7 Pesto Recipes Kids Love

7 Pesto Recipes from Weelicious

A good way to drum up some excitement around tonight’s dinner table is by making something your family has never eaten before. Accomplishing that doesn’t mean you have to wander down a funny smelling aisle in the grocery store. It can be as easy as taking things that your family loves, and putting a little twist on it.

Pesto is a great pantry item that many kids love on a number of things. Most often, though, it’s found on top of a variation of pastas. And there’s nothing wrong with that–everyone loves it! But when your kids start to get a little tired of pesto pasta, try a few of the pesto recipes below to reclaim their enthusiasm for the tasty green mush.

Here are 7 Pesto Recipes Kids Love!

Spinach Pesto on Rice from Weelicious
Pesto on Rice
You don’t have to ditch the pesto-carb combination to get a new meal out of your pesto.

Halibut Pesto Kabobs from Weeliciious
Halibut Pesto Kebabs
If you haven’t introduced too much fish to your little ones yet, smothering it in something familiar is a great place to start. Here's a video, too!

Green Machine Pizza from Weelicious
Green Machine Pizza
Everyone loves pizza. It’s a universal constant.

Egg Pesto Melt from Weelicious
Egg Pesto Melt
Pesto? For breakfast?! This breakfast sandwich is a hit among kids and adults alike. Check out this video for help making it, too!

Vegetarian Pesto Wraps from Weelicious
Vegetarian Pesto Wraps
These wraps are perfect for school lunch, a picnic, or a quick veggie-filled snack!

Chicken Pesto Tenders from Weelicious
Chicken Pesto Tenders
Take your regular chicken strips up a few notches and add your favorite flavorful pesto!

Pesto Turkey Meatballs from Weelicious
Turkey Pesto Meatballs
My family eats these so often that I always have a batch in the freezer!

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