What would a mother do without those truly incredible containers you pack those lunches, snacks and drinks in throughout the year? You know, those drip-proof, spill-proof, durable, tight lidded ones which can seem impossible to find, but actually do exist!

I’m thrilled about these 10 on-the-go summer snacks. I try to make a bunch of snack recipes (some which are easy to freeze) to make sure I’ve got tons of choices ready to go all summer long. When you have a few favorites ready to go it makes summer time snacking that much easier, and healthier.

Check out some of my favorite on-the-go snacks and the containers I use to store them.

10 On-The-Go Summer Snacks for KidsPin

Pack some Red Bell Pepper Hummus in the Trio Stainless Steel Food Container along with pretzels and sugar snap peas for dipping.

10 On-The-Go Summer Snacks for KidsPin
U-Konserve nesting trio food containers will keep your Everything Kale Chips from getting squished so you can enjoy these crunchy goodies all day long.

10 On-The-Go Summer Snacks for KidsPin

Innobaby Keepin’ Fresh containers are great for toting along your favorite sushi sandwiches. These are a great sandwich for little hands to hold!

10 On-The-Go Summer Snacks for KidsPin

Sure, you can pack a sandwich in these adorable LunchSkins reusable bags, but they’re also great for granola balls! They have tons of patterns and sizes of reusable snack and sandwich bags to store all your favorite snacks.

10 On-The-Go Summer Snacks for KidsPin
Use Yummi Pouch Snack Bags in each color to store Dried Cherry Seed Crisps, Wheat Germ Parmesan Crackers, and more!

10 On-The-Go Summer Snacks for KidsPin
Wean Green Glass Lunch Bowls were practically made to hold nutrient-packed Nature Cookies. They are the perfect size and shape to hold just a few for a super healthy treat!

10 On-The-Go Summer Snacks for KidsPin
Everything is better on a stick, and U-Konserve To-Go container will help store any number of these tasty Vegetarian Sandwiches on a Stick.

10 On-The-Go Summer Snacks for KidsPin

Coconut Chia Breakfast Pudding can be stored in a leakproof LunchBots container for breakfast, snack, or even dessert on the go!

10 On-The-Go Summer Snacks for KidsPin

Pack up all of your on-the-go summer snacks, with Zucchini Muffins for dessert, in one of these beautiful lunch bags from SoYoung, and add a sweat-free ice pack for those extra hot summer days!

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Catherine is a mama of three. A Kentucky girl living in California. Here’s what I know: all kids can be great eaters and mealtime must be easy. I create simple, healthy recipes the whole family will love.


  1. I would love to go get these they look awesome. I am always looking for natural and healthier alternatives for my family

  2. I currently use Rubbermaid lunch blox sandwich kit. I like the versatility and the ice pack 🙂

  3. I wrap sandwiches in a fabric napkin with a hair tie…. these look amazing! I think an upgrade is needed!

  4. After 2 years of packing lunch, the Click Lock Bento Mealtime Set by Munchkin is my favorite. It’s not as Eco friendly as other brands, but it’s so functional and has held strong through many lunches!!

  5. I love stainless steel containers and anything like ziploc or Rubbermaid that’s dishwasher friendly.

  6. I’m still a fan of the ziploc containers, I want a Planetbox but still can’t justify the cost!

  7. My favorite container to use is a mason jar. So versatile, whether it be for just travel snacks, overnight oatmeal, homemade nut butters, smoothies – the possibilities are truly endless.

  8. I like Mason jars too. And I get those white plastic lids to go on top. They don’t work well in the freezer in case anyone is wondering. Oops. Thanks for all your great recipes!

  9. My oldest is just starting school next year, so I love this list of ideas to look into for school lunches/snacks. Thanks for sharing, everyone. I wish I had some ideas to share, but not yet.

  10. lately, i’ve been using mason jars for storage! they’re food safe, and can handle heat & cold!

  11. I look forward to your daily emails! I try to make all my children’s snacks and meals:) I love Itzy Ritzy reusable snack bags. They have a couple sizes depending on what I give them. Cute machine washable fabrics and also BPA, lead and PVC free! Thank you:)

  12. I use the Rubbermaid lunch containers. I’d rather not use plastic but for the price and quality I can’t complain.

  13. I can’t believe what a difference the Bentgo Kids lunchbox made in how much my kids ate for lunch. It’s now so easy for them to just open one container and see everything in front of them in perfect portions.

  14. We use LunchBots containers. They fit perfectly in the kids conserve lunch bag. I sometimes send the kids with my zojirushi obento as things are guaranteed to stay hot/cold.

  15. Fabulous giveaway!

    Would love to try these containers. Since my family is not good about remembering to bring containers back home, we use Ziplock or Rubbermade cheapie ones. Usually get them the day after Christmas with the Christmas design at a deep discounted price.

  16. I would love these containers! I’ve been using the Ziplock containers but they have been discontinued.

  17. Thermos Funtainers; however, the straw cups are starting to open within the lunchbox. I think we’ve worn them out!

  18. We are about to send our oldest to kindergarten and would love the perfect containers to help him stay well fed!

  19. What an awesome giveaway. I love the Trio Stainless Steel Food Container as they are similar to bento boxes that I grew up with. Love that I can pack varieties of food items in each section. 🙂

  20. I have heard of the squeasy snacker – a slicone reusable food pouch. you can find them on amazon. Looks like a great idea – pricey, that is why I haven’t bought any.

  21. We use Planet Box but I’m also looking for another in days I’m too tired to wash dishes. 🙂

  22. lunchpal stackable containers are the closest thing I’ve found to the containers I used to use as a child in India. They are awesome!

  23. I love, love, love the LunchSkins. The patterns are all so cool! The Lunchbots containers look really useful too.

  24. Hands down the BEST reusable plastic lunch containers are made by Bernardin. In addition to being leakproof, little hands can manipulate them! The plastic lid screws on and off and fits snugly on the bottom of the container. They are marketed as freezer jars, so you can fill with yogurt and freeze to ensure the food is nicely chilled by lunchtime.

    I can only find them on a Canadian website so the shipping to US is a bit pricey. http://www.bernardin.ca/pages/product_page/47.php?pid=49

  25. I’m new to using containers for school. We have reuseable bags for snacks but would LOVE new containers for our little preK’er ❤️

  26. Thermos stainless steel funtainers – for drinks (straw cups) and food – have never let me down!

  27. I love the Wean Green containers. I also just bought some Bee Wrap, which I haven’t actually tried but looks amazing.

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