a delicious cherry treat with graham crackers, pecans, whipped cream and cream cheese. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!! I can’t think of the last time I had it, but that would have to be my most favorite! So glad that you received such a special gift. Theres nothing in the world like something so special; and a surprise to boot!

  193. My favorite birthday gift is being able to spend the day with my hubby and two boys. I love a great cookbook too.

  194. My fav is chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting. Actually anything with cream cheese frosting !

  195. My favorite birthday treat is a homemade angel food ice cream cake my parents used to make growing up!

  196. My favorite birthday treat every year is New York Style Cheesecake with fresh strawberries. Delish!!

  197. When I was a kid, I loved it when my mom brought Twinkees or Cocoa Rice Krispy treats to class for my birthday! As an adult though, I have to have one piece of fluffy white cake topped with whipped buttercream and a perfectly piped pink rose. It wouldn’t seem like a birthday without it!

  198. My fave treat is cream cheese pound cake, homemade whipped cream & homemade strawberry syrup drizzled over it. YUM!!!!

  199. my favorite birthday treat is pie…although since my birthday is right after Christmas we usually wind up having whatever was left over from Christmas dinner 😉

  200. My favorite birthday treat is the birthday cake with the scoop of ice cream! That combo makes the birthday!

  201. My favorite bday treat is chocolate cake with mousse filling. My family loves Ree’s show on the food network and my girls love listening to her read “Charlie the Ranch Dog” on

  202. Yellow cake with chocolate Icing, going to brunch or having a picnic and maybe even and yoga and of course hanging out with my husband and kids

  203. My boss at a mexican restaurant once made me a tres leche cake for my birthday…all time best! But since he’s no longer around, I love cheesecake for a birthday treat 🙂

  204. Oh hmm.. Since I have a summer birthday I love me a good ice cream cake preferably from Dairy Queen. Soo good!!!

  205. Every year I have a very special Bday lunch, I get Cold Stone’s cake batter ice cream with chocolate shavings mixed in and head to get a pedicure! I have come to love this little ritual of mine 🙂

  206. My birthday is in August, so, my favorite birthday treat is eating vanilla cake with vanilla icing on the beach with my family….

  207. My favorite birthday treat is homeaid mexican food, all my mamas and grandmas recipes. We always make too much, but that just mean leftovers!!

  208. My favorite is still good old fashioned yellow cake with chocolate icing and sprinkles..all from scratch of course!

  209. My grandmother’s pound cake. I still request it every year! It’s just so moist and delicious! Not healthy at all, but if you can’t splurge on your birthday, when can you? 🙂

  210. My favorite birthday treat is German Chocolate Cake. I love the combination of coconut and chocolate!

  211. My favorite birthday treat are mini red velvet cupcakes that my niece (she’s 11) makes. They’re delicious!!

  212. It sounds strange, but my birthday treat pick is always a chocolate eclair with the custard filling. Mmmmm.

  213. I might have to make this cake for my daughter’s birthday but with fairies and butterflies!!!

  214. I alternate my birthday dessert between my two favorites: Italian cheesecake (I was given an amazing recipe from the owner of a local B&B. It doesn’t use any cream cheese! Those recipes are sooo hard to find!)with raspberry sauce and chocolate peanut butter cheesecake with a chocolate peanut butter ripple topping. 🙂

  215. I would have to say that my favorite birthday treat is having someone else do the dishes for a change! *laugh* Add to that some homemade vanilla cake (no icing needed because it is so yummy!) and an afternoon watching “Little House on the Prairie” with my kids would be awesome! 😀 (I know, I’m so corny! lol)

  216. Yellow cake with chocolate frosting, please!…but, only if it’s from scratch!

  217. Last year for my son’s 4th birthday I made Hot Fudge Sundae cupcakes. They were chocolate cake with a cream cheese butter cream piped on in a swirl to look like ice cream. Topped with a drizzle of dark chocolate ganache, colored sprinkles and a cherry on top. Seriously…they were to die for! I want to make them for mine and everyone else’s birthdays!

  218. My birthday treat is Colombian food (not made by me of course). Also chocolate cake… my favorite!!

  219. my mother’s homemade coconut cake with her carrot cake in a close 2nd place for winner

  220. I’m a kid at heart, so my favorite birthday treat is ICE CREAM CAKE. 🙂

  221. My favorite birthday treat for myself would be a seafood dinner followed by a slice of banana cake from the Beaverton Bakery. Yum!

  222. I myself love fondue…it’s been about seven years since going out for fondue for my birthday in beautiful Banff, Alberta. I also love a great spa outing and it’s been about that long too since I did that. I love Pioneer women. I was so excited to hear about her new book. I hope Canadians can enter. I think I tell one or two friends or strangers about your site a week!

  223. Favorite treat would be going to my fav restaurant The Kitchen (in Sacramento, CA)!!! So delicious!!!

  224. My favorite birthday treat is my mom’s German Chocolate Cake. She still makes it for me every year 🙂

  225. Lately, I have been making Chai cupcakes for special occasions. Very yummy!!

  226. We always go to a minor league baseball game for my g-day, so my favorite treat is a beer at the ballpark!

  227. My husband and I usually go out for sushi or steak on our birthdays. For the little one’s birthday it’s all about the yummy finger food!

  228. my favorite birthday treat was always my grandma’s homemade blackberry cobbler! tons of fresh blackberries layered between flaky pie crust… topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

  229. OMG, Tres Leche is my new birthday favorite! We get it from Whole Foods by the piece and I just found out you can order a cake of it from them. Seeing this recipe, I’m going to try it out before ordering! Thanks. 🙂

  230. I love eating my Dad’s spagetti sauce or Hamburger stroganoff. I won’t turn down a great steak though.

  231. My favorite birthday treat is a fresh fruit tart! Can’t wait to have one on my birthday 🙂

  232. Pear, cranberry and gingersnap crumble from Deb at Smitten Kitchen. It sounded tasty and then I made it…and the heavens parted and angels sang. If anyone reads this, go find the recipe on her site and MAKE IT!!

  233. My favorite birthday treat is a special Italian cookie called Anginotti…they’re moist like cake and just lightly sweetened and simply delicious!

  234. My favorite biethday treat would have to be either my mom’s pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting or what I grew up calling pancake cake. It is homemade yellow cake with cherry pie filling on top and blobs of the cake batter over top of that with a powdered sugar glaze drizzled over the finished product. Yum!

  235. Oooh, yellow cake with chocolate icing! Also anything with chocolate and peanut butter is a specail birthday treat too!

  236. My mom makes this layered cake with a graham cracker crust at the bottom, a layer of chocolate pudding, layer of cream cheese icing, followed by another layer of chocolate pudding, and lots of whipped cream on top. It is very light and creamy. I have to refuse taking any home with me after because I will literally eat an entire pan of it in one sitting!! So delicious, and really easy.

  237. My favorite birthday treat is funfetti cake from a box topped with homemade sweetened whipped cream. I know that is a bizarre dichotomy between homemade and from a box but it is my husband’s family’s birthday tradition and I absolutely love it!!!

  238. My favorite is tiramisu, although coconut cake (from scratch) comes in a very close second!

  239. My favorite birthday treat would probably be most any dessert chocolate. I wasn’t a big icing fan growing up, but nowadays I like it more so. Actually though, what more so came to mind for a birthday “treat” was the purple road bike my husband gave me when I turned 27. That was probably the most special of all.

  240. My favorite birthday treat is my mom’s strawberry jello poke cake with whipped cream frosting! Too bad I now have to wait til July for her to make me some! I might request it much sooner though!

  241. Definitely something that involves ice cream. But there also has to be something baked…like homemade brownies, yellow cake with chocolate frosting, or cookies!

  242. I love a good red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting. But I am so happy you shared this tres leches recipe because this is by far my favorite cake with all of it’s moist yumminess.

  243. Old fashioned break-your-arms-while-trying-to-get-it-fluffy divinity. It was always a treat at my house since my mom’s mixer could only stand up to doing it about once a year, and even then we usually had the task of finishing it off by hand, but it was still so worth the work.

  244. My favorite birthday treat is Stawberry poke cake that my aunt makes. It’s so moist and she tops it with whipped cream and fresh strawberrys.. Best if eaten right out of the fridge.

  245. I love Cheesecake with cherries on top! Yummy!! Haven’t had it since I moved out of Mom’s house 15 years ago!

  246. My grandmother made a cake we called an Italian Wedding Cake – three layers of white cake, pecans, and cream cheese frosting. Wish it were my birthday today and I could have some now!

  247. I’m not a big cake fan usually, but my Mom makes 2 that I love! One is Banana with Chocolate frosting, and the other is Pineapple Nut with Cream Cheese frosting. Yum!!

    And Happy Birthday to Kenya!! I’ve been following your site since my son was a “Wee One” and he will be 5 in August. Keep up the great work!!

  248. Tastes have evolved – it used to be anything chocolate, then anything cheesecake, then I was in a red velvet phase, but lately, salted caramel has been my favorite flavor.

  249. My favorite birthday treat is cake!! I like it super moist with no frosting unless the frosting is Bavarian cream or something that’s not super sweet. Just gimme cake!

  250. im addicted to her show every sat morning! n i love the website! chocolate! anything chocolate!

  251. I love this cake my mom makes me evry year for my birthday it’s called Impossible cake it is Flan and chocolate cake. The chocolate cake is the bottom layer and the flan is the top layer it is so good.

  252. My favorite birthday treat are vegan chocolate cupcakes and a glass of champagne!

  253. My birthday is on St Patrick’s Day, and this year I’m having stout floats (yes, the main ingredients are Guiness and ice cream!) for a special birthday treat.

  254. Hmmmmmm. It has to be a strawberries and cream ice cream cake from Graeter’s, a Cincinnati ice cream shop. They use real whipped cream as frosting!

  255. My favorite treat is pumpkin pie, my birthday is either on or around Thanksgiving and pumpkin pie never gets old. I love it!

  256. My Favorite birthday treat is definitely the birthday cake!!! Yummy with TONS of icing!!!

  257. You can’t go wrong with a great simple cake and fantastic icing. This past year I did take it up a notch with my Chocolate Guinness Cake with Bailey’s Creme Icing…yummy!

  258. My sister made one of a different recipe, but it didn’t turn out well. Can’t wait to try this one!

  259. Day with my family, delicious sushi and vanilla birthday cake with chocolate icing!

  260. Besides spending a whole day with my family, I LOVE cheesecake in my birthday!!!

  261. OMGosh I love (and Ree’s red hair!)

    When I was younger, my absolute favorite was the funfetti cupcakes my mom would bake in ice cream cones. I use my son’s birthday as an excuse to enjoy those cupcakes once a year now 🙂

    As an adult, I enjoy going out to eat at a nicer Indian or Tai restaurant then going to grab snickerdoodle or rice crispee treat ice cream at a place here that makes everything in-store.

  262. My favorite birthday treat is sleeping in and breakfast in bed! Doesn’t matter what the husband and child cook. Last year they made me waffles.

  263. I’d LOVE a cookbook!! I’m on her & your websites all the time and having a cookbook would be much easier for quick references.

  264. I love ice cream cake for a birthday treat…but if I want a quick and delicious way to surprise someone for their birthday my go to recipe is the best ever chocolate sheet cake that I found by randomly searching… I would LOVE this cook book 🙂

  265. Favorite birthday treat- a cake with fruit made from organic ingredients to share with my family!!

  266. I love mocha flavored cakes that are decorated with lots of nuts, like walnuts or hazelnuts!!

  267. I love Tres leches cake! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. The first time I had it I was away from home and friends and pretty down. Then a friend of mine suprised me by showing up at my place with a peice of Tres leches cake. If it’s not Tres leches, my other favorite birthday treat is a fresh strawberry cake from a bakery in Columbus, Ohio called Golden Delight.

  268. Since my birthday’s in summer, my favorite treat is usually ice cream or chilled fruit pie.

  269. Favorite all time birthday treat, German Chocolate cake with pecan and coconut frosting!!!!

  270. Either a really good cake with little to no frosting or a Gold Brick Bar. It’s this amazing chocolate, almond, caramel bar from a place called Choco Logo. I love the salty version of it. I cut it into small slices and savor it for days.

  271. My favorite birthday treat is princess cake. And I don’t mean a cake with Cinderella or Belle printed on the frosting! I am referring to that divine Swedish confection with custard and raspberry and covered in marzipan. Mmmm…

  272. Hmmm… my favorite treat is always chocolate, but usually I ask for carrot cake for my birthday– I love the cream cheese frosting!

  273. I crave a strawberry angel food/whipped cream treat that my Great Aunt Sissy used to make for me. I made it a few years ago for a family dinner and it brought sweet tears to all of us. So yummy!

  274. The Cheesecake Factory makes a Lemoncello cream torte that’s to die for! Better yet, no work required on my part 🙂

  275. My favorite birthday treats are cupcakes. usually chocolate with chocolate buttercream frosting ♥ yum!

  276. My favorite birthday treat has got to be a good piece of cake. As long as it is moist, fluffy, and has some good flavor I don’t care what kind it is. Oh and the frosting has to be tasty as well 🙂

  277. Chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting and a big scoop of vanilla ice cream!

  278. Chocolate cake with stawberries in the middle (with cream cheese frosting)!!

  279. My favorite birthday treat is having my husband take me to one of my favorite restaurants for crab. Om nom nom nom! I love Ree, and would love to win her cookbook. Thanks for the opportunity!

  280. My favorite Birthday treat is going out to an amazing restaurant with my husband and not caring what the calories are in my food! oh and I love a good molten chocolate cake with ice cream! yum!!!

  281. My all time favorite treat on my birthday is my mom’s red velvet cake with her tummy frosting. (it’s not a cream cheese frosting, not sure what you’d call it)

  282. My favorite birthday treat is pancakes pour in the the shape of an M. My dad used to make them for me when I was a little girl. There is something so special about “letter pancakes” on your birthday! I’m going to start making them for my kids.

  283. Truth be told anything my kids and hubby attempt to make me! Their excitement and delight beats any decadence.

    But the traditional birthday cake of my childhood was the amazing chocolate cake my Grandma made; it was always in a heart pan.

  284. My favorite birthday treat is apple swirl cake. I make it for both of my daughters on their birthdays. it has fresh apples, cinnimon, a shot of orange juice among other things. It is so moist and delish! I cover it in homemade whipped cream and cream cheese frosting. it is unbelievable! I got both recipies from a homemade babyfood site several years ago. Whenever I make it people massively consume it. There is never any left over!

  285. My favorite birthday treat is an ice cream cake- goes great with the Texas summer heat, since my birthday is in June! 🙂

  286. My favorite birthday treat is raspberry tart! Since my birthday falls in November, and I’m from Colorado and live in Idaho, I am usually very content to settle for a nice bottle of wine and some good sushi!

  287. There are alot of things but the most precious to me, is the birthdays I have with my daughter….They are a treat all in there own.

  288. My favorite treat is mini cupcakes from a local bakery. So addicting and delicious!

  289. My favorite birthday treat is time with my family and a yellow cake with milk chocolate frosting 🙂

  290. love wholesome family and comfort food recipes… keep ’em coming!

  291. Even though I’m married with a little girl, my mom still makes me a Pineapple Upside Down Cake on my birthday every year. My absolute favorite!!

  292. The 2 books that you reference would you say they are healthier recipes? When I think of the fronier I think of old fashioned and maybe healthier because they didn’t have alot of the stables like butter and that and wondered if that was the case? Thanks

  293. My favorite birthday treat is simply a decadent chocolate cake with a fluffy, lightly sweetened buttercream frosting.

  294. My favorite birthday treat is cake – usually chocolate.

  295. Chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting. Mmm!!! Too bad my son is allergic to peanuts and I can’t have it anymore. 🙁

  296. I am a new year’s baby and we start the day and year with a yoga class…followed by italian cream cake 🙂

  297. My husand making breakfast and lunch and dinner. Doesn’t matter what it is, just being cooked for.

  298. My favorite birthday treat is an authentic Mexican dish, pozole. Its a treat because I get it once a year the way I love it, spicy.

  299. Ice Cream from the homemade ice cream shop…Favorite Flavor of ice cream is their Rice Pudding Flavor!!!!

  300. My favorite birthday treat is chocolate cake with 7 minute mint icing loving made by my 86 year old grandma. I love that woman so much!

  301. Congrats on a successful birthday cake! We’re making one this weekend ourselves and I’ve been quite nervous! It’s a simple chocolate with buttercream frosting, but it’s gluten free (ack!). Hopefully Ree can save me in the future on something as well.

  302. My favorite treat is homemade vanilla ice cream – made from my Grandmother’s “secret recipe” 🙂

  303. My mom bakes a sherry cake for me every year- it is sort of like a pound cake, with a hint of sherry, and powdered sugar on top. I can taste it right now!

  304. I love Dairy Queen ice cream cake! I make sure my husband buys one for my birthday each year.

  305. My favorite birthday treat is Honey Walnut Prawns from my favorite Chinese restaurant. No one else in my family likes them, so I never order them, but on my birthday I feel OK just eating the entire order by myself!

  306. I always ask for a bottle of grey goose and extra large olives for my birthday and my family members fight over who will give them to me 🙂 I also love to have a delicious piece of cake that *someone else* has baked 🙂

  307. My favorite Birthday treat is a homemade German Chocolate cake. On each slice I eat all of the cake first and save the icing for last 😉

  308. 3 Leches is my specialty. I made it for my little girls 1st b-day. I use cajeta aka dulce de leche in between the layers and a pie crust on the base. Big hit!

  309. My favorite birthday treat is being able to go out and enjoy a nice gourmet meal from my fav restaurant with my hubby!

  310. My favorite birthday treat is this cake! For reals! I love it topped with fresh, sliced strawberries.

  311. My favourite birthday treats would be enjoying a delicious meal with my family of surf and turf, tossed spinach salad, corn on the cob, cheesecake and small piece of dark chocolate 🙂

  312. My favourite treat is anything I do not have to bake! For everyone’s birthdays in my house, I make a mountain of cupcakes, so I have a special love for anything made for me. If I had to pick, it would be a pie made by my mom, the best pie maker in the world.

  313. I dont like many cakes but Trs Leches is my favorite ..wish i knew how to make it.

  314. I really love when my husband remembers to plan ahead and gets me a card and flowers 🙂

  315. My mom makes the most insane chocolate cream pie! I would eat that over cake any day…especially on my birthday!

  316. Every year I get an entire tray of Baklava for my birthday and a box of caramel turtles. LOVE IT!

  317. My best friend making me her chocolate/chocolate birthday cake! YUMMY and spending time with my friends and family!

  318. My favorite treat is not food, but it is the once a year over night away from the kids. That is the one time someone is willing to watch all the kids over night. It is so nice.

  319. My favorite birthday treat….an afternoon to myself. I can decide what I want to do, where I want to go, etc. And should I decide to eat something yummy while I’m out and about (most likely cheesecake or some other decadent dessert), I will not have to share!

  320. I have a summer birthday, so I have always LOVED ice cream cakes…they are my favorite!

  321. Most definitely, my favorite way to spend any day is with my family: my hubby, our 3-year old son, our 2-year old daughter… & we’ll soon have our 3rd addition! Our new baby is due right before my birthday, so that’ll be a wonderful birthday treat!

  322. My favorite birthday treat is fresh raw Gulf oysters. And a delicious desert!

  323. My favorite birthday treat is easy…a half dozen gourmet cupcakes from my favorite bakery!

  324. doberge cake from a local bakery and cheescake and nutter butter peanut butter pie and lemon ice box pie oooohhh there are too many to name the list goes on and on

  325. I will be turning 30 next week (March 14th) and I’m just happy to spend it with my 2 kids and husband…since the weather is warming up we are going on a picnic! Also we are trying to have another baby… So that would be an amazing birthday surprise! Love this cake…will be making it soon 🙂

  326. Homemade chocolate cake, with cherry pie filling, and decadent chocolate frosting. All made by my sweet husband!

  327. My Mom’s texas sheet cake is my favorite birthday dessert. Chocolate cake with fudgy frosting and pecans on top. You can’t beat it!

  328. Something cooked on the BBQ, sweet tea, and homemade yellowcake with buttercreme frosting (yes I bake my own cake LOL)

  329. Ice cream cake! I have only had store bought ones, but my son has a severe peanut allergy. That means we can’t have them anymore due to cross-contmanation. Maybe you can come up with a recipe?! I would love to have that yummy birthday treat again!

  330. I love homemade chocolate mousse made with Peruvian dark chocolate, fresh whipped cream and raspberries

  331. An English trifle…my mom is from Scotland and it’s traditional dessert over there. I love it!

  332. Oooh! My favorite birthday treat are actually Rice Krispie treats; sans butter and sprinkled with sprinkles, just the way my mama made them for me when I was a wee one 🙂

  333. The best birthday treat for me would be to sleep in and take a long bath later in the day. But, with a toddler and one on the way, I’d be just as happy with lots of birthday hugs and some gooey chocolate cake with whipped cream icing. Yum! What a fabulous giveaway! Ree’s book is really hitting it off – I’m seeing it everywhere (or maybe I just visit too many food blogs :D).

  334. Being with my family and my Mom’s angel food cake with heath bar whipped cream frosting. Yum!

  335. I just made my twins chocolate brownie cupcakes for their 1/2 birthday. They were delicious and actually somewhat healthy, made with oat bran and buckwheat flour. The kids gobbled them up!

  336. A good glass of chammy (or two) and a delicious piece of cake with buttery frosting! I also love Ree – just started watching her new show. hope i win!

  337. My favorite birthday treat is a chocolate layer cake with chocolate mouse filling and chocolate ganache frosting. Also, this year my husband surprised me with hot Krispy Kreme donuts & that was a great birthday surprise!

  338. Strawberry shortcake, my son and my boyfriend. I really only need my two men =)

  339. My birthday is actually coming up soon so I have been thinking about this one! I’d love to have the Oreo dessert my aunt used to bring it to all of our family gatherings (but I never got the recipe.) It had a brownie base, caramel & chocolate sauce, Oreo ice cream, & cool whip. I’ll have to try and create my own recipe.

  340. They are probably the total opposite of healthy, but I LOVE chess bars. I try to only make them for my hubby’s birthday.

  341. I love a perfectly cooked steak dinner with all the fixings and brownies with icecream for dessert! Ah the perfect Birthday treat!

  342. wow that looks good! I’m a purist when it comes to birthdays – cake and icecream. Because I LOVE to mix the two together and eat the mushy-creamy-cakey-deliciousness up!

  343. When I was a little girl my mom always made me a Angel food cake with Strawberry icing & big red strawberries on top. I loved it! Now that I’m grown with 2 boys of my own my favorite birthday treat is having them help me blow out the candles on my cake. I don’t even care what kind it is. 🙂

  344. Hands down a simple cheesecake with fresh strawberries. YUM! I’m not a big cake fan, but cheesecake is my one exception.

  345. In our family, nothing tops my grandmother’s cherry chocolate cake. It couldn’t be easier. It’s super moist and very chocolatey. It just doesn’t feel like a birthday without it.

  346. last year, about a month before my birthday i saw this beautiful tart at Whole Foods with it’s gorgeous and colorful fruit glistening on the top. I pointed and said “that’s the cake i want for my birthday”. I got it for my birthday and it was delicious but the best part was a week later i found a sticky note in my 15 y/o sons room to remind himself to get me that tart. It was my son who remembered and made my husband drive him there to get it for me. That was better than any other treat i could have ever had!

  347. My favorite wound have to be chocolate cake with a thick layer of chocolate frosting, second choice would be coconut cake. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  348. a rich, but not too sweet, home made CHOCOLATE CAKE is the best birthday treat ever!

  349. I actually love love love the 4 layer chocolate cake with chocolate frosting that actually aired on her tv show recently. I love Ree and would love to own her new cookbook 🙂

  350. Love TPW!
    Every year for my birthday my mom makes me the same cookies she made the day she went into labor with me – Russian Tea Cakes. Anything but healthy, but oh so delicious!

  351. Ice cream sundae…or even better an ice cream sundae on top of a warmed up brownie. Mmmm.

    Just had my son’s 3rd birthday party and we had a pancake and pajama party. I made apple pie pancakes and banana chocolate chip pancakes. The kids were so full they didn’t even want any cupcakes!

  352. Mmm, Perfect Chocolate Cake from New Recipes from Moosewood Restaurant — haven’t found a better, straightforward chocolate cake yet . . .

  353. My favorite birthday treat is Tiramisu… however I have yet to try this Tres Leche Cake, so it could become a new favorite because it sounds delicious and right up my alley as I hate traditional frosting!

  354. When I was a kid I did not like cake(huh?) So my mom would make popovers with homemade mint chip icecream and chocolate sauce. Now I know it was like a giant profiterole. It would confuse some of my guests(this was the 70’s and they were kids looking for cake) but I loved them.

  355. I love a traditional piece of cake and ice cream. Vanilla vanilla vanilla 🙂

  356. My favorite birthday treat has evolved over the years, especially now with having kids. So now, I plan what my birthday is going to be, and my husband and the kids do all the work. I do make my own birthday cake…..2 reasons for that…..I love to bake and it has to be gluten free. Last year I went to the spa and the boys got ready a hotdog roast on the beach complete with table and chairs, and of course some friends and family. Was awesome. I wonder what this year will bring?

  357. What a cool looking cake! Such a great idea to have enough toys to give out one with each slice! That idea might be making an appearance at my son’s birthday party too 😉

    My own birthday is right smack in the middle of the summer.. July 27th so very hot and humid. My favorite birthday treat growing up was ice cream cake – we got it one time a year – my birthday! But now I make my own ice cream freezer pies instead!

  358. My birthday is on christmas eve. so my family always goes out of their way to make it distinct from the holiday and make me feel special. my favorite treat is the puff pastries we make with guava and cream cheese… super yummy and making them at home cuts the sugar/calorie count. Double win!

  359. My favorite birthday treat is a toss-up between a massage and my childhood fantasy, lemon cake, made with love by Mom.

  360. My favorite is Pioneer Woman’s chocolate sheet cake. Oh! It’s divine and even better the next day when the cake and icing become one. I make it for my own birthday every year!

  361. My favorite birthday treats are scallops for dinner and checkerboard birthday cake for dessert!

  362. Cast iron chocolate chip cookie slightly gooey and so hot the ice cream melts all over it.

  363. my mother in law always makes me a strawberry cake with buttercream frosting. it’s pink and delicious.

  364. My moms chocolate bundt cake with chocolate frosting. Love it. Look forward to it every year. I would loooooovveee to win this cookbook. Soooo pleasseeee!!!!!! Pick me

  365. I actually prefer pie over cake. My favorite is Rhubarb Cream, Custard, and Coconut Cream. Actually, almost any pie would do. 🙂

  366. my fave bday treat would have to be anything mint chocolate chip shared with my family.

  367. Red. Velvet. Cake. (With cream cheese frosting.) It’s best if my mom makes it… of course!

  368. I know this is a bit out of the ordinary, but I always request pecan pie for my birthday. No one can make cake like my mom did, but the pecan pie from a little restaurant we love in Asheville (Tupelo Honey Cafe) comes really close to my grandmother’s pecan pie…..and it was a favorite for this Scorpio! Can’t be beat with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of the just-baked pie!

    I LOVE PW! Her recipes are awesomely decadent, and her site is like browsing through a favorite magazine!

  369. When I was growing up, I always asked my mom for yellow cake with chocolate frosting

  370. Lemon cake with fresh strawberries and coconut frosting…..and my soon to be 4 year olds face as she enjoys it!

  371. My favorite birthday treat is the homemade birthday card I get from my two kiddos. 🙂

  372. My favorite birthday treat is probably a good chocolate cake with chocolate icing…made by my grandma.

  373. the only thing i absolutely have to have on my birthday is a good cake, i’m not picky, but buttercream icing is a plus.

  374. I love chocolate cake with caramel filling! Love Ree’s website. I just made her chocolate lava cakes–delicious and easy. Thanks for the opportunity!

  375. My favorite birthday treat is funfetti cake with funfetti icing. Silly, I know, but it’s delicious! We even had funfetti cake as a layer of our wedding cake.

  376. Nothing beats yellow cake with chocolate frosting for my birthday cake…. it’s always been my favorite! And I’m lucky enough that it’s now my son’s fav too!

  377. My favorite birthday treat is sharing a bowl of homemade chocolate peanut butter ice cream with my daughter whose birthday is 9 days after mine.

  378. I absolutely love chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream slightly melted on top! YUMMY!!

  379. My favorite birthday treat: a delicious dark chocolate cake that for once I don’t make! 🙂

  380. My favorite birthday cake is Baskin Robbins Chocolate
    Peanut butter cake! But in recent years I have learned how
    to make it. I don’t know if that’s a good thing. since I
    have to make my own birthday cake every year! Ha

  381. My favorite birthday treat? Not having to make supper…being taken out or better yet, having a meal prepared for me at home (and not having to clean up.) A girl can dream, right?

  382. Im making her chocolate cake she made for Ladds birthday for my brother… yum

  383. Love both of you, Catherine and Ree! My favorite birthday treat…A fudge brownie, warm, with a scoop of good vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries!!

  384. I made some Vegan “Almond Joy” cupcakes from scratch last year for my girls’ birthday – they have quickly become my favorite…but let’s be honest…I’d eat anything with frosting or chocolate. Ha!

  385. My favorite birthday treat is lemon cake with a tart lemon glaze…but I’m also looking forward to my present this year, which is the “rental” of a whole organic apple tree in an orchard in MI: we get all the apples it bears!

  386. My Grandma used to make homemade grape ice cream to go with my Mom’s Lemon Glazed Angel Food cake. It was the perfect combination.

  387. Not having to cook for the day??!! But that doesn’t happen:)
    But I really love the cards and colored pictures that my little ones make for me! Love the hand-made gifts the best!

  388. My hubby makes the best Black Forest Cherry cake! He makes it from scratch-even the whipped cream! Yummy!

  389. My favorite birthday treat is usually a flan or creme brule. But I’m excited to try this Tres Leches recipe!

  390. My favorite birthday treat is not just food! I love taking a vacation day off from work, relaxing and enjoying the day to myself, and then going to a nice dinner with my boyfriend and friends 🙂

  391. My favorite birthday treat is a strawberry cake my mother has been making for our (I have 3 siblings) for as long as I can remeber. I now use the same recipe for my daughters’s birthday cupckaes every year.

  392. Dinner at my favorite Italian bistro nearby and tiramisu with coffee for dessert!

  393. My favorite birthday treat is going to Maryland for steamed crabs and shrimp. Then we stop at Carl’s for ice cream on the way home. (Carl’s is a local favorite in Fredericksburg, VA.)

  394. Homemade strawberry cake with strawberry frosting. The recipe I use for the frosting tastes like strawberry ice cream! Yum!!

  395. Ice cream cake, preferably made with some decadent flavor and coated in chocolate ganache!

  396. Chocolate espresso cake with Italian buttercream icing and salted caramel filling and drizzle!

  397. My son loves carrot cake! For his first birthday we had carrot cupcakes. Yummo!

  398. Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache frosting…eaten slowley…for sure.

  399. My mom always made me ‘chocolate whipped cream cake’ for my birthday, and it is still my favourite! Poke holes in a white sheet cake, pour over a chocolate syrup/gelatin mixture, frost with fresh chocolate whipped cream and chill. Still the most amazing cake ever IMO!

  400. Since my birthday is in the fall my Mom always made me spice cake with chocolate icing when I was a girl. It’s still my favorite today, even my mom loves it on her birthday!

  401. favorite birthday treat.. getting to choose the meals for the day! and carrot cake (aka cream cheese frosting vehicle!).

  402. A birthday treat for me would be some quiet time to shop by myself without chasing my three kids around!!

  403. I just love seeing my name in frosting! It can be on a doughnut, a cake, a cookie, pancakes…whatever!

  404. My brother is a waiter at a fancy restaurant, on my birthday he said I could have any dessert I wanted on the house. I was pregnant and all I really wanted was more of the garlic mashed potatoes. Better than any 8 layer chocolate cake.

  405. A chocolate bundt cake made with a few packs of pudding. Moist & addictive!

  406. Hiking and a picnic with my family! My son now wants this cake for his birthday. I love the idea of putting a small toy on each piece.

  407. my favorite treat would have to be baklava!! I just can’t eat enough and yet because of how heavy it is on the calories…I rarely eat it!! YUM!!

  408. I just saw her show for the first time and Love it. I’ll be checking out her web site. The great thing I noticed on the show was how easy she made it to understand and make her recipes that day.Thanks for this opportunity.
    My favorite treat would be a chocolate ganache covered cake with pure raspberry filling oozing out when cut.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  409. A homemade birthday cake or cupcake that is not too sweet. Maybe one with a cream cheese frosting.. This tres leche cake is the perfect birthday cake idea for me or my almost 2 year old. I can’t wait to make it.

  410. My birthday is in the fall, so I am always craving something with pumpkin and spices. Anything chocolate always works too!

  411. Ok, I am weird, but I absolutely LOVE my grandmother’s fruit cake. My dad makes me a fruit cake for my bday every year (my bday is in July).

  412. a trip to the spaaaah and dinner at one of my favorite local “foodie” restaurants here in Cincinnati!

  413. My favorite birthday treat is a vanilla cupcake with raspberry cream filling and buttercream frosting!

  414. When my great aunt was alive, every birthday she made some sort of peanut-butter oatmeal cookies. She put them in a tin that was just for me so that my brothers couldn’t take them. That was my favorite childhood birthday treat!

  415. My favorite birthday treat is lobster! We have it every year for my birthday.

  416. I save my birthday for the really good dessert that doesn’t get made the rest of the year. My Gran used to make this lovely dessert that we called icebox cherry cheesecake. Cream cheese and sugar and whipping cream…topped with cherry pie filling. It’s still my favorite!

  417. My favorite birthday treat is to be with family and friends eating yummy food and having all different flavored mini cupcakes.

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